Racist rant on Sydney bus. May 2013

Woman shouts abuse at a school boy on the M41 route from Burwood to Campsie on May 2, 2013.

The two school boys were standing on the aisle as they had some boxes with fragile equipment on the seat that they wanted to keep from falling over.

The rude woman started yelling abuse at them as she claimed that they were blocking her view.

The driver had to stop the public vehicle several times and walk to the back of the bus in an attempt to quieten down the woman who, encouraged by another female passenger, continued with the abuse the full trip.

36 thoughts on “Racist rant on Sydney bus. May 2013

  1. wht a gronk of a woman… she’s on a fucken bus she dont need to see where she’s going… aint like he’s sitting on the window in front of the driver…

  2. Jesus fucking Christ. I can’t wait for the day that I am on public transport and someone starts pulling some shit like that. Drunk, uneducated scum, and that is what is wrong with Australia, not the people migrating here. And fuck that other bitch encouraging her as well. Almost 50 carrying on like a damn child.

    • Same, I would have her off the bus in about 10 seconds. learn some manners, Jesus, take your own advice you worn out wrinkled up bitter lemon of a troll. What a piece of shit.

  3. This is an unfortunate situation, but it is not specific to Australia. I’m of Chinese descent from Toronto, Canada, and I’ve come under fire by red necks on public transport back home on several occasions. It takes a bit of bravery to stand up for yourself in situations like that, so I applaud the boys for standing their ground.

    As an aside, I’ve been living in Melbourne for the past 1.5 years and I haven’t had any experiences that make me think that Australians are more racist than Canadians, despite Canada’s very “tolerant” reputation.

  4. Identify her and then her name will most probably go on the Banned Persons list in regards to Working with Children. Then watch her career fall apart.

    • I doubt if she has a job but the awful thing is she most likely has children of her own, who may have turned out as badly as she has. Or who will be horribly embarrassed when she is identified.

    • Technically no. Humanity as a whole has gone to artificial selection – we don’t have (almost any) natural predators and have altered the ecosystem to the extent where its almost all unnatural selection or artificial. I’m afraid I think you’re misreading or misapplying biological evolution in this case where it isn’t relevant.

      I will add that this racist lady is a very long way from an exemplar of humanity and would make a very misleading and unpleasant type specimen!

      IOW. She’s NOT a good example of a human being.

    • Mind you Darwin’s attempted to apply his theory of natural selection to Australia when he claimed that the Australian Aborigine would die out as as result of European Colonization. There are clearly problems with his theories. Evolution theory, which is much older than Darwin and doesn’t claim we are descended from monkeys, is sort of based on the belief that a population will change over time. I was merely attempting to suggest that this individual disproves this theory, sarcastically, by asserting that this individual is proof that a population doesn’t change over time. Perhaps some academic can obtain a grant to study this sub-species.

  5. This mental defective should be sterilized in the interest of evolution.Her children should be taken away and she should be persecuted to the full exstention of the law.

  6. This is where people turn on the racist slag and shout at her they don’t want her in our country and force her off the bus.

    • Yes. that should’ve happened orthe driver should’ve contacted police &/or chked her off the bus.

      How ironic / hypocritical that the woman spewing racist abuse and swearing her head off at another passenger just minding his business has the (I don’t know whats) to call *him* rude!

  7. Honestly it doesn’t matter what you think about politics or immigration or boat people, here is a young Asian man minding his own business being verbally abused by an older white Australian women. This women needs to take a good hard look at herself and her behaviour. That was completely unacceptable, I think there should be fines issued for verbal abuse such as that

    Personally I am a white male and my political views are probably adverse to this sites, but this is about verbal abuse, and that young man did nothing at all to warrant that abuse.

    Ironically it is morons like that women that are giving a bad name for regular Australians that want the government to have a more conservative look at immigration.

    I strongly feel that women needs to wake up to herself and put herself in the young mans shoes, being a visible ethnic minority. You can’t help the race you are born, or the country your parents migrated to!

    If she is dissatisfied with immigration for legitimate reasons, real reasons, than being over the age of 18 she is entitled to vote at the election, or hand out pamphlets, or write to whatever party she likes. What we see in that video is an absolute disgrace, and I would be ashamed to be associated with that women.

    It is a difficult situation because people generally keep to themselves on public transport, and when a situation like that arises it can be hard to have the courage to speak up and get involved, especially if the person is irate and likely to be violent.

    I think the driver did a good job by speaking to her and telling her to be quiet.

    I also think that the woman should be fined for that. Nobody should have to put up with that.

    • Racism is analagous to personal habits.

      One would be rightly alarmed and affronted if people suddenly pulled their pants down and defecated in the street.

      Racism is the waste product of disordered minds.

      • Actually if someone did that I’d probably feel sorry and embarrassed for them and assume some sort of medical condition or illness. This hateful woman tho’? I cringe at her performance but don’t really feel sorry for her so much as disgusted by her.

  8. Unfortunately this woman and thousands of others like her will vote for Abbott and the LNP. If they get into government there will be more of this kind of behaviour and violence directed at ethnic minorities, gays, children, the aged and other vulnerable people in our country. A vote for Abbott is a vote for fascism.

  9. If the female passenger is on drugs, we should forgive her. The majority of Australians is not like that. I have been migrated for 20+ years, I hope this woman can have some wisdom to show instead using the f—ing word every sentence. Mind her own manner and politeness! Please teach yourself WELL before you can teach the others! SHE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!??

  10. I’m international student in NSW. Honestly, I’ve had plenty experiences related to racism before. The lastest was on one Thursday of May on the night train from Wollongong to Sydney.I feel disappointed since when I was preparing my study application, agents and universities representatives described Australia as an peaceful and multicultural country. (+_+)

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