Adam Goodes = hero. Steven Wann = zero

Nothing like a bunch of miserable bored Facebook bogots to keep the racism rolling..


We do agree with Melinda about name-calling the kid. The kid can’t help it if her environment sucks and she’s been taught racism.

There’s no excuse for adults.  Especially “adults” like Steven Wann


But here’s the bits the bogots will never get.

Where are your medals bogots?

2 thoughts on “Adam Goodes = hero. Steven Wann = zero

  1. Gotta laugh at this shit. I am a redhead, a dyed in the wool, dinky di, fair dinkum blue. I laughed at the ‘ black and white kids ‘ pic because bogots seem to be mixing their metaphors. I thought the Orangutan was the monkey symbol reserved for we ‘white yet still different enough to mock and hate on’ redheads? The next time someone calls me a ranga (oh come on I love redheads, why would you be offended by me calling you a monkey?), I’ll tell them I’m proud to be in the same company as all the other people who get the ‘sub-human’ treatment, because the ones dishing it out really are missing something critical in their makeup. Adam Goodes is right to bring the guns to bear on these morons, because to all decent people it is the bogot who seems incapable of human experience, not the person they entertain themselves hating. They will never dehumanise and minimise people like him, because they just don’t have the power to hide their own deficiency.

  2. Well said, David.

    Isn’t it telling that these idiots seem to think that saying such crap makes them cool or smart, neither of which they are. Far from it. They are shown up for the prats they are. Hope their employers (if any) see just what imbeciles they have working for them. Then again they probably already know that.

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