30 thoughts on “Face of Warrnambool’s May Racing Carnival Stephanie Chambers and her Public Racism

  1. Um, where is the racism? All I see is a picture of Stephanie Chambers with two other people, and a picture of Stephanie Chambers with a microphone.

  2. She has a rough head herself, she shouldn’t be throwing stones in that glass house that’s for sure, not a nice look, ugly on the inside as well as the outside.

  3. Hey dave, having a go at some one the way the look isn’t that the same. Correct me if I’m wrong. Who cares how people look, what religion they follow, what size they are. Move on. The sun will come up tomorrow.

  4. I lived in Victoria for a time after Ansetts Collapse coming from WA where I was subjects too accustations of bering Racist simply because I was from WA. Yet in my time in Victoria I heard statements cosidered “Jokes” by open minded victorians that we would not dare say in WA because 1 it causes conflict between races & is no more then mean spirited bullshit based on Racial sterotypes I would expect from Racist Americans not open minded mul;ticultral Australians. As the Eddie Mcguire incident pointed out that victorians hagve a real problem with race they can not fathome & this proves it. This is no accident their is a reason the KKK’s own church is located in Werribe with gorups like Ban the Burqua all baseed in Victoria as well as a Majority of Fascist Skinheads (Boneheads too us real Skin Heads) reside. Victoria needs a fast education & while this disgusting Racism continues they should not be able too voiuce any voice inthe Muli Cultral groups of Australia because they have become home too a nasty White Supremacist swtyle of thinking that even denies the History of Chinese in Victoria that goes back longer then most of the Racist fuckers in Victoria. Shame Victoria Shame.

  5. Hey Foz, you lying wanker. Called the Standard this arvo and asked to be put through to this racist moll. Someone picked up the phone and said “Stephanie Chambers speaking”.
    Care to try that bullshit again mate?

  6. Max isn’t lying, I just did the same thing. What’s with the idiot up there changing names? Oh wait, it’s using a Fairfax server?
    BOOOOM !!

  7. Hi, really disappointed to see such a nice looking girl make this comment. This is a lesson learnt for all us social media freaks. #peace and #harmony

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