Letter from an irate Facebook user

One of our supporters recently sent this letter to Facebook’s Australian office after we were able to supply him with the address.

This is in a period when the tragic killing of a serving soldier in London apparently by extremists was hijacked by the motley collection of low-life street thugs known as the EDL, whose equally stupid Australian counterpart is the ADL. This is in a period when racist comments were made to and about an Indigenous footballer and sadly were followed by matching remarks from prominent commentators. This is after we have had a spate of racist incidents on public transport.

And of course the bogot bottom-feeders that infest Facebook have been taking full advantage of these events.

So our supporter took them on at various sites for these and other matters where they gather but so concerned was Facebook at the prospect of losing their bogot customer base that they fried his account.

Dear sir/madam
I have to write to you by snail mail because you do not publish an email address nor do you have a phone number to call. You have one billion customers but no help desk.

I have been banned by you on several occasions, the first for daring to suggest to channel 9 they should show the greenpeace anti rubbish commercial. I believe you banned 100 or more users that day.
More recently a race hate page was set up on your system. I found that page after the Brisbane Times ran a story because the anti-Islam rally the page organised had zero attendees. On the race hate page the organisers have advertised they are calling for recruits for a secret society to wage war against Islam in Australia. Upon seeing this I contacted several police departments, a dozen or so politicians I know and some news outlets. And then you banned me. You leave a race hate page running and you ban the people trying to protect society. I couldn’t inform you because you banned me and to inform you of anything I have to log in.
You require on one of the accounts that I provide government photographic ID.

ASIO, the AFP, my local police and my local members of parliament have told me it is illegal for you to ask for photographic ID, and most especially as you had no Australian address, no Australian contact phone number not even a phone number in the USA. So you wont be getting photographic ID.

As for phone numbers, I like to be a part of the 6.3 Billion people who don’t have a mobile phone.
Since finding the race hate page being run on your system I have contacted ASIO, because it is establishing a terrorist organisation. I have contacted the CIA in the USA because the race hate page is recruiting citizens of the USA in the USA. I have contacted the FBI because of the USA citizens on that race hate page. I have contacted the Australian federal Police because you are in contravention of many laws by allowing a race hate page to exist, by asking for government photographic ID, by banning Australians from trying to report law infractions. Ditto with the Queensland and NSW police. All the major media outlets are aware of your illegal practices and your total disregard for Australian law and Australians trying to fight racism. Please restore both accounts, I will decide which I want to keep. Please cooperate fully with ASIO, CIA, FBP, AFP and all police departments who contact you and please provide an Australian phone number where concerned citizens can contact you directly without having to get banned because you have no contact address and no way of informing you what illegal actions are happening under your protection.

If you were watching a recent episode of ABC’s The Checkout you will note that even the redoubtable Chaser team were unable to crack the Kremlin of the West.

Yet ironically parts of the Moscow Kremlin these days are freely accessible to locals and foreign tourists.

Welcome to the Kremlin – but not to Facebook

Here’s some screen grabs as Craig Reucassel tries to engage the mysterious Facebook minions.

Facebook delivers the fastest fuckoff in history to Craig Reucassel and The Checkout team

Facebook delivers the fastest fuckoff in history to Craig Reucassel and The Checkout team

Watch the full segment on Episode 9 Terms and Conditions here

So for those daring enough, here is as much information as we have been able to gather.

Facebook’s Australian office can be found  at

Level 31, RBS Tower,

88 Phillip St,
Sydney NSW 2000

Level 18 77 King Street
Sydney NSW 2000

There is one available e mail address which is meant for the press.

press@facebook.com UPDATE: Even this one now does not work

And the Australian CEO is William Easton and his Facebook page is here

Also remember #FBrape, the Twitter campaign we featured recently? Writing to advertisers and letting them know when social media is being irresponsible does work.

Mind how you go… 😉

11 thoughts on “Letter from an irate Facebook user

  1. Hi MMU. I’m a long-term reader, first-time correspondent…

    Life is so busy for many people, but I try to at least observe much important community conversation, and contribute where it seems to be of use to positive social causes.

    I was so pleased to find your blog some time ago, and have watched you bravely speaking out about important matters for a few years now. This week-end’s piece here about the potential for Facebook and racism to foment hate in all sorts of ways is unsurprisingly canny.

    As you point out, since the awful slaying of Lee Rigby, many hatemongers are using it as an opportunity to ride a new wave of fear. I believe that efforts like yours are no only entertaining for readers like myself, but truly are performing an important social function in shining light on some very dark attitudes and behaviours.

    As you clearly and repeatedly put yourself in a firing line by speaking out against this kind of stupidity and evil, and as I have time to write you a few lines this morning, I wanted to remind you that you may not always hear from or see your supporters, but they are with you nonetheless. Keep up the good work.

    Regards from Toni.

    Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2013 15:01:39 +0000 To: amcmrm@hotmail.com

  2. Not an opinion on this, but I would like to know why I have been blocked from commenting on your facebook page.

      • Do I now? Which one? I assume you are talking about Australian Patriots blah blah…well, a few who support your point of view have been members of that. I like more conservative pages than that, and that is to keep tabs on what they do and say. If that’s the one you mean. If not, please enlighten me.

        The only ‘group’ which I truly belong to is the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I actually do some work for Pastafarianism. It would be difficult for a Pastafarian of my standing to be a Fascist, and if I was fascist, I don’t think I would have sent you the article that I recently did.

        However, your views are what they are. Bear in mind that you are not perfect yourself, and are just as prone to error or past misjudgement as others. I suggest you do a bit more research on my facebook postings, if you can, and view some of the ones where I have openly condemned the activities of fascists. I also spent a long time researching situations I understood little about, and this led me tochange a lot of views I once held. One view I haven’t changed on is the destructiveness of Abrahamic religions, so if you’re looking for that, bad luck.

        That however is up to you, and it is not a great loss of sleep for me…I have a family of five and two fosters to look after, a uni degree to complete, more work to do for Pastafarianism and a new job to start next week so, while I am disappointed that a group whose work I appreciate tabs me incorrectly, there won’t be a great deal of sleep lost.

        • We are almost all non-believers here. No one belongs to any Fascist groups (unless they are trolling them).

          Fascism is totally incompatible with any sort of freedom, including freedom of speech and religion (or freedom from religion).

      • And furthermore, not all of those on Patriots are as ‘fascist’, or as ‘racist’ as you claim. I will use Jeremy Michaels as an example, a conservative whom I have know for quite a while, and someone who, despite his Australian Tea Party links has quite a few good relationships with many people of many different creeds.

        Here’s a thing…you are very good at hiding behind your keyboard, identifying people who for the most part are merely misguided in their views and not outwardly racist, as you claim, yet you yourself keep silent behind a pseudonym. I could make a judgement on who you are and what you are (professional Arts student from Melbourne or Sydney living off the government pay cheque immediately springs to mind) however that judgement could be as incorrect as yours is of me. I have the courage of my conviction to use my real name, as I do here, and did when I posted on the facebook page ‘We Will March’. So does Jeremy, when he blogs as The World. So do all those ‘racists’ whose names you post, sometimes correctly, whose livelihoods you threaten by getting your sycophants to contact their employers.

        I refer to your use of the words ‘Aussie freedom of speech, and those who abuse it. One of the worst ways someone can abuse freedom of speech is to block someone from commenting on a page when they have done no real harm or ‘trolled’. Preventing freedom of speech is something that happens in ultra conservative religious countries, or by communist and FASCIST governments. To do so under the incorrect assumption of someone is a form of prejudice and discrimination. So there is two points of low common denomination you yourself have employed, mindmadeup. By extension of these, and the fact you claim to be such a harbinger of rights freedom, is hypocrisy.

        I know something about restriction on websites, since the one I am involved with is international, with a far greater reach than your cut-and-paste blog. Every time I do my work on that site, which is not mine, I have to consider the rights of those posting, the rights of those offending and the owner of the site especially, a person who truly has made a difference in this world, and continues to do so today. I don’t automatically block people on a piddly little facebook page under misguided assumption as you do, nor do I make my points shouting down others or disagreeing with their view behind a pseudonym, as you do.

        I suggest you practice what you preach, my friend. Understand that many of the people who you take down as racist or bigoted are supported worldwide in their views by people who actually live in countries that are oppressed by religious fanatics, and would love the opportunity to confront you and tell you what it is really like to live in that situation. A situation where your freedom of speech is truly removed and you are truly persecuted for your beliefs and not just named on a cut-and-paste blog by a cut-and-paste pseudonym hiding behind a keyboard somewhere in a safe Australian city, where that persons’ right to tear down others and apply discriminatory actions based on assumption is protected by civilised First World laws.

        You’re welcome.

  3. Totally agree Toni.

    What I cannot understand is Facebook’s seeming double standards. They will ban people for simply pointing out racist, sexist or hatemongering sites but not the sites concerned, even when they are clearly in breach of the FB own rules & guidelines. It is rather hypocritical of them.

    Do admire the persistence & fortitude of your supporter in getting this letter to Facebook. They should be utterly ashamed of themselves for treating your supporter so poorly by sizzling their account. Despicable.

  4. That isn’t trolling.

    I am waiting for you to name the Fascist group I am a part of, mindmadeup. You are obligated to, as you have named me fascist.

    Should do a story on it!

    I guess I can assume that the likelihood of that is as strong as the likelihood of you naming yourself, and giving those who you have called out an opportunity to defend themselves.

    Your silence is proof that you neither have the courage to do so, nor the conviction of your standpoint.

    Seig Heil!

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