Ethan Jones Stephen Mark Jones Scott Andrews and his shoddy little secret

Just when you thought the bogots had slithered underground for winter here’s Scott Andrews yet again.

Scott heads off to fight teh_mooslems

We really don’t have to write much commentary for this weirdo. His rants speak for themselves. Maybe those among our readers with expertise in psychology can give us some insights.

This was one of Scotty’s appearances on a trolling mission. Apparently the best way to engage the enemy is to assume a fake profile and dribble shit on Facebook pages.


The Central Coast-based self-appointed crusader, when not pulling wings off flies or torturing local marsupials, loves to message women. Here’s some unwanted messages he sent as “Steven Mark Jones”  to a woman who (gasp!!) dared to disagree with him.


He must have really had his little pecker going. Here’s more threats to another woman.


Read the last message. The flower of the ADL then has his shoddy little secret revealed – one shared by the rest of those in the “Defence Leagues”.


The Atrophied Dicks League

And would someone care to tell us where “sweeden” is?

3 thoughts on “Ethan Jones Stephen Mark Jones Scott Andrews and his shoddy little secret

  1. So is this dick going to be presented to police by the recipients of his threats? I notice once more he is good to go when the target is female, or where there is that keyboard between him and his object of desire lol

  2. Don’t get me wrong but I don’t see a scott Andrews anywhere on this story, Or the A.D.l , I am not one to judge just stating what I see. Also dave as a former police officer I can say without a doubt that that apart from being a goose, That anyone whom takes this trolls dribble as a threat has larger issues than him as he clearly cannot spell let alone put a sentence together correctly.

  3. This has got to be passed on to the local police doesn’t it?

    Using social media to make death threats just isn’t on however impotent the sender may be to carry them out.

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