Dennis the Menace Strikes Again

A news item today shows that Dr Dennis Jensen, the Member for Tangney, hasn’t learnt from last time.

Voters in Tangney (and Tony Abbott) take note!

A LIBERAL backbencher says he believes marriage equality already exists.

The federation chamber, an offshoot of the House of Representatives, debated a Greens private members bill on marriage equality on Monday night.

WA MP Dennis Jensen told the chamber the term marriage equality was “Orwellian doublespeak.”

“Anyone, gay, bi or heterosexual can marry a partner of the opposite sex,” he said.

“There is no discrimination there.”

Dr Jensen said gay marriage was a “social experiment” and would lead to the “dismantling of society as we know it.”

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Lib MP says gay marriage already exists

And here is Jensen going full throttle on the bigotry in the Federation Chamber

Oh dear

6 thoughts on “Dennis the Menace Strikes Again

  1. Where on earth does the Liberal Party (& the Nationals for that matter) get these idiots from? Their pre-selection process is sadly lacking & I’d like to hear a rusted on LNP supporter defend him.

    What a waste of taxpayers money. For someone with a PhD he is very dumb.

  2. Wow, “there is no discrimination there” and in the same chamber address: ‘marriage equality’-“Orwellian doublespeak” and a “social experiment”. Way to affiliate yourself with the the third reich (“doublespeak”) ..perhaps intentional?

  3. “Perhaps intentional?”

    Don’t take the safe bet, go out on a limb, tell us what you think, really get into it. This is good.

      • If you use a term that has historically been a significant style of war propaganda. You probably should research and consider the connotations and it’s relevance to the subject you are addressing before you cite it in a public domain. I am simply wondering why he used that particular phrase regarding the topic?? I assume he is educated enough to speak in terms he knows and understands, so was he trying to be provocative? Not what I think, but what I question.

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