I’m not a racist, but I know when “those people” have a right to be offended!

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Andrew Bolt: “Collingwood was being thrashed and when the bearded Goodes took another possession in front of her, she shouted “ape”.

This is very rude. I wonder at her parents. It’s also possibly racist, though she insisted she didn’t mean it that way. Whatever, she needed a talking-to.

Goodes heard the abuse, and pointed her out to security. A bit over the top, since she’s so young, but Goodes has Aboriginal ancestry and no doubt understandably feels such insults more keenly than I think reasonable.”  

Ok, if you’ve read the article in question, you may be angry. You may have been convinced that Andrew eloquently argues that the poor thirteen year old has been given some pretty shabby treatment.

Whatever! (Or, in case there are 13yo’s reading this: woteva!!!)

But I felt I couldn’t let this comment slip past without me going against my basic belief that talking…

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26 thoughts on “I’m not a racist, but I know when “those people” have a right to be offended!

  1. What a dickhead.
    1) As if she would call a white person an Ape
    2) How was Goodes supposed to know how old she was, like he has time to asses the abuser and decide whether he should actually notify security.
    3) Goodes is Aboriginal not just of “Aboriginal ancestry”

    • 1)it’s his appearance not his race, his beard, I’ve heard white people called apes.
      2)Her age doesn’t matter, it was an unkind thing to say
      3)The guy is only part aboriginal, he is not a full blooded aboriginal.

      I think that it was possibly partly his aboriginal ancestry, but mostly just his beard.

      There is no point making a big deal over the comment.

      • I was at the football when Willie Mason was playing and heaps of people were yelling out to him, he is exactly half Tongan and he just gave them the thumbs up. I know Tongans and Polynesians are generally not as dark as full aboriginals, but he is still a visible minority and I thought he handled the yelling out really well.

      • So, just to be clear, it’s important to distinguish between “part” Aborigines and full blooded Aborigines. Y’know, you rarely hear actual Aborigines calling for this separation, only angry white guys who know no Aborigines but apparently are experts in classifying their culture. Funny that.

        Incidentally, so “Ape” is not a racist term if you don’t think it is. It doesn’t matter how a person feels, if they feel it’s directed towards their race-a term is racist only if….what-you think it is?

        • That’s probably a good way to clarify it. I don’t follow the AFL, and at first I didn’t realise that he was aboriginal, then I was like yeah hes probably part aboriginal.

          No I don’t think ape is a racist term, no. I don’t think it’s any more racist than calling someone a woolly mammoth. In this incidence it was probably used in a way that people can make a racist connection with if you are so inclined. It might tap into a belief that aboriginals are ape looking, which I personally don’t agree with.

          I think the girl should be punished and I think her parents should be spoken to and the issue let go of.

      • To make my point clearer-Goodes is an Aboriginie. He was raised by an Aboriginal parent in the Aboriginal culture, and identifies as an Aboriginie.

        To say “Oh he just has Aboriginal ancestry” minimises what it is and who he is. I have Scottish ancestry-you have to go back a century or so, but it’s there. But my parents were not born in Scotland, having only part ancestry like myself, I was not raised in Scottish culture, and I do not identify as Scottish. Therefore I am not Scottish, but I do have Scottish ancestry.

        Do you begin to understand the difference between “Aboriginal” and having “Aboriginal ancestry” or are you too busy pulling out the dulux colour chart to grade whether someone is a real Aboriginie or not?

        • haha no it’s not just about colour, but colour is one factor associated with race.

          I understand what you are saying. What’s the rest of your ancestry out of curiosity?

        • That’s an interesting mix, it’s interesting I think to know what your ancestry is. Mine is pretty well documented English for the most part going back a couple of generations to England and some Scottish same deal. I identify with being British I guess like most people.
          Roughly what’s your biggest contributions to your heritage?

        • And that;s your choice to do so. As my ancestry concerns cultures and countries that neither my family no myself have had any contact with for generations, I don’t identify with any country apart from Australian.

          And then, if you want to get technical, I know in my case that my British ancestry isn’t the end of the story going back, because my surname is either French or German in origin, not English. And if you want to go back even further than that…well eventualyl we all end up in Africa.

        • Yeah that’s not quite how it works with your ancestry mate, I have German and Scandinavian surnames in my ancestry but I am only two generations away from living in a few cities in the North of England so I have those records of birth certificates from the family. There are lots of English people with French and German names because of the Norman and Anglo Saxon invasions.

          We never end up back in Africa, that’s literally many tens of thousands of years
          ago at a guess not including Neanderthals and all sorts of events. You are not one of those we are all African people are you?

          Don’t get me wrong I like Africans I find African women from around the Kenyan type region can be really sexy looking. It’s just the thought of something a bit different I guess, going to a foreign land and giving the local women something different. But usually I prefer my own type, but nothing against the Africans some yes, some no. But you watch the national geographic and you see all types.

          I’m interested in exploring all the world and opening my eyes to things.

      • Again you are using terms which were racist in the 50s when they were common and which are racist now when people should know better.

        The word “ape” applied to an Indigenous man has a special pejorative meaning tied up with bizarre and now-discredited theories of human origins which it would not have to a European.

        Do you get it now?

        • Yes I understand perfectly the insult. Like Andrew Simons being called a monkey. It’s a comment I would never use myself, and never have. As I said, the girl should be punished, parents spoken to and the matter closed.

        • Rupert is a little dense, unfortunately it takes a while for these people to register.
          1) No person here is justifying terror attacks, they are trying to understand them
          2)When you start talking about African women like objects then you are really giving yourself away. People like Rupert need to be educated.

  2. acknowledges that Goodes “understandably” feels an insult but then dismisses it as more than he – Bolt – considers reasonable? Since you are not Aboriginal Bolt no-one care what you consider a reasonable amount of racism. If someone attacks you for being white, particularly in a country where you are the minority, then we will care what you think is reasonable. On this issue your opinion doesn’t matter. Adam Goodes opinion matters and he has been very calm, very respectful and has accepted the girl’s apology and asked that people don’t attack her. So your problem is ….?

  3. Andrew Bolt is a joke. I really don’t know what else to write about this excuse for a person, I genuinely hate him more than anyone else I’ve ever met in real life, seen on TV or heard on the radio, bar none. He’s so fucking smug and stupid all at once, how does he do it? Seriously how does this pathetic piece of shit wake up every morning and look in the mirror without smashing it and jamming a shard into the side of his own throat? He’s obviously intelligent enough to talk properly and learn things about others, but he doesn’t, that’s what gets to me so much -you know he has the brains to not write/say this moronic shit and yet he still does. Either a puppet with absolutely zero integrity or I’m entirely wrong about his intelligence.

  4. Also a little tired of this “oh I didn’t mean it that way” bullshit too, in the real world “I didn’t mean it way” or “I’ve been misinterpreted” doesn’t stand up anywhere. Call a black man (regardless of ethnicity or amount of melanin) an ape on the street and see if “oh I didn’t mean it that way” can straighten your nose/put all of your teeth back in your mouth. Bolt should accept this challenge.

    • That’s never the right way to react. I’ve been called all sorts of things in my life years ago I was called a ranga and redneck by people of ethnic stock, but I kept my nerve,

  5. How exactly does one go “ape”? It’s evident from your incoherent posts that you’re just on here fucking with people by the way. I haven’t seen you win an argument yet (although due to the nature of the internet I wouldn’t value it if you did), so far this afternoon I’ve seen shit about being “handy on a BBQ”, some stupid rant about maccas saying that people on here are somehow legitimising the murder of that poor guy in Britain by mocking idiots who use these situations for their own dumb agendas. What people you’re arguing with on here are doing (particularly JM) is giving you a broader scope to look at these things from, so either value it or fuck off. Goats milk?

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