ADL fail: The demo that never was

On Friday 24th May 2013 the bogots decided to go on a march, Muslamic rayguns clutched tightly in their fists. Like this…

The scene in Sydney

In a city of 4 million people apparently in the iron grip of the 3% of the population who are Muslim these clowns managed to muster an awesome … 12 supporters.


So bursting with pride in their cause were these pathetics “patriots” that only 3 out of the 12 were identifiable.


We are working on the other 9.

STOP PRESS: We are reliably informed that No. 9 is “Ozzie Possum”. We checked all the Possums in the White Pages (of course it would be the White Pages) but found no sign of Ms Possum. Perhaps she made it to the Local Court and changed her name? After all these people spend a lot of time in law courts.

And such devotion to one’s own delusion about what Straya should be like one’s country should be recognised and rewarded.


Also the shy maidenly modesty also from these two ADL tea ladies. Muslims take note!

The scene in Brisbane



Oh here’s the “Buderim man” who organised the non-existent demo. Mike Holt is also one of the founders of the “Restore Australia” Facebook group, yet another far right dirge about the past.

Actually we have never been too sure what they want to restore from the past. Six o’ clock closing or SP betting perhaps? Razor gangs? Penal settlements?


What a pity that Fascists themselves are not no-shows, unlike their events. The country would be far smarter and better off.

Australia may be growing up. Pity the bogots haven’t.

26 thoughts on “ADL fail: The demo that never was

  1. Why are The Australian Dickheads League or ADL tea ladies hiding their identity?

    And seeing Mike photo, I think he wants to restore his hair lost?

  2. Amazing isn’t it – the tea ladies don’t even have the courage of their convictions to even show their faces and declare to the world ” I am a bigot, a xenophobe and a racist and I’m proud!” What a sad little gathering that turned out to be.

      • That’s what I think it is. But they can’t say that, as it would be admitting their beliefs are something to be ashamed of. So instead I read that apparently the united forces of Muslims, communists, the government, and invariably the Jews (They, by law, have to be in every conspiracy theory at some point), are going to hunt down and kill/ arrest all protesters, so they hide.

        Yet for some reason, no one gives any sort of attention to Nicky.

  3. These numbbrained numbskulls are full of “patriotic fever” (Ozzie!! Ozzie!! Oi!! Oi! Oi!!) but are too lazy to get out of bed to “protest” what they see as a “blight” on the nation. Surely someone will recognise those gorgeous boots on the second damsel in distress.

    The so-called “protest” in Brisbane was held at the more respectable hour of 4pm but there was some light rain which deterred them from coming out of their burrows to claim the day.

    What a bunch of losers & these dweebs have to vote. Zeus help us!!

  4. so these people use the freedom of speech to be vilified in your “story” …. but it is ok for you to name them and call them names?? but i guess its your right due to freedom of speech …. wouldn’t that be double standards ? do you have any journalistic integrity ?? just reading this makes me see red … people are allowed to have a opinion speak it in non violent protest … compared to what happened in Sydney in September over a film that was made in another country nothing to do with Australia but still Muslims marched … violently at that … wow just a sad state of affairs … hey there was 12 gutsy people that stood up for what they believed in in sydney well done to them … how ever i am sure mindmadeup is on the writers birth certificate why do they feel the need to hide their identity ? hmmmm just a way for the hypocrites to spread your own kind of hate i guess ….

    • So, just to be clear, freedom of speech covers the right to speak your mind, but doesn’t include the right to criticise another’s view, unless it’s a view you disagree with? Right?

      In the quite possible chance we don’t have a “Don’t disagree with stuart!” clause in our constitution, I’d love to hear how we have a double standard here. No one has stopped these protesters from turning up, nor should anyone (Trust me-no one here wants the ADL and other like minded groups to stop protesting, we’re enjoying it far too much). And no one should stop people voicing an objection to them. Freedom of speech applies in both cases.

      What this site is doing is pointing out how hilarious it is for a group that claims to represent Australia and who claim to speak on behalf of the majority of Australians, can’t find anyone to support their rally, and in one case, despite proudly having beliefs they want to stand for, couldn’t be bothered showing up. Also, it’s hilarious that a group that again is proud to stand for something, and abhor the burqa, just love covering themselves up to avoid being identified.

      Honestly, some times I think there was some sort of bogan law lecture that was handed out at some point where freedom of speech was defined as “No one is allowed to disagree with you, ever!”

    • Just thought I’d add this little point:
      “compared to what happened in Sydney in September over a film that was made in another country nothing to do with Australia but still Muslims marched ”

      Now, no one hear support violent protests, so you’ve got agreement that the last September protests were wrong and helped no one. But you’ve raised a secondary objection-

      Complaining that Muslims in Australia marched about a film that was made overseas that had nothing to do with Australia, but still made them angry.

      So, considering you imply this is not a cause to march in Sydney about as the film has nothing to do with Australia, kindly tell us how the reasons the ADL were (failing to) march for are absolutely relevant to Australia. Note, please, that sharia law does not exist in Australia, just as it doesn’t exist in England, and no one wants it, so that reason has no relevancy in Australia, so their Sharia free sign has no relevancy to Australia.

      And yet they (Attempted unsuccesfully) to march.

  5. Part of me enjoyed a stirring bogot call-to-arms fall flat on it’s face with a grant total of 0 supporters (rounded up to the nearest thousand).

    But another part of me is disappointed I didn’t get to see the latest batch of Australia’s Most Retarded congregate for another session of grunts and knuckle-dragging. I can’t really explain why. Akin to a circus attraction perhaps?

    • Indeed, a poor choice of words on my part. My ableism flag was hijacked by the urge to address these people in terms they understand.

      The circus analogy was equally shite. I was thinking of 19th century travelling freak shows. Also ableist depending on your definition of ‘freak’.

  6. Also an insult to the intellectually impaired. Seriously, please don’t use the “retard” word for the hateful deluded pathetic people protesting here because many “retarded” people are very nice and good and friendly and not at all like this sad hate mob. It doesn’t take Einstein to recognise that racism is rubbish.

  7. Probably a more down-to-earth reason why the 2 ‘tea ladies’ didn’t show their faces: their ‘better’ halves pressured them into coming along and holding the signs. Gotta feel sorry for them if so, but also it means really there were only 10 actual supporters present…

  8. Nick folkes is a born loser. He is so stupid that wasting so much time and money on “party for freedom” will get him nowhere. Good on you Nick, Aussies vote for fascists right?

  9. What’s with the bacon? I think they are getting confused with vampires and garlic. I don’t know any Muslims who would recoil or retreat or even be offended at the presence of pig products.?? strange strategy, I’m even more confused (than ever).

    • Bacon is magic. And it’s part of Western culture to involve bacon in everything you do, apparently.

      So far, I have heard bogans complain that they’re not allowed to throw bacon in a pool that Muslims might use (Which apparently is okay in white-only pools), and state they would cover their car in bacon so that Muslims don’t steal it. One terrible comic artist who made an anti-muslim superhero had the brilliant idea of covering him in pig skin, making him look like a serial killer.

      • I love bacon and this is making me not love bacon. I don’t think even pigs would appreciate being the “go-to-meat-product” of such a ridiculous group of pieces of shit and pigs love shit, poor pigs.

        • Even though, people like us who love bacon need to keep it an important foodstuff, rather than political tool. I mean, the bogots have already claimed the flag, the southern cross, Australia Day, and Anzac day as symbols or celebrations of their racism, we can’t let them have our food too!

          So last night I cooked up some bacon with Spanish sausage, french bread, to make a delicious hot dog with Dijon mustard, for my Vietnamese wife. Fuck yeah-multiculturalism!

  10. I just got back from a trip to Brisbane via Sydney, and you know what? I saw 3 people I would call (for the sake of our dear readers in Boganville), “Islamic, 2 blokes wearing western clothes but sporting the beards and very Arab looking features, unsurprisingly they didn’t blow the plane up and stood to let others get past and all the other things normal civilised folk do. Then the one lady i saw had a head scarf but otherwise looked like a modern girl in jeans and sweat shirt doing some shopping, again no explosions in her vicinity, and with all of them, no calling for Sharia, or loudly proclaiming Allah U Ackbar etc.. very disappointing, I thought things were going to be exciting, but ho hum, just another day for the less than 500,000 people in Australia who follow Islam. I must say though the kebabs at the Sahara were delicious.

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