Promising AFL Representative Luke Damon and his Racist Dummy Spit

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* Please note – Luke Damon does not represent the AFL franchise as he is still a park footy hacker.


Luke Damon not only publicised his racist attitudes and disdain for Adam Goodes and the AFL’s indigenous round, but copped a spray from his incredibly disappointed mother.
Live with the consequences Luke.

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Contact his employer here:

Contact his football club here:

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10 thoughts on “Promising AFL Representative Luke Damon and his Racist Dummy Spit

    • Seriously. What kind of bullshit is that, when they’re interviewing her she’s even all smirky because she knows she’s entirely gotten away with it. I didn’t mean it in a racist way. Fuck. Off.

      This dude is also a douchebag. Good on his mum.

    • Spot on. 13 years old not 7! What gets me is all of the fools stating that it’s ‘only name calling’ ‘I’ve been called worse’ -you heroes, life must be such a struggle for you!! So many excuses for her behavior are being thrown around as if to explain it. I was completely elated to see Adam point her out, her being escorted out was an inspiring site. I also felt ashamed that it was yet, another racist Collingwood supporter (my team). I will never (for the life of me) understand why it is so important to these bigits, what religion, race, sexual pref everyone else is? methinks a mistaken superiority complex of the highest order is to blame. The self important don’t generally understand much more than ego.

  1. Has this idiot any brains at all??? Guess we know the answer to that. He is an intellectual pygmy who will be lucky to keep playing for his club let alone entertaining any hopes of entering the big time AFL. He can kiss that dream goodbye.

    It was good to see how angry his mother was. She was, understandably ropeable.

    Do agree the perpetrator of the racist taunt to Adam Goodes knew exactly what she was doing. Now she will be off skiting to any friends, she may have, how she was on TV!! Cool s%*t, eh!!

  2. I was in the mood for some self flagellation yesterday so had a peek at the boganinemsn ‘news’ page about Adam Goodes. OMG the comments – according to the usual high brow intellectual ninemsn bogots the little White girl is the victim and Adam Goodes is the big bad Black villian in all of this and owes HER an apology!

    • Yes, sadly ninemsn comments were riddled with the usual bastions of the narrow minded..the ‘cup of concrete’ ‘wear a skirt’ ‘princess’ euphemisms with nothing other than pure bigotry to supposedly back them up. Whenever I glance at comments on these sites regarding issues like this I feel sad. Will never understand why it is so important for these people, to have validation. They seem to think that everyone should adhere to their beliefs or else! History always repeats, these people always retain relevance with a select few, mostly the insecure who lack a sense of confidence, self and identity. In short..most humans don’t know how ‘stupid’ they are..those of us who do, have an open mind and heart.

      • Eddie….what?? Nothing can excuse this, especially given the last 5-6 days. So so disappointed and yes you should probably step down. How can any code/team/one have respect for you ever again, when you do the exact thing you have condemmed and led a crusade against. I’m a sad magpie

  3. Your an asshole mate. So many ignorant bogans in Australia which just makes me hang my head in shame. Get an education people.

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