20 thoughts on “Saggy Old Aussie Nazi Dips Toe Into Social Media

    • Bit of Freddie Kruger there. However old Skull is so mentally impaired these days that he probably can’t even squash a mosquito let alone intimidate pregnant women on demos like he did in the 70s.

  1. Skullism or Dickheadism; it’s much the same. Going to pop out this morning and see if I can catch me some of this anachachy (whatever that is) and mayhem. Why are so many of the alleged master race only semi-literate at best?

  2. Wonder what happened to this illiterate, creepy numbskull’s companions in the pic from the 70s? Probably leading lights in the LNP now.

    Mind you he does look good with Pauline who didn’t seem to care what your politics were provided you were xenophobic, racist, homophobic,, fascist, uneducated & ignorant.

      • It is ironic, MMU, but if you dig deep enough into the background of many of these nasty supremacists wonderful skeletons can be found that can be used against them.

        Googled the repulsive Van Tongeren & it seems he was kicked out of WA back in 2006/7 & has been living in one of the eastern states since then. It never said which one & as he has seems to have been keeping his head down since then there was nothing to be found on Google.

      • Holy shit, I was working in Leonora in Western Australia when the Van Blitterswyk character was holed up out on a mining tenement with ‘ole Jack there. His brother Wayne Van Blitterswyk was always in at the courthouse and mining registrars where I worked, making plans and schemes to move in on areas that were good for some scraping or alluvial prospecting, by monitoring the tenements he was interested in and tracking expenditure on them, if he thought there was a chance to object to an exemption from expenditure he would take it, then 9 times out of 10 mining companies or individual holders would settle with him for cash without having to go to court. He made a lot of money doing that shit, and I am sure it was one parcel of land Wayne had the licence for that the 2 douche’s hid out on in a caravan for a while till they were scooped up by WAPOL. Shit takes me back to those days reading this hahaha I used to love trying to fuck them up when they wanted mining registry information from me hehe

  3. Du bist ein Arschloch und Scheisse. Lerne Deutsch auf dieser weise. Seing your illiterate drivel you would be cast out from the Furers lot.

  4. Ha ha ha ha! His 70’s pic looked like a Captain Matchbox album cover. This guy is obviously a broken moron without any actual clue. No surprise seeing him arm in arm with that idiot Pauline H. Neo-nazis like these aren’t followers of a great movement, they are like Star Trek geeks, they are hooked on re-runs and all the very striking uniforms and all the technology, they stage re-enactments and strike all those poses, debate the superiority of weapons now more than half a century out of date, re-fight battles that were savagely decided back in receding history. Its farce for the sake of infamy, some way to get noticed when otherwise no one would. Contemporary neo-nazism is a reflection of defeat, peopled with characters and occupied by props from a world that died over 65 years ago, but that they just can’t look away from. It shivers before them, a phantom death cult framed in destruction and defeat and based in its origins on defeat and the oppression of an older war. The principles of fascism have been broken. The sacrifices of those who did fight and die were made in good faith and their faith will be honoured, nazism and nazis will never occupy a place of real power in the world again, let alone break ground in Australia.

    • I’m not so sure. Not too long ago, I would have agreed with you, but then the situation with the Golden Dawn happened in Greece. It seems like all it takes for fascism to return is a critical mass of discontent and someone charismatic enough to harness it.

  5. I attempted to start an organisation ie support for Schapelle Corby, each and every time that blockhead the “SKULL’ turned up. It was so embarrassing. Soon as he showed his face it threw a wet blanket over every I worked hard for. He’s such a Gross dumkoph and a great big SHMUCK!!

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