Female Journalist – Not a dirty word

This serves as an editorial for us if we wrote editorials.

oh it's that girl's blog

Sometimes, naivety is a virtue. Trolling has been around as long as social media. But I was astounded and appalled at the number of people who attack women – especially female journalists – in the form of comments on social media, forums, articles and nearly every other medium where they are able to voice their opinions. But what appalled me the most was the type of comments in which these cowards were leaving.

While negative, hateful comments are sadly all too common, it is the ‘[anonymity which] allows people to indulge their worst tendencies, not only towards individuals but entire social groups’ (Stafford, 2012). The sexually explicit and grotesque comments aimed at women who speak up about respect are often dubbed as ‘feminazis’. These ‘feminazis’ – who include both men and women- are constantly subjected to the entire spectrum of barbaric names. As Virginia Triolli said, “I am called a bitch…

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