Due Credit to Deveny’s Detractors

Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear

deveny 1That Deveny woman’s been at it again!

This time she’s been bagging ANZAC Day. The hide of the woman! In a series of tweets on 25 April, Catherine Deveny wrote:

“Anzac Day. A celebration of a society so fucked up it saw no other option than to go to war. Kill, rape and invade. Then glorify it.

“The ‘spirit of ANZAC’ does not define our nation. It’s our peaceful secular democracy rooted in workers rights, feminism & multiculturalism.

“Read your history. No war Australia has ever fought has resulted in our ‘freedom’ or ‘opportunities’.

“Days like #anzacday are simply a rewriting of history to stop the sucked in and ripped off burning down parliament and killing politicians.

“Not the day for it? The only day for it. Show respect? That’s exactly what I’m doing.

“It’s very clear Japan had no intention of invading Australia. The persistance (sic) of this myth…

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8 thoughts on “Due Credit to Deveny’s Detractors

  1. Boo hoo you hypocrites.

    Gender segregation in Melbourne universities, by your Muslim savages?

    Your response……..?

    • I’m a graduate of Melbourne University. Graduated in 2012. In my class we had male and female students, Muslim, Christian Jewish, and atheist. There was no Muslim enforced gender segregation, outside of, y’know, toilets. Surprisingly, though, the idea of having separate male and female toilets has been around for over a century at Melbourne Uni.

      But what you’re talking about isn’t the segregation of classes, lectures, or public spaces. You’re trying to imply that you are, because that would very threatening to many people, and would seriously infringe on their rights, but if you actually stated this outright everyone would be glad to point out this hasn’t happened, never will happen, etc.

      The case you are talking about is one lecture run by an external Muslim group hiring a hall that enforced segregation. Yes, it’s wrong. And the University should, to prevent controversy, not allow segregation of any of their premises, or only consider them with their beliefs and principles of equality of gender in mind (As there are cases where gender bias, if not entirely exclusion of one gender for a lecture is entirely appropriate-talking to victims of sexual assault for example).

      But, there’s one thing that gets overlooked in this minor overblown firestorm. And that’s the fact that Trent, and all his alleged graduate friends, as well as most if not all the complainants in this situation have no interest, inclination or intention of ever attending this source of activity. The effect of this segregation has on those who are complaining is nothing. Not one thing.

      But I may be wrong. Please tell me how you or anyone you have ever known has been effected by one Islamic private lecture at Melbourne University segregating men and women. Don’t skip on details, I’d love to know the exact situation.

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