Emma Thresher: How To Cull Your Facebook Friends List

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“All Chinese people look the same .” Said the girl who is desperately trying to look like every woman who ever graced the movie screen/magazine cover.

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Simple, easy to remember criteria for friends list. Thanks Emma Thresher.

14 thoughts on “Emma Thresher: How To Cull Your Facebook Friends List

  1. Unfortunately, the FB world is overly populated with Emma Threshers. Self-centred numbskulls with an exaggerated sense of their own self-importance when, in fact, they are mere nonentities.

    She needs to learn that no one really cares about what she thinks or how many “Friends” she “Unfriends”. A true bogan who is just one big yawn.

  2. Exactly what Joy said . You are probably giving her a greater sense of worth by putting her on here. Not really worth the time…. Just a moron after attention.

      • Good for you, MMU. The more these inane idiots have their mindless twaddle exposed the better we shall be. Maybe they will realise it isn’t so clever to denigrate others who do not meet their shallow ideals. The “Heathers” of this world are a waste of space really.

  3. Emma lives in a little cabbage patch of racists in QLD. Including her friend Jack Berg-david who created the FB fail page ‘help! stop immagration!! lets start standing up australia!’

    Scarily enough, she probably thought she was quite smart to conceive the ground-breaking idea to cull FB friends with foreign-sounding names ending with ‘girrlpretty’.

    What a waste of oxygen and bandwidth.

  4. You know, repugnant as I find Emma’s words, I tremble when I think of the future life she’s exposing herself to by alignment with the sort of violent, blame shifting morons who’d find her views appealing. I wish I could say “wake up young woman and realise that in your future relationships your gender will make you every bit as vulnerable as someone else’s ethnicity.”
    As a matter of fact I think I will. Anyone else care to join me in sending a message to Emma’s FaceBook page?

    • OK, so I can’t leave Emma a message, but I’ve sent a friend request, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to say something helpful to a still plastic mind…At 52 I’m resigned to never outgrowing my inconvenient optimism:)

  5. Emma accepted my friend request. Can’t believe it’s the same person who wrote this post! Emma had a baby on the weekend, possible to remove this post about her? Time and place and having a heart and all that?

    • So what, I have children. Having children doesn’t give anyone a get-out-of-jail free card for making stupid inane comments.

      But anyone who does have kids needs to think again if they are spouting racism. They are not doing their children any favour and will be the first to complain if they are shunned by their children because of their racism. Having a racist or bigoted parent is not something anyone would be proud of.

      • No of course not, but a new, single parent in a state of hormonal upheaval is not in my opinion, a fair target Mindmadeup. People before principle every single time, and I’m really worried about upsetting the brand new, first time, single, mother of an entirely dependent (and innocent) newborn.

        • Rubbish, being a new mum does not suspend someone’s capacity to make judgements. At least we hope not – that doesn’t say much for the ultimate welfare of the child.

          It also demeans women to propose that their critical facilities are somehow impaired because they have just given birth.

          Also we have no evidence that your new bestie has given birth. Any of us here including the men could pretend they had just given birth as well.

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