23 thoughts on “Homophobes in Bankstown

    • That’s kinda the norm, isn’t it? “Women are all bitches, and I hate them, because they turn me down. Men understand me, men know what I need, god if I could only have what I need from a woman from a man, I’d be so much happier. But not in a gay way, of course-because I’m not gay”

      I wish, sometime,s that some far right politician, Tony Abbot for example, could make a declaration that “If two men have sex, they’re still straight, as long as they still follow at least one football team, and don’t enjoy musicals” – it would be completely offensive and stereotypical to the gay community. But, on the plus side, a lot of deeply repressed and angry men would be going hammer and tongs at each other as soon as the words drop out of his mouth, and be generally happier as a result.

      Of course, then this site would run out of comments to post.

  1. If Michael and his friend Chris, put as much effort into facing reality as they do in writing shit. They well still be idiots who hate having their cages shaken.

    • In reading a book about rip offs in mortgage broker schemes in The USA.

      Is Michael as a mortgage broker causing those in the community to be homeless and hungry?

  2. Hi mindmadeup. Personally, I think that you and your cohort of loser lefties are just a pathetic waste of space. The sad news for you is that you have nothing constructive add to the political/social landscape, unless your site site is intended to be satirical.You blogsite is just a joke. You are so self-absorbedly dumb that you don’t get that the many objective observers who have the misfortune to stumble across you site (perhaps whilst google searching for products that will remove skid marks from toilet bowls) think that you are just wankers without hope.In fact, you are intellectually outclassed be many of those who you seek to deride. I have a new slogan for you: “Antinbogan-The thinking man’s fuckwits”. Do you like it?

      • I love how bogots type up lengthy diatribes, probably engaging all three of their brain cells in the process, only to be dismissed with the exact level of class they deserve.

    • What is Anthony “I have skid marks because I am scared of reality” Hill shitting? So can they get a child to write for them next time? Thanks 🙂 Thinking about it, a child would not sink that low.

  3. “..all three of their brain cells..” Shucks Scott, that must have taken some time for you to think of something so outrageously witty as that. You intellectual capacity is clearly boundless. Sorry mindmadeup..your quip about me “rooting your (my) cousin” is clearly a Freudean slip on your part.

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