3 thoughts on “@Cobbermate – “One is WAR while the other is terrorism!”

  1. Groan. This is the problem with our society’s focus on the ANZAC tradition. Our forefathers were brave men and effective troops. In a historical sense they achieved so much and contributed way beyond their numbers to fighting, especially, fascism. But now every drop-kick who serves a year in a war zone suddenly becomes a shining light of Aussie valour complete with bits of tin and a strident sense of righteousness. Just because you were in the army it doesn’t mean you are right mate. You chose to get shot at, please don’t expect we who look down on unnecessary military action to treat you as if you were fresh from Kokoda or the western front. People respect soldiers because they represent US the people, not because they spout block headed right wing vomitus to justify the killing of innocent people. We would expect that from terrorists not Australian servicemen. In any case, the death of any civilian in a war zone that is not accidental is NEVER accepted or justified by the ADF.

    • Excellent & right to the point David. I was married to one of those self righteous military men. It’s all about the money to them. When his unit was told that they could go overseas (they were given the choice) they all sat around & figured how much it would be worth to them financially. The money was the reason they went. He served one day, yes ONE DAY in East Timor & got a medal. Now every Anzac Day he struts around like he personally killed Hitler & attacks anyone who dares speak up about the action of any military personnel. Your last sentence says it all!

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