Daniel Bristow Wants to Brutally Kill Muslims

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Daniel Bristow is just another violent, drunken, threat-on-the-roads bogan dropkick. Share this around if you think people should be aware of his arrogance and stupidity.

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Wonthaggi Holden https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wonthaggi-Holden/327487837284598

Ray White Real Estate Cranbourne http://raywhitecranbourne.com

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64 thoughts on “Daniel Bristow Wants to Brutally Kill Muslims

  1. Daniel Brewster is a blowhard wanker who seems to have never been out of Wonthaggi, Vic. If a peaceful Muslim, or indeed anyone who vaguely even looked as though they could be Muslim, said boo to him he would soil himself. These idiots are all talk.

    As said, the Australian Army wouldn’t have a bar of him or others like him. Not that he would last a week if he did manage to get in. Actually, he’d probably pass out at the entry physical

  2. I want to cry whenever I see that people such as Daniel exist. Sadly, I fear that his ilk is slowly becoming the norm in this country; we are indeed becoming a country of ignorant and uneducated bogans. Many kudos to the Coalition for accomplishing this who, in their efforts to solidify support for their forthcoming thousand year Reich as of this coming September, did everything they could to create fear of refugees/foreigners/Muslims/kosher food etc etc etc. And as you do so, by appealing to the lowest common denominator, you affirm their views that “We dunt need no edjshukashen…. but weel gladlee have Rupert Murdochs thought kontrol”. I shit you not, but this will all have dire consequences for our economic future, because when you have such a large segment of the population who frown on education and intellectualism, then you end up with a country that will fail to innovate economically, technologically, culturally etc etc. Essentially, our collective reactionary stupidity will turn us into somebody else’s bitch, and turn us into the economic basket case of SE Asia.
    My thanks go to John Howard, Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin who, in formulating Coalition policy and political strategy, have managed to turn us into a bunch of xenophobic morons.
    Oh, I hope Daniel realises that his chances of passing the background and psychological checks for the military are about the same as my chances of ever going scuba-diving on Jupiter.

    • @Blip&Blop : Yes it’s terrible. However, please don’t forget that a lot of people also like you hate seeing this and are fighting it and there’s a lot of good folks out there too.

      (Also sort of tangential but remember as well that the election is still five months or so away and a week is a long time in politics. The media and polls currently suggest an Abbott-landslide – but I think it ain’t over till its over and many people aren’t paying attention yet and wen they actually do pay attention to Abbott and hi s mob – maybe things will change very quickly and dramatically? Sure hope so.

      • I certainly hope so, Astro. Last time this happened the Liberal Party and their divisive, xenophobic policies spent 11 years doing irreparable damage to our international reputation, let alone the fabric of our society. I cringe whenever I see an otherwise intelligent, educated friend or colleague furrow their brow and say “we have to stop the boats”. God save us from ourselves.

  3. Whose Jarrod Turner and would this dropkick start with him? Never heradof him and it doesn’t sound like a Muslim name to me. (Not that that actually means anything really, I know.)

    Also isn’t posting death threats illegal? Since that sounds like a rather specific one has this been forwarded to the appropriate arm of law enforcement? Hope so! Those authorities may also be interested in Daniel Bristow’s confessions of drink driving and attempts to hinder law enforcement regarding speed cameras and brethos too?

      • Got to love the selective rebuttal:

        “You can say I wanted to brutally murder all muslims, just because…..but don’t you dare say I drink and drive! I may be a psychopath, but I’m not an alcoholic!”

  4. I wonder if anyone’s ever left a printout of this guy, his rants and his license plates to any nearby mosques. I wonder if he’d change his tune if a mob of people showed up on his lawn one morning taking exception to his existence…

    • Thank you Chim i appreciate you listening on how this has affected him and could affect him… It is clear that some people believe everything that is on the internet !! many people make stupid comments on Facebook that does not mean they are racist or hoons or drunks murderers etc … Its sad that my comments to date have not been approved by the moderator.. just proves they don’t care about real people!! just destroying them and there families

      • Daniel’s Mum, you do need to realise anyone who posts such vicious, hate filled comments on their FB page does have these innate feelings. No one who is not racist or full of hate would say such things, even if suffering from depression.

        Plenty of stupid kids have made outlandish statements on FB which have come back to bite them. This is well known so Daniel should have erred on the side of caution before he made such disgraceful comments. Facebook is a very public place.

        We aren’t to blame for his current state of mind &, hopefully, he doesn’t lose his job or get prosecuted for his racist threats of violence, but he does have to take responsibility for his actions. His apology is a good start.

    • Assuming you’re the person in question (which is quite possible since I can’t imagine why any other shitstain would bother trying to defend your dumb ass), you still haven’t addressed your racist threats of violence. From the title of this post, you should have gathered this was the main reason why you feature on this page.

      So…. deny, deflect or defend?

      • They were wrong I know that I have written an apology on my facebook I was blowing off steam and took it to far I’m not actually racist I have Indian friends etc I was just beige a dickhead on my facebook anyone who knows me would know that it was not serious or anything like that, but I am very sorry if I offended anyone I assure you it’s not goig to happen again. And as for calling me names none of you know me or anything about me this page is supposably anti bogan yet Hal the comments on here are bogan slang directed at me

      • Morgone the comments were silly there is way more to this than meets the eye !! clearly a vendetta … Daniel is sorry and understands his comments have upset some it a lesson he has learned… Daniel has depression i hope for the sake of the people that posted this that he doesn’t suicide or hell have no furry like a devastated mother !!! Please remove this from your blog !!!!

        • The post will be deleted soon.

          Glad to hear he has learned his lesson.

          But not so glad to see that another lesson he is learning is that he can fuck up and push his hatred agenda and his mum will push through the mob to make excuses for him.

          You’re a pair of jokes.

  5. Hi As a parent of Daniel I ask the you remove this from your website and Facebook page he already has depression and may lose his job… if this blog causes him to become suicide you will all be held accountable. We are seeking legal advice over this matter. there are also other things that have happened in the last week that obviously caused this information to be put on this blog which are unrelated to any of the the childish comments had been put on FB… Other people have had access to his account as well

  6. Mind madeup I am not into slandering people so I will not put up what happened on Sunday to Daniel but I can tell you that i find it funny that this crap appeared on Monday after an assault which a person could have been charged and ended up in a heap of trouble.. he is not a violent person !! He is depressed enough and seeking medical help for this.. if you cared about people this crap would be removed…Like I said other people have had access to his facebook…

    • So if he gets into a fight with an assumed Muslim, you find it acceptable for him to use a public social media website to state his intention to brutally kill Muslims in general?

      • why would he get into a fight with a Muslim???? I said HE WAS assaulted that is all he never hit the person back … He just decided that best thing is to move on and let it go !!
        The comments on his FB are deleted he does not hate anyone move on and go harass some pedophiles…
        I have said he is under a doctor for his depression (oh and he is not Australian for your information).
        I actually think that this sight promotes racism and anger and hatred… lots of kids today don’t understand that silly comments on FB can be hurtful and affect peoples mental health. this is why schools are trying to educate them !!! I have seen this a lot even with some adults they just don’t understand or get angry… I will not participate in slagging match. Just remove this from your sight thank you .

        • “The comments on his FB are deleted he does not hate anyone move on and go harass some pedophiles…”

          Well, this site does that too (racist paedophiles, but still…)

          “I actually think that this sight promotes racism”

          How does this site promote racism?

          “lots of kids today don’t understand that silly comments on FB can be hurtful and affect peoples mental health”

          Exactly. This site shows that those silly comments on FB can hurt people, affect their mental health, and condemns those silly comments.

          “this is why schools are trying to educate them !!!”

          And schools are doing a great job. But what about adults? What about those who are no longer at school?

          Basically, this site is not going to change opinions, that’s the role of schools, society, friends and families, not this site. But this site can help make racism something that is not tolerated socially. And unfortunately we naturally in real life have an urge not to challenge our friends, or families or even aquantances when they make entirely racist comments out of fear, especially online. And thus, the racists have their behaviour supported-after all, if it wasn’t okay someone would tell them. This site seeks to correct it, socially shame a person, make them realise that if they have racist beliefs, they should be akin to picking your nose-you do it in private, where no one else can see, and you feel a bit ashamed about it afterwards even then.

          You’ve asked for this to be deleted, and I’m sure it will be soon. But remember, it’s not deleted because you got mad and threatened legal action, and it’s not deleted because anyone on this site did the wrong thing. It was deleted because your son did the right thing by apologising.

  7. OK we have some posts here purporting to be from the mother of an adult person who made racist and bigoted comments.

    We have had the argumentum ad canum – the one that says “the dog ate my homework” or in cases like this “someone else used my Facebook”.

    We have allegations that someone is suffering from depression without any proof. Depression or any other psychiatric illness do not automatically pre-dispose someone to make racist comments on social media.

    We have also had people come here before and pretend to be parents or siblings of some of our featured idiots. This carries no weight with us because we are also parents. Difference is, our kids take responsibility for their own behaviour whether they are kids or adults.

    That is something which is learnt at home.

    • And you all me childish
      This website promotes everything that you seem to disagree with
      I think belittling me would almost be on par with my racist comments especially considering the lengths people have gone to toget me in trouble arguing your point an writing me off does not make pu a better person

      • “I think belittling me would almost be on par with my racist comments ”

        So belittling you (Target=one person) is the same as calling for the brutal murder of Muslims (Targets = 1 billion people). Is that right?

        Another poster who seems to think this site is about making everyone talk politely online. It’s not. If you had posted “I want to kill this specific Muslim because he is a dick” you would not be here. Now if you can show me where this site seeks to attack entire groups, rather than idiotic individuals, please, let me know.

        • You are obviously someone with to much time on your hands that needs to grow up. You completely contradict your self, “another person who thinks this site is about making people talk polite online ITS NOT”
          All good for you but not me? I apologized I never ment any harm what more do you want

        • Err…JM is grown up.

          If you were mature you wouldn’t have to go running to your mum.

          Man up, be an adult and take some responsibility for your behaviour.

        • This site has affected our family not just Daniel that includes my self please remove this from your blog

        • How am I contradicting myself? I said this site isn’t about making everyone be nice-it’s not. It’s about stamping out racism, and other prejudice. If you want to hate someone and be rude to them, go ahead, but do it because that person is a dick, not because of a blind hatred for all people.

    • Depression or any other psychiatric illness can cause people to do things they normally would not do including take there own life

      i will ask you again please remove this from your blog

  8. You are promoting people to attack another person who has made comments which they have removed and apologized for who has depression ! Your site is asking people to attack other people who have made mistakes. people make mistakes that what makes us human… If a person was to continue to be racist then I can see your point but this is not the case with Daniel…. I will ask you again please remove this from your sight…

    • Your attacking me for attacking other people are you blind can you not see a contradiction there you speak as if you are smart but you can’t seem to understand simple facts that are pointed out to you.

      • So….complaining about your comments (specific complaint about a specific action of a specific person) is the same as saying you want to brutally murder all Muslims (Specific threat about all actions of an entire group of people)? Is that right?

        Let me spell it out to you. Hating ENTIRE GROUPS OF PEOPLE is wrong, as you are judging an entire group not on their words, actions or anything about them. Hating an INDIVIDUAL, while not a good thing, may not be wrong because that individual could be a total dick. Or in other words, judging an entire group on the words, actions or beliefs of some of them is wrong. But how is judging an individual on their own words, actions or beliefs wrong?

        How am I attacking you Daniel? Please be specific. How can I disagree with you in a way that’s not an “attack”? Or is it only a choice of “Agree with me or you’re attacking me”?

        • Atleast I can admit I was wrong and delete what i have done and apologise you are to wrapped up in your little world and can’t see that what you are doing is wrong

        • What we are doing is right. Even if we de-identify you.

          Stop trying to deflect blame onto us. We expose racism and bigotry because both are not only wrong they are illegal

          Ignoring racism and bigotry is the same as supporting it. Ignoring racism and bigotry would be to say that one supports the vilifiers.

          If one of the Muslims you have vilified chooses to go to the AHRC or to the VEOHRCC with a complaint about your bigotry then you will reap what you have sown.

        • Daniel, I’m not an admin here. To be honest, if I was, I would have had items de-identified now, but I’m not.

          But please answer my questions: How am I attacking you Daniel? Please be specific. How can I disagree with you in a way that’s not an “attack”? Or is it only a choice of “Agree with me or you’re attacking me”?

  9. you have taken his FB page put it on a blog which has caused him to be harassed you have got people to hassle his employer and my family has been harassed he has a apologized please remove this from your site

    • So you’ve seeking legal advice. Fair enough. Ask your lawyer to look up s18C of the Racial Discrimination Act:

      Offensive behaviour because of race, colour or national or ethnic origin
      (1) It is unlawful for a person to do an act, otherwise than in private, if:
      (a) the act is reasonably likely, in all the circumstances, to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or a group of people; and
      (b) the act is done because of the race, colour or national or ethnic origin of the other person or of some or all of the people in the group.

    • I also suggest you make up a consistent story. Thus far:

      Daniel has admitted fault and apologised on Facebook/TAB.
      You blame someone else:
      ‘Other people have had access to his account as well’
      You have offered mitigating circumstances:
      ‘He is depressed enough and seeking medical help for this’
      You defend the statements:
      ‘ It is clear that some people believe everything that is on the internet !! many people make stupid comments on Facebook that does not mean they are racist’

      So you’re asserting someone else wrote the comments while simultaneously defending his statements (which he has admitted writing) while simultaneously offering mitigating circumstances for this appalling behaviour.

    • Also get the lawyer to look up s20 of the VIC Crimes Act:

      Threats to Kill
      A person who, without lawful excuse, makes to another person a threat to kill that other person or any other person-
      (a) intending that that other person would fear the threat would be carried out; or
      (b) being reckless as to whether or not that other person would fear the threat would be carried out-
      is guilty of an indictable offence. Penalty: Level 5 imprisonment (10 years maximum).

  10. Is this Daniel? Surely not – he’s such a wonderful person according to Mum.

    Maryborough Magistrates’ Court
    Case Number: D10324828
    Date: 28/05/2013
    Time: 09:30
    Prosecuting Agency: VICTORIA POLICE
    Informant: CONST HENDERSON, A
    Hearing Type: Mention
    Location: Maryborough Magistrates’ Court
    Court Room No.: 0

    Maryborough Magistrates’ Court
    Case Number: D10324781
    Date: 28/05/2013
    Time: 09:30
    Prosecuting Agency: VICTORIA POLICE
    Informant: CONST CUDIA, A
    Hearing Type: Mention
    Location: Maryborough Magistrates’ Court
    Court Room No.: 0

    • There you go again making me loom worse then I am that court case is not me my middle name is not Kevin!
      The page clearly says to share this aroun which is asking people to attack me

        • Just proves that you are not as grown up as you think trying to twist things to make me look worse again
          I’m not going to keep arguing with you, you can have your opinion on me over stupid comments I have made but I can tell you that you are wrong because you do not know me. I am better then this page. So continue to twist things make things up attack me all you like but I’m better then this

        • 1. We are all adults here. A lot of us are parents.

          2. We are not “twisting things”. We are presenting facts.

          If you are looking bad it is your doing not ours.

        • In order to work in a real estate office you must be 18 because you need to be eligible to hold a realtor’s licence.

          So don’t keep trying to imply that you are a minor.

  11. I’m a bit pissed at Daniel’s mum, if it really is his mum. I am a father to five kids, most now adults, close to Daniels age. The Black Dog has stalked this family from time to time, never ever have any of my kids held Daniels contempt and hate for another race/ethnic/culture. We have struggled with issues with school, university, work, social life and we have dealt with suicidal behaviour, but that any of my kids would be racist or preach hate would be horrific to me.
    Why don’t you, Daniels mum, feel that way? You are upset because their have been consequences for daniels hate. Tough shit. You should of taught him right.

  12. I’m slightly skeptical that it is in fact Daniel’s mum posting. Their writing styles are very similar.

  13. To whom it may concern

    I came across Daniel Bristow when he was at a young age, 5 maybe 6 years old. I’ve known him since then, close and distant at times throughout the years.

    He has ALWAYS been there for the good times and unlike many, he never abandoned me in the darker times of my life.
    I generated a lot of strength from this young lad when I needed it the most mainly through my times of illness and personal problems and he was fit enough to carry me when I couldn’t.

    He, along with his mother, has always been the FIRST to put up there hands to help me since coming to know them so many years prior to this day and its in my opinion that this is a silly error that was made in the heat of the moment and COMPLETELY out of nature and character for Daniel.

    As you to, he is HUMAN and entitle to make the occasional mistake and for any person to judge him on this, should go against ANY religion. god is our judge whether it be Allah or Jesus or whoever.

    It’s noted that he is remorseful for his actions and its my belief that as good Christians or Muslims, that we should forgive him for this stupid mistake and move on from this.

    I can guarantee now that ANYTHING like this will not happen again, given the right guidance and help he needs and most certainly deserves

    Glen Robinson

  14. I live in Wonthaggi, I am over 30 years old and am considered by society to be disabled.
    I also have depression, and my experience is, if I miss my ‘anti-depressant’ due to depression caused by bullying and get very low and want to hurt somebody (mainly me), I am still responsible for my actions.

    Unfortunately due to my hearing impairment and eyesight, I receive a lot of bullying from teenagers and young adults in Wonthaggi, which makes me very scared at times to leave the house.

    Depression is no joke to many who have witnessed it knows, and to see parents in here censuring their kids for their behaviour is a good thing to see, unfortunately I Feel that is rare.

    Please, Please, teach your kids respect, because I cannot take much more of this shame and humiliation I receive in Wonthaggi for being different.

    Suicide is no joke, and 1 day I will be pushed to it, this time to make it successful attempt. Just leave me alone, and treat me like a person.

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