The gathering of the Scotts – ” ‘She was SCREAMING! With LOVE for her own people!’ “

Not content with huddling in their very own hate groups, several of the more daring xenophobes have ventured out to make their unwelcome appearance at mainstream Facebook sites, specifically at fan sites for various current affairs programmes.

We understand how it must be frightening for them to be confronted by normal people, and especially so when these normal people actually dare to argue a different, more normal viewpoint.

The nerve of them…

Perennial favourite lonely impaired white guy Scott Pengelly was first out of the starter’s gate recently at Weekend Sunrise as he moaned and complained bitterly at public reaction to the unhinged racist on the train we recently featured.


Then Scott lets everyone know why the demented harridan was screaming racist insults on the train…well only in Scott’s alternate universe could you come up with an explanation like this.


And along came one of Scott’s besties,  the Nazi commenting at the bottom with some cut-and-paste dirge from every failed neo-Nazi group we have seen.


Lots of disturbing content on this guy’s profile. And we don’t think he’s joking either.

Then along comes another Scott. This one is from Queensland, used to be in the Army (thankfully not there now) , follows crazy Christian Danny Nalliah’s new political party and likes to mouth off in the usual ignorant fashion about Muslims and Islam. He starts off by having a go at Andrew O’ Keefe, the presenter and points out that O’ Keefe “laughed and scoffed” at Wilders.

Well guess what Scotty, we all did. That clown is the Eurojoke of the decade.



One unnamed commenter sums Scott up nicely. Scott’s response?


Err… may we interrupt to remind Scott that cutting off heads etc was fairly normal battlefield behaviour back then. Perhaps Scott should have paid more attention at school when they studied Macbeth.

The great Irish patriot Hugh O’ Neill used to take their tongues as well and the great Scottish patriot William Wallace was a dab hand with the broadsword, being 195 cms tall and built to match (unlike weedy little anti-Semite Mel Gibson, who played him in the movie).

The “child bride” myth about the Prophet Mohammed is unlikely and apocryphal – but hey that madman Khomeini believed it, so obviously in Scott’s Islamophobic world it must be true.

David Bates then carries on about how “we” feel about Muslims – do us a favour idiot and speak for yourself or “we” might just give you a special sorting out.

Bigots don’t speak for Australia

Speaking of which Scott rounds off with a lament for a simpler time when no doubt he’d have been forced by his feudal lord to marched across a  hostile Europe, risk death from bandits and lethal contagious diseases for which there was then no cure, starved more often than not, perpetually in danger from human traffickers and faced with a fanatical and well-armed foe.

That was what the Crusades were really about.

14 thoughts on “The gathering of the Scotts – ” ‘She was SCREAMING! With LOVE for her own people!’ “

  1. So Scott Pengelly says that all non whites brought nothing to Australia, and are destroying the country, but still has sex with Asian prostitutes?

    Does he not see the contradiction there? “Australia should be white and white only….except when I’m horny”

    • I guess since Scott Pengelly claims that all non whites brought nothing to Australia.. Then he is not eating or drinking at all?

  2. Scott Pengelly has never built anything in his life, which may be why he has such a need to try and claim achievement based on the birth lottery of being conceived by white people.

    Honestly… if your only source of pride is the lack of pigmentation in your skin, you need to get out and do something with your life.

  3. More miserable excuses for human beings, sitting at home, blaming everyone else for their own pathetic inadequacies.

    These are probably not their real names as they would not be so confident in using such foul, vicious, offensive & racist language if they were & hence could be found by those interested in prosecuting them for their incitement of racial hatred, etc. Then again they aren’t very bright, are they?

    It also horrifies me to see females joyfully joining in using the same foul language.

    Disgusting the .lot of them.

  4. The “Child Bride” is definitely not a myth. It is confirmed in multiple contemporary Islamic and non-islamic sources. The question however is context. Muhammed married Ayeesha to secure an alliance not a deliberate grooming like the bigots make out. Also look at the Kings, Generals and emperors of the time, marriages at the current marriageable age would have been very rare indeed.

  5. Blair I’m A Bimbo Cottrell states:

    ‘Every question of today is ultimately a question of race’
    ‘There is only Marxism and Nationalism’
    ‘You are either for your people or against them’

    Sound a little ‘black and white’? Well, it’s no surprise. A much-cited peer-reviewed article written by researchers at Stanford/Berkeley: finds the following attributes are predictors of political conservatism:

    Death anxiety
    System instability
    Dogmatism–intolerance of ambiguity
    Low openness to experience
    Low tolerance for uncertainty
    Need for order, structure, and closure
    Low integrative complexity
    Fear of threat and loss
    Low self-esteem

    Life must be tough being a fear-driven simpleton…

  6. Someone should ask Scott Pengelly to come back to rant, just for my amusement really 😀
    I hope the admins haven’t blocked him?

  7. Do you idiots really think posting my anti-Islamic rants bothers me? I put them on the net so as many people as possible can see them. You see the difference between me and cowards like you is that I don’t hide behind the obscurity of cyberspace! I put my name and face to everything I say because its the truth. You say that Geert Wilders is a Eurojoke ha ha good one fuckhead he is also the leader of the second largest party in the Netherlands with nearly 2 million voters to back him up. As for your lies about Mohammed not being a pedophile you obviously are the ignorant one maybe you should read the Quran instead of Macbeth and you will find it is clear as day in there. But thanks for depositing my comments on your pathetic website im glad im important enough for you unwashed clowns to do so.

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