“Greg Jessop” pulls imaginary friends from his arse

@GregJessop1 twittering up its
own #fundament

We were hoping this Twitter twerp had finally disappeared up his own arse after having been outed most effectively by his latest intended victim on the ABC Religion and Ethics site no less.

Nothing ethical about Twerp as you can see.


However in its constant quest for love social media validation it has lurched about , found a new target and proceeded to defame this person.


So what do we know about Twerp?

1. Obsession with Russian men

Yes folks Twerp created a fake using as a profile pic the image of real life Russian footballer Sergey Serapov and proceeded to try and spam our page and Twitter with it.



We are sure the real Sergey would not be impressed. In fact we’d be happy to send Twerp over to the lads at FC Pskov for kicking practice except we suspect Twerp is such a lardy even the great Maradona could not have booted him into the net.



We did have a giggle at Twerp’s failed name-check there for someone called “Amy” – maybe that was the bit where he got up and waddled out to order yet another home-delivered killer-joule snack?

Twerp’s next object of desire is another Russian, an unnamed model from an online fashion magazine.

Not one to let reality or even originality intrude, Twerp christened him “Igor Saratov”.

Fake “Igor” even has a Facebook page.


Unnamed Russian model from whom Twerp made his Igor

2.Obsessed with homosexuality



Seems to have a connection with the handsome young Russians. Hmmm…

You see we know Twerp is well into middle age and has at least one kid, and we hope that Mrs Twerp and kid might have found out early in the piece and scarpered to greener and safer pastures.

Life with a phobic sociopath cannot really be fun. Even one with a UNSW degree…


17 thoughts on ““Greg Jessop” pulls imaginary friends from his arse

  1. He’s a complete & utter bitter psychopathic gutter troll with way too much time on his hands plus a very vivid nasty imagination. A vicious parasitic worm.

  2. Greg will go down in the anals [sic] of history as the bogan who tried so hard… and yet achieved so little.

  3. I have no idea what he’d think if he learned the rates of heterosexuals practising anal sex. Finding out there’s more available than thirty seconds of missionary with a partner desperately thinking of England might make his head explode.

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