John Farnham’s Sister-In-Law & The Pedo Bear Bandits

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bung on a Burqa. An event page where sexually repressed troglodytes can spew their bile against Muslims while sharing their concerns about penile dysfunction and frustrations about not being able to get laid without paying for it.

1 - Sexually Frustrated - 1

1 - Sexually Frustrated - 2

1 - Sexually Frustrated - 3

1 - Sexually Frustrated - 4

1 - Sexually Frustrated - 5

This intellectually stimulating event page was, until very recently, public and whoever wished to contribute to threads about bum sex and vegetables and plants that looked like cocks and balls, could. That was until a few days ago when the event page was set to ‘invite-only’ and anyone not on the event creator’s friends list were purged. Event creator is Lisa Maree (alt name Havana Cone).

*Click on images to enlarge them*

2 - Lisa Maree Host

Confident in the privacy that was bestowed upon them, the posts of the swampies naturally turned more vile. Posts of a paedophile nature were quickly filling up the wall.

3 - Peadophile Posts - Chris Merrett Mr Pedo Bear

3 - Peadophile Posts - Chris Merrett Pedo Crossing Sign

3 - Peadophile Posts - Chris Merrett Posting School Children Photo

3 - Peadophile Posts - Chris Merrett Wanking Over Baby

3 - Peadophile Posts - Jason Paul Penis On Board Drawing

3 - Peadophile Posts - Matt Donald Posting Girls Photo

3 - Peadophile Posts - Paul Jason - Fingering A Minor

Jason Paul Pedo Bear

Here’s Milly Knight, real name Jude Billman / Jude Grech / Judith Dianne Billman Grech sister in law of John Farnham (yes the singer), declaring she would soon be posting up pictures of an anti-racist activist’s underage children. Jason ‘Ban Islam’ Paul (alias Bluey Zarzoff / Bernie Zarzoff) chimes in and eggs her on.

From Wikipedia


4 - Jude Billman - Threatening To Post Pictures Of Minor Kids - 1

4 - Jude Billman - Threatening To Post Pictures Of Minor Kids - 2

Soon after, Jason Paul under his Bluey Zarzoff account uploads a picture of a young girl and declares she is the alleged daughter of the same anti-racist activist whom Milly (Jude Billman) was threatening. Chris Merrett corrects Jason Paul and informs him that there are several accounts of the same name and encourages him to find the right girl by posting two Facebook profiles urging him to look through them to find more pictures of another underage girl while offering pictures of this person’s mother and sister in another thread.

5 - Jason Paul Posting Kids Picture Thread 2

6 - Chris Merrett I Have Mum & Sister Pictures

Now armed with more photos, Jason Paul (Bluey Zarzoff) uploads another picture of another girl who looks even younger than the previous one with the caption, “root, shoot or electrocute”.

7 - Jason Paul Posting Kids Picture Thread 1

*Note Chris Merrett’s comment on school uniforms. We will come back to it shortly*

A handful condemned the posting of the picture and the following remarks and naturally his fellow swampies came out of their caves to defend the threats to rape and/or kill the young girl.

8 -Marina Chapman Justifying Posting Of Kid Picture

8 - Chris Merrett No Problem With Posting Private Albums

A post is made informing the sewer rats that the girl that was being spoken about in a sexual and violent matter has been confirmed as a minor.

DB Girl Is 12

We investigated the claim, as the parasites had posted a link to her profile, and concluded with full certainty that the girl is indeed 12 years old. The mongrels foamed in a rabid frenzy and banded together to try and discredit what was clearly obvious.

*Remember that Chris Merrett, in his comment below the girl’s picture, had commented on her school uniform.*

Even so, the maggots had found that the year girl had listed a university in her education details, even though it was evident she was too young to be at uni. And so the swamp creatures, in their confused fury, started making all sorts of claims with Marina Rosemary Chapman leading the charge…

Scum Confused About Age - 5

Scum Confused About Age - 1

Scum Confused About Age - 2

Scum Confused About Age - 3

Scum Confused About Age - 4

Scum Confused About Age - 6

Scum Confused About Age - 7

Scum Confused About Age - 8

Jill Steinberger

The event page creator, Lisa Maree (Havana Cone) offered a disclaimer for anyone who felt offended over a minor being threatened with rape and murder. Even though she could have easily deleted the offending and illegal post, she waves away any responsibility and directs people to report it instead.

10 - Lisa Maree Disclaimer

Jason Paul

Jude Billman

Marina Rosemary Young Chapman


The post has since been deleted but here is the permalink in case the police decide to investigate:


As is typical with this lot one of our people received this threat to publish more kids’ pictures. The name and profile are fake; we know who it is.


106 thoughts on “John Farnham’s Sister-In-Law & The Pedo Bear Bandits

  1. Typical predator behavior. Blame the victim for their sexually explicit comments and deviant thoughts. Quite common among paedophiles.

  2. The usual fuckwits.

    Bogan’s on Parade.

    Oh, and Sergio’s wanky, little hate wagon makes an appearance behind Chief Bogette Billman.

    Unsurprising conduct from facebook’s bogan brigade.

  3. I’m just trying to follow the reasoning above. Apparently, it’s not their fault that they joked about raping and murdering a 12 year old girl, it’s the fault of the girl nadh er parents for allowing herself and facebook, and taking inappropriate photos of herself.

    These guys literally have no concept of responsibility, do they? Whatever they do, it’s always someone else’s fault. They speed, it’s the damn speed cameras, lose a job, the boss was a dick, I bet they could smash up their car into a building, and would still blame those evil (Possibly Jewish) buildings which get in their car’s way.

    I hope some of these (uncensored) screenshots will find their way to the AFP.

  4. Hey not fair guys, you blurred the dogs features but not the horses, how could you, that horse will never be able to show its face at an event again lol…as for the rest, seriously, my head hurt reading it and trying to follow it, suffice to say they opened Pandoras box on this thread, hopefully the child or her parents will make a formal complaint to the police, the real police not teh inetrwebz po po hahaha wankers

      • Too funny, keep up the great work and remember, if you tell the truth it is part of your past. If you tell a lie it becomes part of your future, bogans have a bright future of lies ahead of them.

  5. Hey, mindmadeup, nice permalink, welcome to a monumental failboat…Also, said girl in question was listed on her profile as being a university student..

    • I don’t think Jason/Paul understands how permalinks are made… not terribly surprising considering his form.

      I guess if she were a university student it would be okay to suggest harming or sexually abusing her, is it? Which universities have the openly acknowledged school uniform she was wearing?

      Quit while you’re behind, asshat.

  6. Keep digging that hole you are so good at making just make sure you fall face down in it when you fall…Who the fuck is Paul/Jason?

    • Is someone feeding you lines because your posts do not follow? Are we supposed to be scared?

      We’re actually laughing at the big doofus taking orders from an ex-con and a hag.

      Bend over big boy…tee hee


  7. Might be best if you quit while you are behind, I have your number in more ways than one, never once did I threaten this girl, Bang is a popular comment to the slutty duckface pose.

    • “Bang is a popular comment to the slutty duckface pose.”

      Maybe amongst the lowlife you like to hang out with. They obviously get off on rape fantasies with teenagers.

      What would your old Dad think about your behaviour? And your sister?

    • Bluey has said that he is proud to say he wanted to bang a 12 year old girl. Just putting that out there. I mean, he says he didn’t know she was twelve, but he did know she was in School. So he wanted to bang a school girl.

      I can’t imagine why you don’t put that on your resume.

    • So it’s ok to say a 12 year old is ‘slutty’ also? Ugh, get back under your rock. A face is a face is a face, you’re the sicko ascribing meaning to it.

  8. Oh, XXXX, you will be the one bending over, your fake screenshots and edited posts are worth nowt in court, so suck it up, princess, you have nothing.

  9. I have no family, keep digging, fool. tab are a bunch of pole smoking, tree hugging, reffo loving idiots
    and it won’t be from me, but your time will come from someone you have harmed.

    • I have no family, keep digging, fool.

      Did they find out about your extremist activities and disown you? Not surprising.

      tab are a bunch of pole smoking, tree hugging, reffo loving idiots

      *Sigh* so wrong. Hugging trees is a health hazard – splinters and all. But refugees are fine. In fact we’d be happy to see the bogots deported offshore and their place taken by decent human beings.

      and it won’t be from me, but your time will come from someone you have harmed.

      Which tough guy movie did you pinch that line from?

  10. Prove who I am, or go away, pissants, I feel sorry for this Paul/Jason fellow, I hope he gets hold of you. Now, back to the facts, the dumb slut pulling the duckface pose in the photo had her profile set as a uni student, which would suggest around 18, not my fault if she is a liar, I solicited nothing, take me to court, numbnuts!

    • See, why do you care so much about this post if YOUR actual name isn’t mentioned?

      The ONLY reason you’d be so pent up with rage about this post is if YOU featured.

      You are an absolute piece of shit. A womanising, racist, homophobic, defamatory, scumbag, no-hoping victim-blaming, scared, unintelligent scrap of dried excrement.

    • Poor John cannot help his rels we’re afraid. We are sure he himself is not a bitter paranoid racist crone. Unlike your puppeteer.

      But keep going Jason. We like watching you doing your Pinocchio act while others pull the strings.


    • He was not defamed. No one was. Reporting statements made on social media is not defamation. You clowns should be rejoicing – you are always complaining about “freedom of speech”.

      You are really so dumb about the law Doofus.

  11. So, if you scared, weird little guys are so tough, why don’t you use your real names, mindmadeup is XXXX, XXXXX is just some drag queen whore…

    • So, if you scared, weird little guys are so tough, why don’t you use your real names

      Because we protect our families and friends from the dregs of society. Racist and bigots, many of whom are crims.

      mindmadeup is XXXX, XXXXX is just some drag queen whore…

      There are about 10 of us just here. There are many others who support what we do. We will always outnumber you lot.

    • It is you who has been left to take the flak. Your Internet buddies will desert you in a heartbeat.

      We know who you are and lots about you. It is your name which will be handed to the cops.

  12. Don’t worry, [name redacted], your time will come, the education department is already onto you, and it will only get worse.

  13. Now, back to that proof of whom you pertain I am, instead of just naming some poor innocent bloke and posting his photos…..

    • Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 No 157

      Sec 227 Child and young person abuse

      A person who intentionally takes action that has resulted in or appears likely to result in:

      (a) the physical injury or sexual abuse of a child or young person, or

      (b) a child or young person suffering emotional or psychological harm of such a kind that the emotional or intellectual development of the child or young person is, or is likely to be, significantly damaged, or

      (c) the physical development or health of a child or young person being significantly harmed,

      is guilty of an offence.

      Maximum penalty: 200 penalty units.

      That kid was really upset when she was told her photo was pinched. Imagine if she knew that it was being drooled over by a bunch of sick perverts.

  14. Again, peanut balls, take me to court, or fuck off, either way, I care not, you unwashed lefty trolls are about60 kg wringing wet, pack of flowers!

    • *Yawn*

      Go ahead and try and make yourself feel better. Fact is you have been hung out to dry by your pals in the Gippsland coven. They think that we’ll lose interest once you’ve been shafted.

      Not so.

    • Several researchers have reported correlations between pedophilia and certain psychological characteristics, such as poor social skills, impaired interpersonal functioning, psychopathy and propensity for cognitive distortions.


  15. btw the “pedobear” refered in these posts is gay ass fag [name redacted] and unfortunately for you someone online has offered a million dollars for your head.I wouldnt want to be you mindmadeup.

    • How exactly? Or is the best thing for race relations to accept people who talk about raping and murdering a 12 year old girl? Must have missed that in Dr King’s speeches.

    • You know about the connection to ASIO? And Mossad? WHO TOLD YOU?

      Next you’ll be telling us you know about our sterilisation rays, shrivelling the genitals of bogans for decades now, with no one the wiser.

    • I really don’t think these bogan quite understand what ASIO does…. Unless you happen to be a terrorist, and a real one at that, the blowing shit up kind, ASIO does not give a fuck about you, they can’t afford too and honestly, don’t care.

  16. The butt hurt is strong today.

    Trolls complaining about freedom of speech and then crying vengeance when their statements are published for all to see. Hyper sensitive hypocrites much?

    “Someone one online has offered a million “doll-hairs” for your head”.

    Oh shit, scary, some one online said the world was going to end, repeatedly, for years, and I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve survived like twenty Apocalypse’s so far.

    “If your so tough, publish your names”. – Pseudonymed fuckwit #1

    Um, no thanks Jason/Bluey/Butthurt, but seeing as your so fascinated by toughness how about you “go play in traffic”, just make sure you record the results and publish them as proof of how tough you are.

    You can submit it to umadbra?@Jason’butthurt’Paul.fuckwit

  17. *Meanwhile in a darken parking lot.*

    yourajoke- “”Are you Mr X?””
    X- “”Yes.””
    yourajoke- “”I need you take out someone for a Million!””
    X-“”A Million? Who is it, Cartel leader? Saudi Prince? Politician?””
    yourajoke-“”Nah some farkin cunts on the antibogan!””
    X- “”Excuse me? Who are they? Militants? I need more information for a million dollar hit.””
    yourajoke-“”Nah there just a bunch or Mooslim poof lovers! Who post peoples information!””
    X-“”Ah Credit thieves? Professional hackers?””
    yourajoke-“”Nah! They get there information from the people who post it on facebook and twitter, then like farkin Austrayla haters they are, they post it on there blog!””
    yourajoke- “”What?””
    X-“”I don’t think you have the million dollars, don’t tell anyone about this meeting, or I will trace down your Holden which for some reason you have replaced the emblem with a chevys which is fooling no one by the way, and there will be severe consequences. My advice, stop posting stupid shit on the internet.””
    *Mr X dissapears into the darkness*
    yourajoke- “”He must of being a green voting, mooslim loving poof too! WHATS HAPPENED TO THIS CUNTRY!”””

  18. what is it with rapists and their love for p(a)edo bear?

    also what exactly are anti bogan being taken to court for? or is this just another generic threat of the mouth breathing knuckle dragger?

  19. Nev, I am inviting tab to take me to court over publishing a photo of a girl whos profile stated university of sydney student, therefore making her over 16, and they claim I am a paedo for doing it, they claim she is 12, her profile shows otherwise, and it was only the duckface pose the fugly mutt was pulling that I commented on

    • It won’t be TAB taking you to court it will be the coppers on the evidence from the complaining witness.

      Want me to post the legislation again?

      You’ll find out just who your real friends are then.

    • Are you calling a 12 year old girl an ‘ugly mutt’
      How big and tough you are. Keep displaying yourself as a pig of a man who not only makes sexually degrading comments about a child but even after its been rammed down your throat that you’ve been targeting a 12 year old child you continue to victimize her. Guess that shows you as the giant cockwomble you are.

    • Pedophiles use cognitive distortions to meet personal needs, justifying abuse by making excuses, redefining their actions as love and mutuality, and exploiting the power imbalance inherent in all adult–child relationships.[60] Other cognitive distortions include the idea of “children as sexual beings”


      • Child pornography is commonly collected by pedophiles who use the images for a variety of purposes [including] private sexual uses


    • oh so john farnham’s not filing for defamation?

      he should jump in with tom waterhouse, see if they can get a 4 for 1 deal or something

    • Nobody is butthurt. You aren’t targeting us, you are harassing & degrading a 12 year old girl. Apparently this is about all you can amount too.
      Commenting here is just you trying to cover your tracks and failing miserably.

  20. Your reposting of public photos is coming back to bite you on the arse, tab, what goes around, comes around, if not for your own actions, none of this would have come about, but you made the rules, we just follow them, so, if I go down, so do you.

  21. Lucky I look a lot better and younger than this fella, mindmadeup, your tolerance is really showing through, you bag out ugly people, but defend murderers and rapists???

  22. Finally, you got something right, I am not Paul/ Jason, it might be wise of you to remove this poor blokes pictures. Cracks in your armour are starting to show, either tidy up your act and get your facts right, or lose all credability with your idiotic supporters.

  23. Yes, idiot, I am Bluey, but not this Paul/Jason fellow you are defaming, I relly would delete all reference to him if I were you, if not, no skin off my nose, but he might be a tad pissed off.

    • Soooooo we are saying (quite rightfully) that Bluey is Jason Paul.

      It is quite obvious that the name Bluey Zarsoff is fake and in this situation only Jason Paul could possibly feel threatened.

      You did something wrong Jason and you are incapable of taking responsibility for it.

  24. What I cannot come to grips with are the women who condone, even encourage, this kind of repulsive, disgusting, creepy, loathsome & odious behaviour from these revolting cretinous males. Won’t call them men as real men do not behave in this abhorrent manner.

    They should be ashamed of themselves & the obviously not too bright Marina Rosemary Chapman is the one who should have her children removed for their own safety. She would be totally incapable of providing a safe environment for them if her participation in this sordid & squalid FB page is anything to go by.

  25. tab are a joke, they are against villification, and they call someone a mong, you are a bunch of impotant pissant wankers

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