Alan Jones suggests ‘left-wing radical students’ link to Boston bombing


Megan Levy

Breaking news reporter


Broadcaster Alan Jones is facing an online backlash after suggesting on national television that “left-wing radical students” were behind the Boston Marathon bombings and that Australia should reconsider its intake of foreign university students in response.

Really, you just said that Alan Jones? I have no words…

In a segment on Channel Seven’s Sunrise on Wednesday morning, the controversial 2GB host said Boston was a student city home to prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and suggested that students could be the culprits.

Controversial comments: Alan Jones appears on Sunrise on Wednesday morning.

That is despite US authorities saying they do not have any suspects in the case and they do not know who is responsible for the blasts. No organisation has claimed responsibility for the attack that killed three people and injured more than 175.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a conspiracy amongst students, left-wing radical students in Boston, and I think we have to think also very seriously here about our own student numbers,” Jones said on Sunrise.

“We’re very keen to have foreign students pay the way of universities in this country without a lot of discernment about who comes in. But I think the fact that we’ve been spared this kind of thing, touch wood, for so long highlights, as I said, the relentless work done by ASIO and all our police organisations.”

Alan Jones: “We’re very keen to have foreign students pay the way of universities in this country without a lot of discernment about who comes in.” Photo: Jim Rice

Former NSW treasurer Michael Costa, who was also on the segment, immediately responded that people shouldn’t “jump to conclusions yet about what’s behind all of this. Let the American authorities deal with it”.

“You know, America has got a history of domestic terrorism unrelated to the sort of broader jihadists’ terrorist movement and we don’t want to jump to conclusions,” Mr Costa said.

“But for Australia the lesson is clear. Complacency can’t be tolerated. We’ve got to support our authorities and we’ve got to ensure we’re vigilant.”

Jones responded that there were “a lot of things here that we can’t be told”.

“I think governments here have been very good in dealing with all of this and I think they will continue to be very good,” he said.

“This was a very sophisticated attack, this wasn’t the work of amateurs and there were several bombs designed to do damage in big numbers and I’m sure Australian authorities are alerted to all that.”

The online response to Jones’ comments was swift and damning:


The third person to die in the blasts was identified on Wednesday morning, Australian time, as a foreign student attending Boston University.

The Chinese Consulate in New York said the student was from China, but officials were not authorised to release the male victim’s name.

Boston University said on its website that the the victim, a graduate, was among a trio of students who had gone to watch the race at the finish line.

The controversy surrounding Alan Jones is the latest to dog the radio personality, who was lambasted last year for claiming that Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s late father had “died of shame” over her “lies” during a speech at a Liberal Party function. He later apologised for the comment, but not before 60 companies pulled their ads on 2GB.

The Australian Federation of International Students said Jones’ outrageous claims harmed the relationship between international students and the Australian community.

“For Alan Jones to paint such an inaccurate and presumptuous picture of international students in the mainstream media does the Australian international student body a huge disservice,” the organisation said in a statement.

“Putting forth these unsubstantiated claims will only do harm to the relationship between the international student body and Australians. We wholly reject the manner in which Alan Jones has portrayed international students in Australia.”

The federation said international students underwent a rigorous health and security check before they were issued with a visa for entry into Australia.

“‘The Department of Immigration and Citizenship conducts its own security screenings which we accept to be suitably appropriate,” the federation said.

“International students contribute immensely to Australian society in many ways – by volunteering their time in non-profit organisations, contributing to diversity in a university environment and sharing their cultures with Australia.”

“I think governments here have been very good in dealing with all of this and I think they will continue to be very good,” he said.

“This was a very sophisticated attack, this wasn’t the work of amateurs and there were several bombs designed to do damage in big numbers and I’m sure Australian authorities are alerted to all that.”


22 thoughts on “Alan Jones suggests ‘left-wing radical students’ link to Boston bombing

  1. Hate uni students and foreigners? Why not combine the two and sit back and watch the paranoia.

    Absolutely disgusting the way certain people have been using this tragedy to promote their own agendas. Jones here, and the New York Post printing a picture of a teenage boy in no way connected to anything, just because he wasn’t white. This entire thing has pissed me off for so many different reasons/

    • Identical to James Gow’s response on the Facebook page, and as devoid of information. How do you figure 2 long term residents of Boston, from Chechnya originally, are left wing radicals when only their age and and student status has been mentioned and reported accurately?

  2. The younger brother is/was a scholarship winning student at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The older, deceased brother was a low paid motor mechanic boxer. He was low paid as he seems to have chosen not to integrate & learn English even though he had been in America for at least ten years. He appears to have become a radicalised Muslim for what ever reason.

    No matter how this turned out Alan Jones was very much out of line in making his ridiculous & slanderous statements. Why anyone would listen to his inane rantings on radio or TV is beyond me.

  3. Jones was largely right. He did not say it is the work of Al Quaeda or right wing nutters from Texas or deranged psychopaths. He said it is likely to be foreign students. How did he know? How was he so well informed? And another question How can his critics keep saying he was wrong? Time for critics to eat humble pie or simply shut up.

    • Alan Jones was well informed based on what? Being wrong every time with his Looney rants? And this why Alan and his suckers need to shut the fuck up if they don’t want to prove what idiots they are.

    • Nivek why are you, Alan and his other suckers silent on US citizens being responsible for previous bombing like The FBI building?

      Is it because if the bombing are carried out by US citizens, you don’t care?

    • Alan does not to be told he is wrong by others, as he is doing a very good job himself of being wrong every time he goes on his Looney rants.

      And it is a pity some are too stupid or weak or both to accept Alan is wrong.

    • Good point. How did Jones know so much? Could it be that he is the secret mastermind behind all of this? After all, if his guess is actually based on anything and not just hit hatred of all things foreign and left wing, he must have some inside knowledge, and I think ASIO should be asking him these sot of questions.

  4. @nivek. Jones only mentioned “foreign” students in relation to Australia & its large OS student intake. He said of the Boston bombings “I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a conspiracy amongst students, left-wing radical students in Boston” Nothing there about “foreign” students. You would have seen this if you had even read the article which seems to have not happened.

    Only one brother was a student. .

  5. Jones is on the seek for ratings. nivek he IS “largely right” if you mean that he is a portly old prick being paid by right wing IPA pigs. Definitely large and definitely right wing. What else would you expect from such an easily purchased selfish cretin who won’t come out of the closet?

  6. Alan jones can’t say that is was lefty fuckers that did the bombings? It’s called free. Speech you fuckers so fuck off.
    But it’s ok for lefty media fuckers to hypothesise about it being right wing extremists? While trying desperately to avoid two words: Muslim and Islam.

    Hypocrite bastards.

    • Trent, stop foaming at the mouth with your mindless, foul-mouthed rantings. You still don’t make any sense.

      Do us all a favour & crawl back into the dark cockroach-infested sewers from whence you came.

      There, that is me using free speech.

    • Trent-apparently if someone does something wrong, you’re allowed to do it wrong as well. Yes it is wrong for the media to accuse right wing extremists of the bombing when they had no idea. Kindly show me these terrible news sources saying it’s all far right extremists.

      I guess the one difference between the two differences is that the comments about far right extremists doesn’t really effect Australia’s views of far right extremists (We tend to think of extremists in general as idiots), whereas Jones decided to target international students, of whom we have many, and say we shouldn’t have them in.

      Incidentally, as it’s free speech to blindly accuse people of crimes without proof, I’m thinking Trent is a paedophile. and a terrorist. This is, after all free speech, to accuse him of this, and I;m sure he won’t get angry, and instead will be congratulating me on using my free speech to accuse him.

      Either that, or he’ll reveal himself to be a hypocrite bastard.

    • How very interesting. You sure do have a way with words Trent. You can’t see that Jones is fueling hatred? You can’t see that blaming every person that adheres to a certain religion for the violent actions of the few is false. Is it correct to blame every Christian for the actions of a Christian pedophile? Is it correct to blame every white man for the rape of a woman by a white man? Is it correct to blame every school student for a Columbine massacre? This is what you appear to be agreeing to. I don’t have time for any religion but it is blatantly obvious that most individuals just want to live in peace, despite whatever god thing they choose to worship. You cannot blame everybody for the actions of a few.

    • *Sigh*… that’s a straw man argument Trent. Nobody is saying Jones doesn’t have the right to say dumb things. In the same vein, we’re not stopping you from saying dumb things either. By the way, you should get help with that psychosexual anger problem of yours.

  7. At face value it seems odd that Channel 7 saw fit to invite Alan Jones onto Sunrise given Jones’ only expertise is filling the vacuous minds of his followers with hot air. But given Channel 7 news is essentially an infotainment channel it does makes some sense.

    • Yes, that is unfortunately true, morgone. Even 7’s evening news is quite blatantly right wing to suit its owner’s conservative leanings. The Sydney news will often get Alan Jones to comment on something in the news even if he has no special expertise in the subject. Not that that matters to Jones as we know he is just a blowhard who is full of himself & his opinions.

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