‘Justice’ worker accused of racist tirade

A WOMAN believed to be a Victorian Government official is the latest commuter captured on camera launching into a racist tirade on a Melbourne train.

A witness claimed the woman appeared to be wearing a lanyard similar to those worn by Department of Justice employees as she was filmed on a Dandenong-bound service on Tuesday by her victim, who was abused after asking the woman to remove her bag from a seat.

“If my son doesn’t want to sit near someone of your race that’s totally his opinion and neither do I,” the woman says.

“I’m allowed to have my bag here, you don’t own the public network, do you? No you don’t.”

She then closed her argument stating: “I’m not racist, I hate everyone equally.”

The victim took her daughter off the train at Dandenong station where she pleaded her case with two PSOs.

“I was upset and hurt because I love Australia,” the victim told Channel 9.

Passenger Louise Daglish witnessed the attack and said one of the worst comments the offender unleashed was stating the bomb in Hiroshima had not “been big enough”.

“She had a lanyard around her neck with ‘justice’ written on it which she was waving around saying things like, ‘I know the law’,” Ms Daglish said.

“She was leaning over her trying to get her phone (and) yelling ‘I’m going to smash your phone, I’m going to smash you if you don’t give it to me’.”

Despite the victim claiming to have replayed the footage to the PSOs, no action has been taken over the attack.

“I screamed … I thought I didn’t make a good case to the police,” the victim said.

But a Victoria Police spokeswoman said the two PSOs denied the woman presented the footage or told them she had been racially abused, assaulted or personally threatened.

“The PSOs advised her they were not in a position to take action as based on her account of events to them, no offences had occurred,” the statement said.


12 thoughts on “‘Justice’ worker accused of racist tirade

  1. Well, another nasty racist idiot is caught out & the “authorities” again do nothing about it. At least another passenger had a go at her. Do these mindless fools forget that all their disgusting behaviour can be captured live as nearly everyone has a camera that takes video.

    One thing, at least she is easily identifiable. Fancy wearing her work ID outside of her work environment. She should lose her job.

  2. This woman needs to be made accountable for her actions. Especially if our tax pays her wage. what a disgusting human being. Btw- if i didnt have my children with me and didnt feel threatened i would have sat on her ugly ass bag. A bag does not get a seat over a person.

  3. if she paid for a separate ticket for her bag then ok… but guaranteed she didnt so yeah i woulda just sat on her bag… u never ask a person to move their bag… u go n sit n its their responsibility to move their own shit without being asked or told…

  4. Well… threatening to harm one’s person or belongings (whether you’d actually do it or not) is against the law and the victim can make a legitimate complaint, so this racist bogan does not in fact, know the law like she proclaims. However, the police would not do anything over a chance encounter on a train.

    Joy Cooper, I completely agree, this woman should lose her job. She does not deserve the privilege of working in the justice system.

  5. Ugh, what a trashy bitch. I agree with Joy, she should lose her job. Hilarious that she kept quoting ‘ I know the law’ as well. I just don’t get why people have to be so narrowminded and cruel. Sigh.

  6. “I know “the law””
    Clearly knows nothing about matters legal.
    I look forward to reading about this Bogot losing it’s job.
    Linking your Public Service employer to your racist bullshit is pretty much frowned upon and breaks at least two parts of the Code of Conduct.

  7. I saw her on Channel 7-she’s not a departmenr of justice worker. She’s also, unlike all the other public transport racists, completely unrepetentant.

    Her arguments are as follows:

    1- I have black children, and a samoan husband, so how can I be a racist? (Because if you like one particular race or culture which isn’t your own, you literally can’t be racist. Just like how hitler had asian and arab allies, so he was a total non-racist, right?)

    2- People told me to go back where I came from as well, where’s the video of that? (Because if someone is racist after you are racist, it justifiies retroactively your racism. Justl ike how I’m allowed to call someone a bitch if I’m confident they’ll call me a bitch at sometime in the future).

    3- If the victim was really annoyed I told her that when I got off the train at Oakleigh, she could go with me to the police (Because if you’ve just been abused by a stranger on a train based on your race who said she’ll smash you, really what you need to do is go out of your way to travel with that abuvie person, away from the train filled with witnesses, and into a dark train station in a location she knows better than you, and hope she takes you to the police station, and not kick the crap out of you on the way).

    Idiots who think that when they do wrong it’s everyone else’s fault. This is why this site exists.

  8. i don’t know if responding to a racist by telling them to ‘go back to NZ’ makes you look too special.

    i agres with princeza b tho… in that the situation it’s best to just step over the person responsible and throw their bag on the ground. ive had to do it many times

    • True, it doesn’t help at all. But what I’m saying is that this idiotic woman is not justified in her racism because someone else has been racist at her, which is what she was trying to argue.

      The good news from the report is that she will be charged by police for her actions, rather than just letting it slide.

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