Dennis Jensen MP tells Indigenous Woman to “get over” colonialism

Meet Dr Dennis Jensen MP Federal Member for Tangney in WA

South African-born Dennis Jensen states on his official website that he stands for (capitalised) Lower Tax, Smaller Government, Free Market, Family…

and A Fair Go.

Unless you are Indigenous.


Here’s some more Dennis.  Not satisfied with dismissing the wrongs done to Australia’s Indigenous people he’s even managed to offend Koreans, who have never been apologised to or compensated for the atrocities committed against their people in WWII by the Imperial Japanese Army.

And there’s more…



The gift that keeps on giving…


Do we really want this deluded blow-in representing us in our national Parliament?

Perhaps Jensen should heed the words of the greatest living South African

I detest racialism because I regard it as a barbaric thing, whether it comes from a black man or a white man.
~ Nelson Mandela

Long Walk to Freedom (1995)

18 thoughts on “Dennis Jensen MP tells Indigenous Woman to “get over” colonialism

  1. when did they change it so tht migrants can go into state/federal politics? i thought they were just limited to local council only… oh well shows how much i follow politics lol

    • Migrants definitely can go into politics, as long as they have citizenship of Australia and are eligible to vote. Julia Gillard, for example, was born overseas. If you’re a senator there are more specific requirements, in that you need to have no other citizenship apart from Australian (PM needs this too I think).

        • Did a bit of research. Fun that.

          Federally-you need to renounce your foreign citizenship, but some states allow dual citizenship.

        • Section 44 of the Constitution sets out restrictions on who can be a candidate for Federal parliament. In full it reads:

          44. Any person who –

          (i.) Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power…

          shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives.

      • was she really? i just thought her parents were… lol… just goes to show tht i really mustn’t care about politics tht much if i dont take notice of tht sort of stuff lol…

    • The whole idea of getting citizenship is that you can take part in things like the democratic process. So yeah, people who migrated and later became naturalised citizens can definitely run for all levels of parliament. It wouldn’t make sense to even offer citizenship if they were excluded.

  2. Jensen: “Colonialism? Get over it… every country in the world has been successfully invaded in the past!”
    Translation: “Colonialism isn’t a problem as long as I’m one of the colonists”

    But he does seem contrite:

    Jensen: “In expressing my desire for true Indigenous advancement, I may have used inappropriate channels of communication”
    Translation: “I should have said it to her face so she couldn’t take a screenshot of my words”

    Regardless of this faux pas, he needn’t be too concerned:

    Jensen: “Wayne Swan leads a pack that decry News Limited papers for no real reason other than that News refuses to run stories that peddle Labor’s agenda.”
    A real reason indeed – this story hasn’t been published on any News Ltd website thus far.

  3. Well he sets his cause back by being insensitive, whilst he exhibits base racist thinking I would not class him as overtly racist, just misinformed. Having said that though, he would be well advised to address his knowledge gap and place himself in an indigenous persons shoes, and an immigrants shoes, and experience himself the systematic shadow racism they encounter in many subtle ways and sometimes direct ways like the very public displays of hate recently making the news. There is an excellent book called “Black like me” where a white middle class American has skin tinting done over a length of time to alter his appearance to one of colour, with some minor cosmetic changes to his facial set up. the difference he encounters in everyday activities from white to brown are poles apart. A very good read.

  4. It would seem even when some South Africans migrate they bring their racist mindsets with them. Must stress that not all are like this but it would appear that Dennis Jensen is.

    Agree wholeheartedly with morgone’s interpretations of his statements & alleged “apology”. No one from the LNP ever apologises, ever. They just give the impression of having done so & the gullible believe it.

    Incidentally, Tony Abbott was also born in England & arrived in Australia as an assisted migrant when he was three. Wonder if he is an Australian citizen & has given up his British citizenship?

    • I don’t think Abbott was an assisted migrant. His father was an Australian orthodontist. At the time there was a critical shortage of dentists in the UK so many Commonwealth citizens were able to get a swift path to residency.

      The status of Brits is all here.

      Most of the semi-Brits I know (including members of my family) take dual citizenship, or even triple citizenship in some cases. In an increasingly globalised world this is going to be the norm for many people.

      Passports and restrictive travel as we know them are a 20th century invention. People who could afford it and endure the discomfort and the dangers from bandits, slave traders, pirates and plagues travelled freely. Even the poorest often made religious pilgrimages to Europe, the Middle East and Mecca.

  5. Yes, he actually was an assisted migrant or ten pound Poms as they were referred to back in the day, just like Julia Gillard, the Bee Gees & even Alan Bond. Tony Abbott’s father was English who came to Australia aged 16 in 1940 to escape the war. Here he trained as a dentist (no orthodontists back then) & returned to England.

    From Tony Abbott’s Wiki:-” Abbott was born in London, England,on 4 November 1957 On 7 September 1960, his family moved back to Australia on the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme ship Oronsay. His mother was an Australian citizen and his father had lived in Australia since 1940 when he arrived as a 16-year-old to get away from the dangers of wartime Britain. His father trained in dentistry and then returned to England.”

  6. Lol!! Too right. Apparently it was his mother, who met & married his father while she was in England, who wanted to return to Australia.

  7. Jensen should recognise people’s experiences, not tell them what to do. Unify Australia indeed- this is how not to do it. Perhaps the liberal party room is where he really reveals himself, and we just get the “hey I’m nice” version, except this time he slipped. I’ve emailed his office, but no reply yet. He hasn’t apologised for his comments, just that he’d put them on twitter. It’s easy to be angry, but we should explain our viewpoint in order to build understanding, then we can unify.

  8. Imported fascists – Jensen, Abetz, Corman, Abbott. Abetz had dual citizenship when elected – he was challenged and renounced his German citizenship just before being re elected. Abbott probably held dual citizenship until recently. No evidence has ever been made public that he renounced his citizenship. The U.K. has no record. The hypocrisy of these men – when Hill and Kelly were kicked out of parliament. I guess this is a form of colonialisation

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