Peter Tolmie and the Zombie Stalkers

We get a lot of unwanted cyber-stalkers here, on the Facebook page and on Twitter. Some of their efforts are somewhat idiotically amusing. We agree with the PM that the education system needs fixing if it has produced mentalists like this one.


We’ve been collecting a few from the Support Tony Abbott page since we exposed them. Rather than being just amusing and serving to highlight the deep idiocy of bogots, some are quite disturbed and obsessive.

For instance after we were visited by Slim, a radio ham from West Chatswood in Sydney started annoying us on Twitter.


For any radio hams out there here’s Tolmie’s call sign so you can block him.


Tolmie  proceeded to spam our Facebook page with this:


Happy to have a  chat? Oh we just bet you are.

Here’s Radiohead himself.


And a defamatory graphic straight from Peter’s profile.


Now it seems that TAB is not the only place to attract the unwanted ministrations of this bored little North Shore man.

Someone had the temerity to dare to take him to task for his posts.

No one told her that in Tolmie’s bizarre alternate universe no one is allowed to disagree with him.


So he then proceeded to create some rather odd software implying that he knew where this person lived and where her business was.

We’ve all heard that sort of rubbish before.

Yeah yeah yeah we know (yawn)

We know where he lives but he is way too boring to visit.

Best thing to do is to alert your local police so they can respond if any weirdos decide to turn up at your place.

They will we assure you remove the offensive entity.

In fact our Twitter person mentioned this stalking and harassment after being assailed with rubbish from this creature and its pals.


And in a chat with one of his cronies, Radiohead revealed he was going to try and single-handedly bring down the PM, conveniently forgetting his defamatory profile pic.


We gather that the PM’s office has filed the stalker’s rant in the round filing cabinet or the icon marked Recycle. She must get a heap of rubbish mail from deluded stalkers like Peter Tolmie.


The “Ivan” mentioned here is elderly Queensland motorbike collector Ivan Tipp. Ivan has a couple of Facebook profiles and is well-known as a mouthy troll.

And we have been reliably informed that Peter and his pals were behind this disruptive demo in the Public Gallery in the House of Representatives during Question Time.

From ABC’s The World Today

ANNA BURKE, SPEAKER: The Prime Minister has the call.

(Member of the public yells indiscernible words from the public gallery)

GOVERNMENT MP: This is the culture you’ve created.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: The first Question Time for the sitting fortnight was interrupted by a number of protesters in the public gallery.


MP: Get out!

(General unrest)

“Juliar”, one yelled, before being led away.

The Speaker, Anna Burke:

ANNA BURKE: This is Question Time. It is not a football match! The Prime Minister has the call.

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6 thoughts on “Peter Tolmie and the Zombie Stalkers

  1. What is even more creepy & worrying is that these people vote. They are disgraceful clumps of venomous bile which they pour out incessantly via the relative anonymity of social media.

    Guess it is an outlet of some sort but, unfortunately, they attract like & together they massage each others festering prejudices & biases making them more bold. They think they can say what they like with impunity using the cloak of anonymity,, without comeback, but seem to forget that social media is not as anonymous as they think it is. Actually, they are just pathetic, lonely losers who would not be game to say what they say about the PM if she was a man.

  2. Thank goodness we have such diminuative people making such tiny little comments. Where would the small and the puny of mind be without their great example of courage, the courage to speak despite such obvious incapacity? They are a shining example to all who lack character, insight and basic human decency. Hurrah sir, hurrah!

  3. Regretably the Libs are going to win in September however (hoping against hope) these bigots will become further exposed for the hateful (and hatefilled) trolls they are and mainstream Australia will react by not handing the Libs a landslide.
    On another note I wonder why the AFP don’t prosecute these feral bigots for breaches of the (inter alia) Telecommunications Act?

  4. Peter Tolmie carried out a vicious campaign of threats and harassment on myself and my friend who is mentioned in the article above. He is at his most malevolent when it comes to single females because he is a coward. He also likes to threaten you by targeting your children, particularly daughters. He put my 12 year old daughters school up on his homepage and taunted me with the fact he had obtained her year 7 graduation photos. He threatened another friend’s daughter by saying he would put her name and photo on muslim sites saying islamophobic things. This is identity theft which is a criminal act but Peter Tolmie thinks he is above the law when it comes to these despicable acts.
    The following paragraphs were written by my friend( who is mentioned above)and put on a Facebook page to warn other women.This is what Peter Tolmie did to us.

    “This is a warning, and a canvas to females on this page. Over the past 2 weeks, a friend, PJ Moir, and I on Facebook, have been cyberbullied by a Facebook user by the name of Peter Tolmie. Unfortunately, I met Peter Tolmie and the other people who are persecuting us on various pages which support the LNP.
    Peter Tolmie has been encouraged and supported by a number of women, in particular, in a number of threads, which have been in response to vile, bullying, slanderous, degrading and, what can only been described as vindictive in the worst possible ways. This includes fabricated photographs on his homepage.
    We have had our privacy invaded, our children threatened, personal and professional details posted (including the photograph and details of the WRONG person, encouraging people to ring her – which caused her fear and concern about herself and her business).
    Peter Tolmie has threatened to create a porn page on Facebook in my friend PJ Moir’s name.
    Peter Tolmie has posted a photograph of my friend PJ Moir’s 12 year old daughter’s school, and threatened to to post photographs of her, which he has accessed on Facebook.
    Peter Tolmie has posted porn pictures of another member, and created a fake page in that member’s name. Peter Tolmie has accessed personal information relating to this member’s daughter, and threatened to post this on an anti-muslimwebsite, with anti-muslim comments, to put this person at risk. He has also claimed that he has used photographs and details of women on muslim websites, advertising for husbands, and enjoyed watching the response. I would not do this to my worst enemy.
    Peter Tolmie has stalked me on the internet, and found media references, and he and his followers (mostly female) have laughed about my misfortune. Peter Tolmie has slandered me, by claiming that I am an alcoholic (and many others, including him,have taunted me for this).
    Peter Tolmie has also somehow accessed a photograph from my Facebook albums, from which he is blocked, of my flooded street, in which my caption names my home suburb. He has “promised” to find out all of my personal details and post them.
    Peter Tolmie has also “promised” to find the personal details of my other friends, including PJ Moir. He has also claimed that he does not make false threats.
    Peter Tolmie has made many personal threats which he has deleted from threads once he was confident the person intended had seen it. This included saying he was going to visit my friend PJ Moir’s neighbourhood.
    Peter Tolmie has found other internet links relating to atraumatic event in my life. He has made up a lot of information relating to this, and posted about it as well. His supporters have made all sorts of jokes about this, and talked about what they should do about it. Funny, peoplebelieve everything they read in the media ONLY when it suits them.
    Peter Tolmie has posted a number of created pictures on his Facebook page relating to me, my personal and professional details, and referencing my “abusive” personality. I have never abused him or anyone – I have, however, been abused and threatened by his friend, Debra Daldy – or DebskiBebski – by FB PM and text messages on my mobile phone.
    Both Peter Tolmie and Debra Daldy have MANY MANY Facebook identities, as do many of their friends. Facebook friends of Peter Tolmie who are supporting all of the above bullying invasion of privacy, persecution and slander are involved in a number of LNP pages. There are numerous threads, many of which are attached to Peter Tolmie’s pictures on his homepage (now removed or made private) which make false allegations about myself and my friend, and degrading and false comments about our behaviour. I have not spoken out about this until yesterday. I am sick of being bullied – and I am sure they are lying about what has happened, and taking power from my silence.The “instigating event” to this campaign of persecution, was a personal message sent to me by DebskiBebski, in which she abuses and threatens me in response to a post I had made. She had completely misinterpreted the post, and had absolutely NO reason to abuse me. I pointed this out, but she refused to apologise. When I asked a few friends to read the post (not the abusive message) to reassure me that my intended meaning was clear, a male friend defended me, and posted some of her Facebook profiles, and details of her readily available on the internet, to warn others. He was then targeted and persecuted.
    I pointed out to Peter Tolmie when he went on the attack for this terrible invasion of her privacy, and referenced a “disagreement between two females”, that I did not regard what she had done to me as a disagreement, but an abusing and threatening attack. Daldy threatened to contact my employer to tell then what a “horrendous” person I was in my job. All because she had made an error in comprehension.
    At NO time have I been abusive to Peter Tolmie – to the contrary, I have messaged him reasoned messages when he first started this campaign of persecution. His response was to threaten me with….”….do you want me to start on you….”
    We are not the only people Peter Tolmie has done this to. I have evidence of other people he has persecuted, all ‘soft targets’: women, female children and a christian pastor. He needs to be criminally charged for his systematic threats and harassment.

  5. As the proprietor of a security company Tolmie is required by law to hold a Master Licence.

    Restrictions on granting licence-general suitability criteria
    15 Restrictions on granting licence-general suitability criteria

    (1) The Commissioner must refuse to grant an application for a licence if the Commissioner is not satisfied that the applicant:

    (a) is a fit and proper person to hold the class of licence sought by the applicant

    Someone who engages in stalking activity would not be a fit and proper person under the meaning of the Act.

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