Fuckwits of the Qantas Facebook page

38 thoughts on “Fuckwits of the Qantas Facebook page

  1. So I guess if Sharyn does not want to eat Aboriginal food like emu, then she well be staving then? As doesn’t she know the foods she is eating comes from other countries, in other words shock horror migrants, like the fuckwits families above.

  2. And where was the complaints, when QANTAS jobs overseas? Is it because these fuckwits are not interested in protecting Australian jobs, even those they claim they are Australians?

    Also these fuckwits including Their Leader NicHOLE Folkes are more interested in getting their spelling, grammar and facts WRONG, then doing research, all thanks to their Paranoia.

    Oh sorry I forgot these fuckwits, never ever know how to spell, correct grammar and facts, as they are too busy with their heads up each other arse to see which ones are more full of shit then the other.

  3. well whts the point of serving pork on a flight tht would be dominated by muslims anyways? qantas throw the unused food away once they land…

    i’ve flown cathay pacific a subsidiary of qantas and they and qantas have been serving halal and kosher dishes on their flights for a decade or more… so what are they all complaining about???

      • I wish i could say for certain if they do… but as someone who actually works in the welfare industry the only supplier to charities and the needy is OzHarvest… and qantas isnt on their list of donators… they get their donations from woollies… coles… aldi… the ready made meals come from the little mom ‘n’ pop take away stores…

  4. How can these fuckwits, claim they were loyal QANTAS passengers when their own looney rants, proves they are passengers QANTAS or other airlines do not want flying with them especially when Nicholas,Karyn and Mark on the way to The Sydney meeting of Australian Protectionist Party,got arrested by The Federal Police, on a QANTAS plane at Sydney Airport?

  5. Don’t like what QANTAS is serving on the airplane? I guess the above fuckwits unless they like Aboriginal food, well go hungry since food they are eating now was bought to Australia by Migrants, like The Kebabs on a drunken Friday nights while writing looney rants.

  6. Somehow I doubt these folks would ever go to the UAE or anywhere outside of Australia. I don’t think Qantas would be shaking in their boots at the loss of their custom.

  7. I am also a gold frequent flyer and have been to the US about 30 times, and various other countries as well. I’ve flown business and economy. I don’t recall ever eating pork, either. Either way, so what ? You fly a plane in to Dubai, you are THEIR guest, and need to operate by THEIR rules. That holds for any country you want to visit or even pass through. Anyone who thinks that not being able to eat pork on a flight is a hardship, is clearly a moron. QANTAS food is of a decent standard ( although it’s better flying to, than flying from the US, I guess because they use local caterers ), and there’s lots of things you can eat that don’t involve consuming the swine. As Fiona said, anyone this bigoted, clearly was not flying overseas anyhow, in that sense, they’ve lost the custom of morons who were never going to fly with them any how.

    As stevo said, the problem is not anything QANTAS have done, it’s people who are permanently and unreconcilably angry, just for fun. They are worthy of ridicule, but not worth anyone losing sleep over. They are not a demographic worth trying to placate, because they will never be placated.

    • Christian:

      “As stevo said, the problem is not anything QANTAS have done, it’s people who are permanently and unreconcilably angry, just for fun. They are worthy of ridicule, but not worth anyone losing sleep over. They are not a demographic worth trying to placate, because they will never be placated.”


  8. I saw on the aPP FB page a picture of a pig complaining about this news. That’s right, a Pig saying “Qantas, stop supporting Muslims and start defending true Australians”

    I thought, that if a pig could speak, he’d probably be saying “Thanks Qantas. Maybe if more organisations stopped serving pork I wouldn’t be force fed, fattened, and then killed, which are things I don’t particularly like”

    But apparently in the APP world, all pigs just want to be eaten by Australians, and are sad when that doesn’t happen.

  9. Who is the supposed ex-liberal, ex-app member making comments here? Seems a bit odd that the language is exactly the same in each comment, one of the muppets trying to gain a bit of favour maybe?

  10. I laugh. Those wanting to boycott Qantas will now fly Virgin? Which is part owned by Etihad (yep another Muslim airline and no cries of anti patriotism when Etihad increased their ownership) There was a post on Qantas page about the Sydney flyover saying we were helping terrorists. Most Emirates pilots and cabin crew are Westerners.

    Nick folkes is the biggest joke, and he keeps trying to think he will be elected to parliament when he says the most ridiculous things on a corporate Facebook page.

  11. Why would these people be flying to the UAE anyway if they despise Muslims so much? I guess it could be on business, but still… it’s one flight. God. Calm the fuck down.

    • Because Dubai is a major stopover now for Europe because the Gulf States airlines dominate the route to Europe.

      Though I doubt if the insular xenophobes would want to leave their beloved white Straya anyway. They might actually have to mix with foreigners, eat strange food and hear languages other than English spoken 😮

  12. Bigoted idiots. They don’t understand that the day Qantas floated on the market it was no longer an “Australian owned” entity. Honestly, they are the dumbest bigots in the world.

  13. Isn’t there more things to worry about on a long haul flight then what you don’t get in your meals?

    Like sharing the plane especially the toilets, with say a couple of hundreds of other passengers?

  14. this is silly. Most airlines don’t serve snails, horse meat or whale meat, which people in some countries eat. Now i’m not entirely aware if they’ve complained about it, but it’s highly unlikely that they have. My point is, you could apply the same complaint for literally any food, but most people aren’t that petty-minded and whiny. You get what you paid for, right?

  15. I don’t recall any fuss when the AFL changed one of its venues to Etihad Stadium, or that Emirates sponsor the Collingwood football team? maybe I should start a rumour that meat pies at Collingwood or Etihad Stadium games will be banned lol

    • And where is the fuss from the fuckwits, when they have Kebabs on a drunken Friday nights? In fact where is the fuss,from the fuckwits, that are drinking beer imported to Australia from oversea countries?

      • Well you see it goes something like this, they are ignorant in regards to this issue and therefore can demonise the cultures and people involved no problem, they do so from ignorance. However beer and kebabs are acceptable because they know it tastes good, they don’t care where it comes from and they hold no fear of being “overrun” by this sort of thing, ergo they make nary a sound about it. This however touches some latent outrage nerve connection and offends them, they don’t know why, it just does. like an animal lashing out blindly when confronted with something out of the ordinary.

  16. You’re the fuckwit! There is nothing wrong with those sentiments at all. They are perfectly valid arguments and all you can do is insult those people and pick on their spelling. Qantas claims they are supporting “multiculturalism” by BANNING pork & alcohol to appease their new Islamic partners but that is the complete opposite of multiculturalism. It’s favoring one culture over all others. If they are going to favour one culture it should be Australian culture since its an Auatralian airline. To be truly multicultural, they would simply offer a variety of food options to cater for different religious “needs”. I’m tired of people like you trying to strip people of their freedom of speech because you don’t like what they’re saying. And since when does criticising a religion make someone a racist?? And why can’t we express disapproval of practices in other cultures that violate human rights without being called bigots?? If people demand freedoms for themselves to practice the religion of their choice, then others should have the freedom NOT to practice the religion. If we want true freedom of speech, we have to allow everyone that freedom, and not try to silence those whose comments we deem “offensive”! I’ll end with a great quote from Stephen Fry that I love:
    “It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more… than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so f*cking what?”

    • 1. Define and describe “Australian culture” in a manner which encompasses all variations of it.

      2. You can critique religious beliefs – anyone who is a non-believer has rejected them as irrelevant to their lives anyway.

      However you do not have the right to insult, demean or harass people based on their perceived religious beliefs.

      That is what the Nazis did. That is what your cronies do.

      Got it?

      3. Stephen Fry is a cultivated and tolerant man. He is descended from Hungarian Jews who fled their homeland to escape persecution.

      He would have no time for anyone such as you.

    • Are you able to supply Qantas menu’s going back say 20 years and show us as a % the number of pork meals on them as opposed to other dishes offered to customers? Cheers, oh and keep raging, hopefully you will have a coronary occlusion or something and do us all a favour by checking out for good.

  17. C (wonder what C means? reading their rants, now I know)

    But back to their rants.

    Defending and favouring the fuckwits.

    I guess C doesn’t like and are not supporting multiculturalism themselves, think it is ok to break the law and don’t like those who are providing opinion against the fuckwits, Free Speech?

    Also C must be American? Since they use the American spelling of “favoring” and claim Australia has “freedom of speech” when it is in fact America.

    But based on their own rants, those who want Freedom of Speech for Australia like America, are those most likely to abuse it, like The Fuckwits, C and A Bolt.

  18. If C think we should not pick on the fuckwits spelling, then the fuckwits should fix their spelling and grammar errors before replying?

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