24 thoughts on “Crazy Carmen Spence and the Scary Black Cannibal Rapists in Australia

  1. Um… just wow. Someone actually said they admire Hitler ? Cannibalism ? One woman says her rapists had dark skin and so all Sudanese grab women whenever they feel like it ? I weep for our country, and it’s white people who are making me weep.

    • Christian, I am with you. It’s hard to believe we have people like this in our society. The extent of their phobias borders on mental illness, which is an insult to the mentally ill.

  2. Good to see the White Australia Policy (1901 to 1973) is still very much alive in the gutter and sewers of Ramsey Street, main street australianha…wittle johnny howard would be oh so proud denying this, again…

  3. So according to this woman, it’s particularly bad if a black person rapes a woman, and therefore not as bad if it’s a white person?

    Well, I thank her for making clear what we’ve always known about the members of the far right. They never care about the victim, and a crime is only a crime when a non-white person does it.

  4. At least she didn’t lament the destruction of the English language in Australia. She’d be well and truly part of its disintegration.

  5. Her FB page is out of control – she’s obsessed. Must be debilitating trying maintain such a miserable day to day existence dominated purely by hate and fear. Poor sad muppet.

  6. Does anyone want to see her freak out when we point out this was and is Aboriginal land – their colour, their culture for close to 40,000 years? I also note she’s not blonde haired and blue eyed. Not even living up to your own crazy racist standards you freak!

    Oh yes, and thank you Carmen for dismissing the disgusting degrading sexual crimes committed against me because they were done by white AUSSIE men who thought it was their right to rape and humiliate – (so long as you don’t get caught right bogans)? Thank god these WHITE AUSSIE BOGANS did get caught. I don’t think their dismissive attitude to women as there to be sex slaves has changed, despite going to jail though. How’s that for white Aussie male culture Carmen? I am of course generalising just like CARMEN. I have the love of a caring white Aussie man and of course realise all colours/origins of people don’t permanently lock people into the same iron clad attitudes for any type of behaviours/personalities/cultures and certainly not proclivities towards any type of crimes.

    Carmen – underneath the superficialities which you seem to place such importance on we are all completely different individuals. Someone’s colour, country of birth or culture will tell you nothing of the person behind them.

    Oh – and as long as Hollywood and Western porn exists – I don’t think we’ll see a shortage of blonde haired and blue eyed people. Ever heard of bleach and contacts – as I think you’ll find that many blondes and blue eyes have already adopted?

  7. The fact that people like her hold these opinions and are utterly convinced of their truth value has dangerous implications for our country.

  8. Simplistic nazi claptrap. People like this who spout their hate and believe they are supporting Australia? Maybe her history lesson should include not just the fact Australia was originally peopled by ‘dark skinned races’, but ww2? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  9. Using her phone number and info from her FB page, one could, if one was so inclined, sign her up for every bit of spam out in the world of the interweb, lol also one could if one was feeling particularly sign her up for all sorts of things like test drives for cars, ordering food, signing her up for news letters from all the hate groups online, or even better sign her up for regular updates and news emails from Gay sites and organisations, Immigrant associations etc etc…imagine her face when she starts getting news letters from the Sudanese Australian society hahaha

  10. Dave, I had thought the same thing. Her phone number led to her address.. she freely gives out this information Heavens forbid!!

    Hmm there are MANY sites she would love to get mail from etc.. I am sure

  11. Ok there’s nuts and then there’s paranoid delusion and this woman just graduated into a form of psychosis. She appears to be genuinely ill.

  12. I have met many people like her.
    If she is ill or not, I am not a Dr .. But there is certainly public evidence to suggest she may have a few bats loose in her belfry.

  13. She has bad spelling, punctuation and grammar. I presume these flaws pale in comparison to the fact she is a loony fanatic…

  14. Obviously this woman is horrible, but did you have to use the word crazy? Ableism is something so built into our systems and I’m only just now trying to rid myself of it, but people with mental illnesses aren’t the scum of the earth and using words like ‘crazy’ and ‘mental’ implies that they are.

    Just a thought. First time I’ve ever felt the need to criticise this blog.

  15. “Pauline Hanson is staunchly Australian” (Not shouting it, just quoting it.)

    Yeah, that’d explain why she chose to leave for England and lived there until recently, I’m sure – not!

    It also doesn’t explain why Pauline Hanson and her racist views have been repeatedly overwhelmingly rejected at the ballot box by most Australians in every election where she stood under her own and parties name. Hanson only won her first one because she was still listed as a Liberal – if memory serves she was disendorsed but the Libs didn’t have time to change the ballot or run anyone else against her.

    Most Aussies, I think, (this Aussie definitely!) view Pauline Hanson with revulsion and contempt and consider her a racist national disgrace. Same applies to Corey Bernardi too.

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