Chris Merrett vs Aborigines, Muslims, University Graduates, Asians, Jews and Indians



i love islam 2

i love islam

merrett abo

merrett abo2

merrett indians

merrett indians2

Ladies and Gentlemen: We present to you – The Master Race:

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 9.57.23 PM

Appendix One: Merrett with dribble shirt, dried-piss pants, poking stick and double Ds sitting in outdoor pig-sty showing ‘thinking hard’ ‘hardly-thinking’ pensive expression.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 9.57.51 PM

Appendix Two: Post-man-boobs Merrett outside familiar caged facility modelling freshly cleaned teeth peeved about being denied entry. 


Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 9.57.32 PM

Appendix Three: Master-Race Merrett shows off impressive constellation encompassing breasts, centre-parted hairy smudge-mullet and freshly fingered fish-mullet.


Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 9.58.02 PM

Appendix Four: If-It-Ain’t-White-It-Ain’t-Right Merrett showing off finger used to poke nostril and arsehole while admiring framed Ned Kelly bio.


Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 9.57.14 PM

Appendix Five: I-Wear-My-Sunglasses-At-Night-Corey-Heart Merrett all rugged up for another night under the stars with only friend dim op-shop head torch.


Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 9.57.06 PM

Appendix Six: Fire Safety Merrett demonstrates the correct way to pass out after six goon sacks with cigarette end aiming away from the eyes/towards generic clothes-bin teen blouse.

 Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 10.17.23 PM

29 thoughts on “Chris Merrett vs Aborigines, Muslims, University Graduates, Asians, Jews and Indians

  1. Merrett is what is wrong with this country – stupid, ignorant, psychopathic, useless, full of piss and bother, blather and grubbiness – what a sickening excuse for a human.

  2. he claims on his page tht he knows Aramaic… i wouldnt be suprised if he did… considering he’s actually older then Moses…

  3. Not sure why you feel that insulting his weight is a legitimate way of ridiculing him :\ I totally agree with you on the lack of intelligence and empathy this shit-stain seems to display; racist fuck-heads like this ‘national treasure’ are one of the main problems in Australia, but I know you’re far more reasonable, mature and well above ‘fat jokes’, MMU. I’m not telling you to stop by any means, say whatever you like, I just don’t think comments like that reflect on you (or anyone) very well :\

    • He has a long and nasty history going back several years. This is not a recent troublemaker. Along with the racist shit are attempts to stalk and intimidate people.

      His name and e mail also appears in the Operation Blitzkrieg Wikileaks dump along with a whole bunch of other hard-core neo-Nazis. We have the dump files. Not many of our featured nutjobs have that on their CV.

  4. I think Mr Wee Wee Pants and Carmen Spence should hook up. Going by Carmen’s FB page she’s looking for love and they have so much in common – notably their mutual admiration of Hitler. They could discuss Eugenics along with their in depth knowledge of Social and Cultural Anthropology. Since Carmen is probably incontinent by now, her and Mr Wee Wee Pants could also both ponder the advantages of Tena Plus Super vs Tena Goodnights. Does Mr Wee Wee Pants have blue or green eyes? We know how important that is to Carmen Spence.

    • Aww .. Carmen Spence is out of luck. Chris “Lacking any” Merrett’s eyes are brown. Not that Hitler’s decidedly un-Ayran appearance stopped him.

      What a pathetic sack of hate and bile this racist vomit-bucket seems to be.

      • .. And just seen the previous thread and where Alex Gillespie correctly points out even Carmen Spence doesn’t meet her own blue-eyed blonde “Ayran” criteria. Oh noes, where have all teh Whites gorn!

        Racism – just plain stupid and hypocritical by definition.

  5. Why did he have to be wearing a Cairns T-shirt? As if my poor old town doesn’t have enough rednecks and retards already! Anyway, this is just dumb hate speak fro a broke, drunk dumb ass. I feel sorry for him, well I would except I have sworn to never allow a nazi lebensraum in MY Australia..

    • FWIW, David, I visited Cairns for the solar eclipse last year and loved the place. I don’t judge places by how idiots wearing T-shirts claiming to have been or come from there embarrass themselves and doubt many if any people do.

      Everywhere on Earth unfortunately has its quota of arseholes – and also (usually?) far more better people who also live there and are embarrassed by their village idiots of which “Lacking Any” Merrett is clearly one.

  6. Emailed this post to my partner who was being kept awake by my hysterical, hooting laughter. Here’s his response this am:
    The juxtaposition is hilarious.  🙂
    This guy is a skid mark in the underwear of humanity.  Merrett is a serious case of being so stupid that he actually thinks he’s smart, and that everyone else is stupid for not seeing things his way.  No place more dangerous than the corner of moron and fanatic.
    And you don’t believe in capital punishment…

    • Should say the last line is a joke we sometimes make (??yeah I know??), but neither of us advocate state sanctioned killing. Oh god, this sounds like a “not my Nigel” aaaggghh

  7. Even though it’s plainly obvious that this man is quite nasty, isn’t it important that we remember what we want from a decent and moral society?
    We ask that people like him stop passing judgment on others based on appearance, whether that persons appearance is Caucasian, African, Asian, Middle Eastern. Shouldn’t we also extend that to the rest of someone’s appearance. We ask that the LGBTI community not be judged on their appearance and theirs is only one of style, in the cases where it is obvious. So, passing judgment on this man’s appearance should be off the cards too.

    It’s not how he looks that makes him a bogan, it’s how he _thinks._ And if we stoop to teasing someone’s appearance doesn’t that, in effect, make us as bad as them?

    Besides all else, his views and style are most probably products of his environment and socio-economic status. If he is surrounded by others like him he won’t see a need (or a way) to change. The behaviours he engages in with his peers reinforce who he is, they give him a sense of worth when his mates agree with him. If we tear holes in people like him all we achieve is to push him further into the beliefs that have garnered him support from his peers throughout his life. On the other hand, if we behave in a more gentle, open, kindlier manner people (whose views oppose ours) won’t become so defensive when engaged with us.

    Aside from that, he is an adult and he does have a choice. It’s not as though he is two years old and can’t think for himself.

    Slanging matches are all good and fun but in the end its education that enlightens people.

    • I was going to comment on the point you make about the passing of judgement based on appearance but too many inarticulate thoughts flooded my head so I’ll pass lol.

      On the point: ‘its education that enlightens people’, I used to think this was the case but projecting my thought processes onto other people isn’t necessarily valid if this study is to be believed:

      Click to access Miller,%20Krochik,%20&%20Jost%20%282009%29.pdf

      • Hi Morgone,
        Thanks for your repy.

        Of course it’s not valid to project our thoughts onto others. That’s wrong on so many levels, not to mention ineffective. The fact stands though that it’s environment that makes it hard for a person to change their thought patterns and behaviour. If one is constantly surrounded by likeminded people their beliefs are reaffirmed every day.

        What we can do is make ourselves seen, highlight the difference between morality and immorality, and share information.

        People can’t be changed unless they want to be changed. This site has done some great work in highlighting immoral thoughts and behaviour and has, a number of times, engaged with it’s target bogot audience in a clear and concise manner, providing facts and arresting misinformation.


    • Fair, we shouldn’t judge on appearance, but believing that if we are kinder to those with racist beliefs they won’t be so defensive, and education should be attempted with these people, while fine for some people (the more moderates in this group) for others we can’t. And Merrit is one of these.

      I have tried to discuss Merritt’s beliefs on an anti-racism forum. I was polite, and respectful, questioning his views, and trying to explore them. He threatened to beat me up for this.

      Also, in the time I’ve known his comments he has claimed to be kidnapping and murdering migrants by burning them in an oven. This is obviously not true, but can we really expect to educate someone who thinks this is something to joke about?

      There are some people who are on this site for accidental ignorance. They don’t know anyone in group x, and once they learn that their words hurt people from that group, they feel bad (whether because they realised they hurt someone, or realised someone is complaining doesn’t matter) and hopefully won’t do this again. There are such people who want to learn how to be better to other people, or at least, not get caught again.

      But Merritt, and others like him (Those who turn up repeatedly) are not those people. They do not want to change their beliefs, and so no matter what education we offer, no matter what attempts we try, they will not want to change. The paranoia, belief of racial superiority is so core to who they are, that living without it is terrifying. So what do we do with them?

      We show everyone else why what they believe is wrong, how they are not nice people for having these beliefs, and encourage other people not to be like them. No one can look at Merritt and say “Man, I want to be like him”-he through his words, actions, and look is just as good a discouragement to join racist organisations than any education.

  8. It always puzzles me when racist people state statistics such as ‘90% of Muslims are on the dole’ with such authority when they clearly made them up in their own minds. Does he understand what statistics are? And that they need to actually come from a reputable source?

    • And it’s always 90 or 99%! I remember working with a total tool of a boss, who regularly was racist, homophobic and mysoginist, and hated anyone who studied, travelled, or did anything he hadn’t done, whether or not he hadn’t done this due to his circumstance, or by choice. And whenever he complained about any group, it was always 90 or 99%:

      90% of patients get killed by doctors
      90% of mariages end in divorce
      90% of police are corrupt
      90% of drug dealers get away with it.

      I pointed this out to him after a while, and said if he wanted to be believable, change the statistic. But he still swore to me that somehow everything he said for true about exactly 90% of the population, every time.

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