Urgent Feedback Needed – ‘Other Cultures’ Have Now Banned Easter in Australia

Retweet and share this. Easter banned by ‘other cultures’? Not on my watch. Thank you Logan Region Weather Watch for alerting me to this underhanded breach of my rights. I bet the same ‘cultures’ who got Easter banned also took my jerb.

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Home viewer question: Are you a bogan who likes to make shit up? Please comment below and name the schools that have banned Christmas or Easter. These schools deserve to be named and shamed. Please ensure your facts are correct first though, as any schools named may take offence to you incorrectly attempting to shame them.

The Easter the bogots say is not celebrated - being celebrated in Australia.

The Easter the bogots say is not celebrated – being celebrated in Australia.

43 thoughts on “Urgent Feedback Needed – ‘Other Cultures’ Have Now Banned Easter in Australia

  1. *sigh* this claim is ludicrous, as I’m sure every reader here knows. That it keeps traction, is all the proof I need that these people don’t ever think to fact check, they just believe any story that supplies the narrative they want

  2. ahahahaha priceless, I must run next door and show my Jewish neighbour who wished me all the best for a safe and happy Easter earlier today, how dare he not be berating me for following a heathen and infidel custom that he doesn’t recognise or celebrate himself hahaha really I am laughing like a loon here, my neighbours (I live in a private complex of 6) must think I have finally gone loco

  3. good grief! I have lost count of the FB posts i’ve seen this weekof kids dressed up for their easter hat parades. Not to mention that our shops have been full of Easter stuff since boxing day. Yep – Easter is banned! Damn those muslims! I must remind my brother in-law and his family to stop wishing people happy easter though. Doesn’t he know that as a muslim he is supposed to be destroying our “religious” traditions. Please bogots – do name one school where easter is banned?

    • What is of MORE concern is how once New Year’s Day has been and gone the Easter eggs jostle with the Valentine’s Day chocs on supermarket shelves, to be quickly succeeded by Mother’s Day tat.

  4. bwah ha ha… my evil plan is working…. 1st i cancelled christmas… now i’ve cancelled easter… wht should i cancel next??? how bout anzac day???

    fkn morons!!! really?!?!?! wht australia should start doing is mandatory IQ testing… n hopefully we can breed out the bogons…

  5. I find it interesting that people believe that Easter was traditionally a Christian holiday… Easter didn’t actually have anything to do with Christ until the Babylonian Empire was sacked and Christianised during the Crusades; the event was a celebration of the goddess Ishtar (pronounced “Easter”), goddess of sex and fertility, the rabbit and the egg being symbols. The Church decided to denounce Ishtar and changed the celebration of Easter to that of Christ, but, somewhat hilariously, kept the symbols that the Babylonians used.

  6. *reads Vince’s comment*

    You think your smart Well your not coz you a UNI STUDENT who hasn’t being in tha REAL WORLD! When you mooslim loving poofs, who they don’t love you back cause they kill poofs and christans are u gonna get thrugh ur thick grenn voting communist skulls dat dis is Australya and we don’t want no Immegrants taking away our cultcha!

    There bogans, I already filled the quota of the majority of what would be posted as a response. Enjoy Easter, it might be your LAST MWAHAHAHAHA.

  7. Who cares whether its called Easter, Christmas or whatever, long as we get a day off to spend with family and friends because our religion should be peace and happiness and our faith should be in our fellow man.

  8. while i completely disagree with the aforementioned bogan…

    sammi, it’s really not hard to use google: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/bondi-public-schools-ban-on-word-easter-at-easter-hat-parade-to-teach-students-about-religious-tolerance/story-e6freuy9-1226032883478

    vince, since when was the “babylonian empire” sacked by crusaders? perhaps you are thinking of byzantinium? the babylonians were conquered by the persians, then the greeks, then the persians again, then the arabs, and finally by the mongols. yep, not the best location to be in back then…

    and yes, easter has some roots in the ancient worship of ishtar, such as the eggs, rabbit and the festival date. however, more integral to christian easter is the jewish festival of passover, or pesach.

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/donna-henes/celebrate-an-eggsceptiona_b_2885069.html has some interesting parallels between cultures, seems that the egg things is not unique to babylonian religion.

    • Great Google search. You will note that the only entity using the word ‘ban’ is the Daily Terrorgraph. The principal of the school in question merely dropped the word ‘Easter’ from the hat parade. It still went ahead as per normal.


    • Read the whole story Johnny. The Easter word was added back in after concerns raised by parents. Do another non- story of Easter being banned. And it was the Aussie principal that proposed it not these “other cultures”. That’s if u even believe anything in the tele. Of thousands of schools in Australia your fabulous googling skills found this one mon-story and a couple more down the page. Hardly an anti Easter cultural tsunami.

    • Idiot.

      1. This is a story from the US, not Australia.

      2. The principal didn’t ‘ban’ anything, she dropped the word ‘Easter’ from the hat parade.

      3. Yes, it is still very much an Easter Hat Parade because there are chocolate eggs, bunnies and all other Easter related things hanging off the heads of children.

      You clearly get caught up in fearmongering sensationalist bullshit far too easily.

    • So the event goes on as normal, it still involves the hat parade, and easter images, but doesn’t involve the particular word?

      I’m sorry-who’s actually being hurt here? Are the kids being put into detention for wishing someone a happy Easter? No? No harm whatsoever?

      No, wait, I know what the response is. It’s all creeping sharia. First step is remove one word from an event while keeping the event otherwise exactly the same. Next year it will be FGM in morning assemblies, right?

  9. I had an interesting conversation with a Hindu taxi driver about this sort of thing. He was approached by the principal of his children’s school & asked if he would be offended if they used the word ‘Christmas’ for the tree. He was offended that they asked him. He had a Christmas tree at home & said he couldn’t see why his children should miss out on one of the traditions of Australia just because they weren’t Christian. He then went on to say he was very upset at the way the racists of this country try to use immigrants & lie about what they actually want. They don’t want to change our traditions. They don’t want to change our culture. They want to be part of it BUT don’t want to lose their own culture at the same time. This man wanted his children to grow up to be Australians. That’s why he came here. The racists bogans who post crap like above should spend some time actually talking to immigrants instead of just spreading hate.

  10. mindmade up and vince, why are you so angry? all i did was post some links and you lose your cool. so not cool. i never said i was for or against anything. you should chill out or something…

  11. even tho i come here for the sheer amusement at the bogans… i do have a serious question tht i would really appreciate an answer for if possible… i get Christmas representing the birth of Christ… i dont actually get easter tho…

    firstly christmas is on the same day every year… and being a wog myself i get the concept of the giving of gifts… easter tho is on a different day every year and as someone who is not of christian faith… i dont get why… it represents the re-birth of christ or him rising again… when its focused on bunnies n eggs…

    i understand jewish holidays fall on different days coz the jewish calender is different to the christian as is the muslim calender different to the christian calender so it makes sense on why jewish n muslim holidays fall on different days each year… the world follows the christian calendar so why doesnt easter end up being on the same day every year??

    • Hi Princeza,

      I’m an Anglican and can answer a few of your questions. Easter falls on different days each year because its based on the Jewish calender, which is a lunar calender. Specifically, it’s the week after Passover, because the last supper Jesus had before being executed was a passover meal. In fact, most languages’ word for Easter is based on the word Passover (Apart from English and German).

      As for symbols, its a mixture of previous celebrations and modern interpretations. When the Catholic church, as part of the Holy Roman Empire, they tried to adapt, rather than forcibly covert, the local populace beliefs. So, instead of saying “What you believe is wrong, believe in our God” the word was “What you believe is accurate-in fact we believe a similar thing. Let’s talk about it” So pagan gods became saints, and pagan festivals, including winter solstice, and spring time festival became Christmas and Easter respectively (One example of this is the halo-created to show a relationship between Jesus and the sun, to entice Sun worshippers).

      So the result of that we have some symbols celebrating new life and spring blooming from previous pagan ceremonies have been incorporated into Easter. So, rabbits are representing spring, and eggs representing new life. There are more christian interpretations, including that eggs, hollow from the inside, represent the empty tomb where Jesus rose from, and also represent new life, but this is the interpretations I know to be most common.

      Hope this helps

        • Whoops, I did a bit more research princeza, and found I was actually wrong. It’s a myth that easter is related to passover-the date is The Sunday following the full Moon which falls on or after the equinox-going back to the pagan fertility festivals, new life, rebirth and all that.

    • There is no Christian calendar. The bible does not tell Christians to celebrate Christmas or Easter. Both celebrations are a mixture of Christian belief and pagan practice ( eggs and rabbits from fertility festivals, trees from worship of nature ). So, Easter is a mish mash of things, but one of them is the Jewish passover, and so that is when it is observed.

  12. Ryan, I do hope that’s a bad attempt at a joke, and not a completely stupid comment, or a trollish attempt to get a rise out of some people here.

  13. lol, mindmadeup, how exactly was i dictating your online behaviour? defensive much? maybe you should channel your anger into something more constructive… or at least smoke some weed…

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