Anne Delauney Muhm: “…over 95% of middleeastern arabs are hermophridites” (sic)

We are constantly despairing at the evidence-free dribblings  of the bogots. Worse still is when they thrash around making up “evidence” to support their rants. We have already met Anne over here during the 2012 Limpdicks As the self-appointed sports medicine expert Anne was rattling on about what we assume were refugees. Not content with addressing dopes in sport Anne has now ventured into gender reassignment and FGM (female genital mutilation). Now we have noticed that the bogots are very interested in people’s bits. One could say “ obsessed” ? admuhm2 We thought we’d better check on her latest lot of fantasies so we contacted Westmead Hospital. After almost choking on her coffee, the doctor there told us there was no such thing as a secret FGM clinic. (cue in tin foil hat music) FGM  is illegal in Australia.No health worker who wants to stay out of prison or keep their registration would do it. Moreover Arabic-speaking people from the Middle East are no more likely to be true hermaphrodites (intersex) (a rare condition) than any other population. Here’s some facts.

here’s an interesting story from the Old Bill


And here’s a new hat for Anne


9 thoughts on “Anne Delauney Muhm: “…over 95% of middleeastern arabs are hermophridites” (sic)

  1. It took me a while to recognise her, but she’s so batshit even the APP challenge and delete her posts. There was a nightclub murder in Adelaide, typical thing, fight breaks out, gets out of hand and someone pulls out a knife. The accused killers did attempt to flee to Albania at one point, but prior to this she stated:

    The murder victim was her neighbour, and the police were refusing to investigate.
    He was raped, murdered then urinated on my 50 Afghani men-an act she says is the standard “Taleban special”
    He was defending his girlfriend from the Afghanis, and this was all witnessed by his friend who said and did nothing to the 50 Afghanis while this was occurring.

    Funnily enough, someone pointed out the police were investigating, that the victim wasn’t raped, and that 50 people can’t gang up on one guy without more witnesses than just some guy who she says did nothing. After she went off at the poster for accussing her of lying, the APP deleted the entire post.

    Because there’s crazy, and then there’s “Too crazy for the APP”-And Anne falls into the second category.

  2. Considering that Anne looks like someone who’s made the male-to-female transition, she’s certainly very hateful.

  3. “luxary $10000 per person boat trip”. Yeah. Because luxury cruises are synonymous with being drowned or dashed against rocks. Stupid heartless bitch.

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