36 thoughts on “Crazy Australian Catholic Lady on Homosexuality and Climate Change

      • From her FB page:

        … I am a present day prophet, Yahweh Sabaoth has asked me to pass this message on, he wants his people to say the Loric of Saint Patrick, the prayer of Saint Michael the Archangel…

        I am a peculiar person, interesting to study me, I am not entirely human, spiritually. … Ask me a question on God, Mongoose if you want.

        Okay I take that back, there seems a good chance that she’s mentally ill. Though she might just appear that way because she’s very religious? But I guess that amounts to the same thing.

      • I doubt if Shaz would be classified as “mentally ill” in the DSM sense. If that were the case our troubles will be over because we’d be able to get a lot of the regularly featured bigots from this page sectioned.

        Shaz is not very literate, but take away her lack of writing skills and you have the scribblings of the likes of such far right fundies as Jim Wallace, Fred Nile, Babette Francis, Bill Muhlenberg and Danny Nalliah – all of whom are eagerly sought out by the mass media as “spokespeople” when the media want to raise the hackles of the more logical and progressive sections of society.

        Perhaps she could get a stint as a commentator?

        • Okay. I guess I should qualify everything by saying that I don’t know anything about psychology, and even if I did it’s not possible to make an arm-chair diagnosis like that. However. She does seem to think that she’s a prophet of God. She believes she has supernatural (“spiritual”) powers. There’s another post where she claims that her experience of windy weather was a sign that Satan was angry. At the risk of offending any theists here, while it can be difficult to tell the difference between spirituality and insanity, even for a religious person her beliefs seem to cross the line?

      • @Anonymous : I think we should steer well clear of judging people (esp. women for historicaland cultural and socio-political reasons) by their physical appearances. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and subjective anyhow. She is certainly ugly on the inside with the hateful views and outright nonsense she expressed there though.

  1. She’s right, Alan Jones is a Champion for the weak in Australia, His always at the homeless shelter clothing and feeding them while giving every bit of time and money towards them. Especially for the indigenous and refugees.

    Yes sir, his a real Australian champion, not some old man who just sits in his studio, who does actually nothing and just caters specifically to the lowest common denominator for his own massive ad revenue paycheck. That’s just left wing media bias.

    *sarcasm detector explodes.*

    • I *think* her admiration for Alan Jones is because he’s gay and (she assumes) celibate. I think that’s what she means when she calls him a “revolutionary eunich”, that she thinks he’s following the path described in Matt 19:12.

      • I was thinking when I saw that, what did she think Alan Jones was doing in that toilet in London? Encouraging other young men about celibacy?

        • Oh, I didn’t know about that before. Well. I guess provided he stays ashamed of his sexuality and relegates it to seedy public toilets he’s a-okay by the homophobes.

        • He denies anything happened, but he was arrested, and charged with gross public indecency in an underground toilet in London back in 1988. The charge of committing an indecent act was upheld, but later overturned. No more details have every been put out, and Jones likes not to talk about it.

          The book Jonestown also goes into qutie a bit of detail regarding Jones’ very very repressed sexuality, including times when he was Kings School, and more detail about the London incident.

  2. Okay, Sharon, name one gay parent who’s murdered their own child.
    What? Can’t name any? Well, I can think of a few hetero parents who sent their “gifts from god” back for a refund: Andrea Yates, Susan Smith, Casey Anthony, Kathleen Folbigg…shall I go on?

  3. So much vitriol in one person. Please don’t stoop to her level and judge her based on her appearance – comments such as “needs a paper bag” aren’t constructive and don’t address the real issue here. This woman is clearly a religious zealot, possibly with mental health issues and filled with a lot of self-righteous anger. Her views are repugnant but that doesn’t mean we should fight fire with fire.

  4. Not just on Facebook


    Added: Monday, 28 November 2011 at 10.44pm
    If one of my kids was born gay Id rather they were bonney bligh or good but failing that I would love them just like God loves eunichs ie people congenitally impotent to the opposite sex. I would set the same standards on them as if they were heterosexual. Live life to the full,as a celebate or married. God promises the pure eunichs a name in HEAVEN BETTER THAN SONS OR DAUGHTERS.

    Sharon Stambolieff, Beacon Hill

  5. The Current and former Pope both accept the science of climate change. As do the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. I also know dozens of Catholics who also do not accept Sharon’s bigoted views on homosexuality, including members of the clergy. I strongly suspect she is a Easter and Christmas Catholic not one that is practising with all her being.

  6. Hmmm. Does she seek to explain the prevalence of pedophiles in the clergy by labelling them sacred eunichs? Very strange stuff and I grew up in the Catholic Church, was educated by Marists and never heard any of this tripe before. Some of those men were late comers to the order who had children and wives but lost them in accidents or through divorce, they were NOT eunichs, in fact the best of them were those who had another life before taking the orders. This woman is attempting to reflect some of the right-wing republican Christianity from the US that worships money and the hatred of anything they consider ‘against God’, as if God would empower them to hate by turning against the poor. She has obviously siezed upon something that gives her life meaning, the invisible and unprovable that can be turned to as an ultimate justification when faced by logic and truth. She is evil in her words but tries to justify them, no hope of that! We catholics don’t need divisive personalities who practice hate, we live in faith and do not attack the weak and helpless. Acceptance and forgiveness work, hate and anger don’t. Freeing people from the bonds of an inhuman doctrine that excludes gay people is a matter for the Pope, whether the Church will be enabled in facing God’s new world is a question for the future. But this kind of vitriole will solve nothing, only empower the unjust perception of Catholic’s as being full of prejudice. As for the sin’s of the clergy, please remember that the vast majority of victim’s of pedophiles in the RCC were Catholic children, a sad betrayal and a terrible scourge on the name of the people. Gay people are not automatically pedophiles, just as pedophiles are not automatically gay – that is a nonsense argument that brings Christian people into disrepute. I feel deeply sorry for her, it must be very painful to live with such a deluded, hate-filled, self-justifying, divisive mind set.

  7. Religion, enabling hate and intolerance since being devised by men to control other men! A long and proud history of bigotry and intolerance enacted in the name of some mysterious Jewish construct.

  8. OMG A Catholic Nutter! – such a deluded, self-righteous bigoted religious asshole. she’s about my age too and world’s apart. What a shameful excuse of a woman. I’m an Atheist and have more compassion in my soul than she will ever have. What would Jesus think!!

  9. wonders never cease. Pride in ignorance, stupidity in arrogance, wow.
    Read history, how the churches were bathing in blood not for the Glory of Jesus Christ or God but for the glory of untramelled power and greed in the name of God.
    Auto da Fee and or the stake was one of the ingredients.
    Read some history to enlighten you addled brain. Read newspaper about the scandalous behavior ocurring now. Read about the children read, enlighten your brain.
    Vanity show in face you are beautifull?????

  10. Wots going non with Gillard boys?
    The grotesque bastard love child of the left.
    The wet dream of the left eh boys, doubles as the worst priminister in Australian history. Well done boys, well done. Now she has no support no confidence from her shambolic party. I bet ur proud of this eh?
    Ur proud of one debacle after the next.
    We will chuck a barbie when this rotten red corpse is gone.

    • Someone really needs to tell me what Gillard has done to make her the worst PM ever. I keep seeing it places and I feel like I’ve missed something. Our country’s doing pretty well, we’re economically stable and have one of the best standards of living… maybe she’s done something awful, like burn down orphanages and I’ve missed it.

      I don’t want to play the vagina card, but I can’t see what else it could be that has caused this kind of hatred.

      • “Someone really needs to tell me what Gillard has done to make her the worst PM ever.”

        Gillard joins the long ranks of female politicians and leaders who are used as a scapegoat for alternative problems. The two main criticisms of Gillard have been the Rudd coup (Which was more a move of the party as a whole, with Gillard accepting the role when offered-but has kinda kept the party destabilized ever since), and the carbon tax (Which everyone kinda got over, hence why no one has been talking about it for months).

        Of course, this only explains why people don’t vote for Gillard, not why there is a hatred for her among a small segment of the community (I saw some interviews on the ABC last night with Queensland voters who showed that they were not voting with her because they didn’t like how she was leading-not because of any hatred).

        “I don’t want to play the vagina card, but I can’t see what else it could be that has caused this kind of hatred.”

        Well, it’s the right time to play that card. The criticism about Gillard from those who hate her (Rather than just oppose or disagree with-note that most Liberal party members I’ve seen actually bear no hatred towards her) comes often down to allegations about her sexual history, her sexuality in general, her body, her dress, her private parts in particular-stuff that no other Prime Minister has received. And it’s not just her-similar treatment was given to Natasha Scott-Despoja and Pauline Hanson (Really-if you going to criticise Pauline Hanson and you only criticise her looks or sexual history, rather than her beliefs, her idiotic policies, her attention seeking behaviour, or her frequent embarrassing reality tv show appearances, you are a loon).

        We are, sadly, living in a sexist patriarchal country, but we like to ignore it by saying that this is a problem that happens elsewhere-in England, or America or the Middle East. But it’s in Australia just as much. Women are appreciated if they are good looking, and accepting of everything.

        Gillard will go down in history, and history will look at her in a positive light, just as Whitlam and Keating before her. How much of an influence depends on how many of her policies are left to stand by the Abbot government (Though I suspect more will stand than Abbot supporters suspect- particularly the Carbon tax will be hard to get rid of without a large backlash).

        The Trents of this world will call the next labor leader the worst prime minister Australia has ever had soon enough, though without the same hatred (Because he’s a man, and Trent knows men need to be respected to some degree), and get vaguely disappointed when they find that Abbot is actually doing a lot of the things they don’t like (Surprise! Abbot won’t deport all non-whites from Australia, nor will he ban all asylum seekers and refugees from entering, even the Muslim ones!).

    • Trent, do you actually read the articles, or just post random crap at the first page you turn up on? Just so you know, you’re posting about a woman who believes God has told her to turn all homosexuals into eunuchs. Try to stay relevent.

      “The grotesque bastard love child of the left.”

      Because, as we all know, the APP is entirely made up of swimsuit models, and not the best human representation of trolls and gremlins you’ll ever see.

      “We will chuck a barbie when this rotten red corpse is gone.”

      Sounds like fun, but make sure you don’t get too much meat. APP parties have a nasty habit of overestimating their attendance.

      Also, no sausages. APP males are scared to eat them in public because it remind them of what happened after the last APP BBQ.

    • “Gillard boys” eh? She doesn’t have any children I’m aware of of either gender. (Shrug.)

      “The wet dream of the left eh boys, doubles as the worst priminister in Australian history.”

      You think so? I don’t. In what way precisely? The economy is going well, she’s actually achieved a lot more than she ever gets credit for although I don’t agree with everything she’s done. Still worse than Howard who got us into a war based on a lie & who scapegoated innocent refugees for political gain? Worse than Johnny Gorton? “British to the bootstraps / Pig Iron Bob” Menzies? John McEwen? William McMahon – who was never elected to office? Really? On what basis?

      “Now she has no support no confidence from her shambolic party.”

      Yeah, that explains why no one challenged because she had overwhelming numbers supporting her and she was re-elected unopposed. Oh wait, no, it doesn’t at all.

      “We will chuck a barbie when this rotten red corpse is gone.”

      She’s still very much alive, tough as teak and the election is six months away still. You know how they say a week is along time in politics? You might be waiting a very long while for that BBQ of yours. Also only her hair is red not her skin for whatever precious little that might be worth. Maybe more to you than me I’d guess?

      • That was at Trent (March 21st, 2013 at 6:15 pm) of course. The comment ordering here seems to be all jumbled up. (& I wish we coudl edit or preview commenst too but that’s another story.) Oh well.

        Off topic but does anyone else here feel the conservatives are much more worried about facing Julia Gillard this election than they are (trying to) let on? 😉

  11. Tangential really & hope its okay to post this but every time I hear the name Alan Jones (well in terms of the radio shock jock – not the 1980 F1 champion) I think of this :

    Hope its okay to post, feel free to delete if you think its too off topic.

  12. She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, is she? And what is a “eunich.”? I guess she doesn’t know that a eunuch is a man who has been castrated! All she seems to be doing is finding people to hate and calls herself a Christian. I call myself a Christian too, but I don’t believe I am required to find people to hate. I am required to look at myself and be the best I can be.

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