They’re gonna die out anyway

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There’s been a lot of talk about racism in this country and how it is being applied in the political and social landscape. This is not a recent phenomena, rather, an ongoing one that has weaved throughout our society for over 200 years.  To understand our racial attitudes I thought I’d take a look at our racist heritage. As an ‘historian’, I’m not interested in what our forefathers did on such-and-such a day, but what was in their minds that drove them to do it. In particular, why were they intent on ridding the country of the first Australians? My research concludes that in the minds of our colonial forefathers the demise of the Aborigines was ordained by a higher order, and with due thanks to Mother Nature the pair colluded to wipe them off the face of the earth. The colonists were quite happy to hurry things along, content…

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One thought on “They’re gonna die out anyway

  1. Drawing my attention to interesting and thoughtful pieces like this, is what I like about this blog. The exposes on specific individuals saying ignorant things are just depressing, I wish you’d stop posting those.

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