41 thoughts on “Paul Toohey: “Primitive and Filthy”

    • I believe he’s trying to find one. I remember he found a leftie-protester on plentyoffish at one point, and paraded screenshots around to the APP, with no one asking about the elephant in the room: What was he doing on plentyoffish?

  1. Yes, Muslims wash with water using their left hand after using the toilet. This is because they eat with the right hand. They also wash their hands with soap and water when they are finished in the toilet. This is basic hygiene which is supported by the World Health Organisation.

    Muslims consider it the height of cleanliness but we don’t impose it on anyone else so I don’t see the issue. If Paul doesn’t like it he can continue doing whatever he wants to do in the toilet.

    I just hope he washes his hands afterwards, too, in case I have to shake hands with him one day.

    • Oooh, I’m scared. I bet he’ll go and get all his friends to beat the admin up. And then look dissapointed when he’s alone again.

      I love how everyone says they have a secret intel on TAB. What’s to know: “I know they’re secrets-they don’t like racists!” You’re the guys whose values are hidden because you don’t want people to find out what you really think about:

      Women (Feminism is evil, women should stay at home, and really aren’t capable of thoughts)
      Gay people (Should all be executed, or beaten until they repress their sexuality)
      Jews (Secretly control the world, and faked the holocaust)
      All nonwhite migrants (Should be deported or encouraged to leave)
      Aborigines (Would have been good if they all died)
      Disabled (Should be executed)

      In brackets I have put beliefs that have been presented and never challenged upon APP discussion boards. That’s your dity little secret-I can’t wait to hear what you have on TAB.

        • Trent, you’re a gibbering idiot. Nothing you write is worth reading and noone is shaking in fear, you goose. Crawl back under your rock.

        • What happened to your other ID? Did it meet Toohey on Plentyoffish and flee in fright?

          Tonight’s Trent brought to you by

          IP Address:
          ISP: Optus
          Region: Epping (AU)

        • Yet another far right person who loves talking about men having sex. And therefore, invariably, thinking about men having sex.

          So we have a guy, usually associating with a lot of men and preferring the company of men (Because real men don’t play with women, they fuck them – copyright ADL member Bailey-Morris), who absolutely loves thinking about men having sex with other men. They probably don’t like to think what that would mean for them.

          By the way, and I’m sure I’m leaping into a rabbit hole of paranoia and insanity, how exactly are “white bogans” being ripped off?

        • Trevore Lowe: “you…are ripping off the white bogans”

          Did you need a reader/ writer to make that comment?

    • APP = Australian Pinprick and you know why hey Trent?

      But in writing “Paul has plenty on u fuckers lol” Trent is having another wet dream?

  2. Tonight I learnt two things: Muslims wipe their arses and bogans are a race. In regards to the second factoid, good. Now FUCK OFF WE’RE FULL!

        • How do now feel that your hero red Julia is about to be electorally annihilated?
          Here she was, the forfilent of all your leftist feminazi dreams.
          And now it has all crashed and burned . How do you feel?

          Despite your shit that the Australian people support her complete incompetence, her failed policies one after the next u still refuse to admit your complete. Failure.

        • Again, you’re assuming TAB admins are pro-Labor.

          Yes, your beloved Abbott will win. But take a look at State Liberals. Landslide wins and already unbelievable unpopular.

          Good luck rookie moron.

        • As far as Ballieu goes buddy good riddance the fact he wanted to do deals with the greens speaks for itself. And O Farrell is a soft cock. Abbott? Anything would be better than a feminist and a communist.

        • Yeah, Abbot is going to win. But thankfully the APP and One Nation are going to lose…badly.

          And that’s the difference between your party and my party. Labor is going badly at this election, but will come back, as they are already coming back in NT and Victoria.

          The APP will continue to fail everywhere. No matter what you do, you fail, because no one and nobody wants your disgusting beliefs, anywhere in Australia. And no matter how many seats Abbot gets at the next election, I will get a glow as I realise the APP will get a smaller vote than the donkey vote.

          One thing that always surprises me about APP members is how excitied they are about Abbot getting votes. Don’t you realise-every single vote going to Abbot is a vote that’s not going to you? Labor voters aren’t going to be turned into APP voters, Greens voters aren’t going to be turned into APP voters. Your only source of votes is the Liberal/Nationals.

          This is why you always lose. Well, it’s one of very many reasons.

    • Muslim aren’t a race. But that’s not the issue. It’s a straw man argument that groups and people like yourself like to say so you can feel like you’re not racist while calling all migrants evil and blaming them for single handedly stopping you from getting off the couch and actually doing something with your life (The furniture-made in China, is so comfy!). The reason groups such as the APP, ADL, etc are called racist isn’t so much their hatred of Muslims, its their hatred of brown skinned people in general, or pretty much anyone who isn’t White.

      Incidentally, so we’re clear, you’re saying being a Bogan is a religion now?

      • As JM said, people who argue that discriminating against Muslims is not racism are missing the point.

        You can argue about whether the Titanic was a boat or a ship. Either way it was a tragedy.

  3. “As JM said, people who argue that discriminating against Muslims is not racism are missing the point.”

    Sharia law discriminates against non-Muslims. Crocodile tears,

    Do you or do you not suppoort sharia law- as an integral part of Islam.

    • Shari’a has as much chance of being introduced here as you have of growing a brain.

      So what do you think of Orthodox Jews using the Beth Din. Or Catholics going to the Marriage Tribunal to get their marriage dissolved before going to the Family Court?

      You don’t even know what you are talking about do you?

      There are elements of Shari’a already in our common law system. They were introduced in the 11th Century at the time of the Norman Conquest including the concept of trial by jury, trust and agency, the use of precedents (case law) and reasoning by analogy in legal argument.

      Then again I guess you hard men from the far right would prefer the sweaty masculinity of trial by ordeal, which preceded modern common law.

      • Shari’a has as much chance of being introduced here as idiots like Trent proving evidence to their many rants like “Sharia law discriminates against non-Muslims”.

    • What’s your real question, Trent? I ask because your question, above, sounds confused. Are you asking if I support sharia law, if it’s an integral part of Islam or do you just want to know if the Ottoman Empire will be resurrected in Australia? MMU gave a better answer than what I was planning to give so that should suffice. Unfortunately I suspect you will just go on ignoring reality and believe what you want to believe.

      You’re probably getting off on the attention you’re getting in this forum but, again, you’d be missing the point. The responses here are not for your benefit because, frankly, no one cares what you think. You’re a lost cause. They are actually for the benefit of the thousands of readers who follow this blog. They are to provide a counterpoint to the silliness of arguments for racism by simply juxtaposing them with reality and reason. Thank you for helping to make the distinction so obvious and thus helping the antibogan site achieve its aims. Believe it or not, you are a great force for the anti-discrimination movement.

      Keep up the good work.

    • Well, let’s start this out with a simple answer, something that Trent would know nothing about as he refuses to answer anything:
      “Do you or do you not suppoort sharia law- as an integral part of Islam.”

      No, I don’t. I don’t support Catholic law, Sharia law, or Judaic law either. The primary law in Australia is the Australian law.
      However, if people within a particular religions wish to apply social laws, which can be ignored by people choosing to break contact with the religion, and in no way contravene Australian law, or effect people who aren’t a part of the religion, I don’t oppose it. If you want to settle family arrangements, such as marriage, divorce, or inheritances using Catholic law, Judaic law, or the law of the might spaghetti monster, as long as you keep within the law of Australia, go ahead.

      As the admin has already pointed out, religious law for social matters occurs already in Judaism, Catholicism, as well as tribal law for Aboriginal groups. We’ve had them for decades always second to Australian law. If you are involved in nay of these, you can ignore the outcome if you don’t like it, with the only penalty being that the religious or tribal group will not recognise an alternative (ie, if your divorce is refused in a Catholic church, a future second marriage may not be allowed in a Catholic church, though it would still be recognised by the state) And you don’t know about them, because you are not a Catholic, not a Jew, and not an Aborigine. But somehow you think Sharia law is going to be imposed on everyone, unlike every religious law that has ever occurred?

      Please, find me someone, anyone, in Australia who supports the introduction of Islamic law to all people, and a place above Australian law? Find me anyone in Australia who wants this.

      This is the crazy thing-you are running around scared about a law change that will never happen, and never effect you. I can guarantee you that I can find more people who would like to have you be neutered than you can find people in Australia who want sharia law to be imposed on all people, superior to Australia law-but you’re not running around covering your privates in fear, are you?

      And I repeat, are you telling us all that being a Bogan is a religious belief?

      And just think about it, could you imagine trying to ban the use of sharia for social matters? “I’m thinking about getting a divorce, and as a Muslim I’d like my wife and I to talk to our Imam beforehand”
      “Okay, but is he going to give you advice or a decision based on the Quran?”
      “Yes, probably-”
      “That’s illegal! He’s allowed to give you general advice only, but nothing related to the most sacred holy book in your religion. He can give you advice based on other sources however”
      “What if he gave me advice based on a crazy islamaphobe’s interpretation of the Quran, which he has never read?”
      “Yep, that’s okay. Also, if anyone else apart from an Imam gave you advice based on the Quran, that’s not illegal”

  4. Was Paul drunk on Toohey again?

    As how can theantibogan be “defaming innocent people” when the racists themselves have proven especially in Facebook, they are not so innocent?

    And telling others to watch their back, but of course this is Paul being innocent and not threatening others?

  5. Trent what talent writing shit here and travelling Australia to get The Australian people for their opinion?

    But hey Trent if you don’t like “the failed policies” of Labor that was helped passed by The Liberals and their new rural branch The Nationals, then don’t fucken use them. like The NBN?

  6. Don’t ever confuse these APP slobs with true right-wing conservatives; it’s extremely embarrassing. These wankers wouldn’t know Nationalist virtues if they fell from the sky and landed on the roof of Paul Toohey’s Holiday Park cabin in Shute Harbour while he was watching German porn he purchased from Darrin Hodges.

    If it wasn’t for mobile broadband Toohey wouldn’t even be on Facebook. ‘Tis not easy being a hobo drifter fixing door handles for food scraps when people you consider to be human trash, hailing from 3rd world heathen Nations, out skill you and therefore earn a decent wage in YOUR home country, and you’re wearing trench coats into Woolies trying to steal fuckin potatoes so you can boil em up in the mobile gas stove you swiped from the local camping store.

    I hate to align myself with lefties, but these APP/One Nation Gargamels need to fuck off and die. Nationalism is inclusive, not exclusive. All groups united under the celebration of being Australian. Only morons deny their Nation the infinite benefits of multiculturalism and Immigration. Without it our cuisine, masonry, agriculture and endless other things would not be at the current standard. So stop hijacking Nationalism and warping the perceptions of the population in regards to its true nature you slovenly APP germs.

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