8 thoughts on “When it Comes to Asylum Seekers, “F**k the facts…” Says Sam Artini

  1. Re: Sonia Walker’s statement that she received a flyer from a new local mosque saying “Because remember, Australia will be an Islamic Country one day”, this is simply untrue.

    I have been involved in several Islamic organisations over the years and that is the last thing any of them would ever say – officially or unofficially. There may be individuals who have this opinion (which they are entitled to) but our official organisations are run by committees elected by the majority (sound familiar?) of community members who are regular, sane taxpayers, like you and me. Believe it or not, most Muslims are more interested in putting food on the table and helping their kids with their homework than world domination (also sound familiar?).

    Next thing you know the bogots will be claiming we are distributing leaflets for the Liberal Party.

      • Even though I think that those words on the flyer she’s talking about is a bunch of fucking bullshit she’s blabbing to try to justify her hate, I agree with MMU that if the flyer DID have that written on it, it would have come from some equally hateful racist fuck who didn’t like the mosque being built near him/her/them; I’m about 236% certain.

        The poison press strikes again. Now, I’m not saying that there’s no Muslim ever who may believe or want that to happen to Australia (I even question that myself, and I also don’t think that if some extremist did have those values they’d actually be _in_ Australia); there’s just no fucking way (probability = ZERO) that an Islamic community that is already greatly unaccepted here (for no real good or valid reason) would EVER distribute that kind of thing to a community that it wants to be a part of.

  2. The statement ‘fuck the facts’ says it all. Welcome Pope Francis, welcome poor, lost, needy citizens of the world, please call Australia home because if these are indicative of our current stock, then we need you more than you need us!

  3. I suspect the collective contribution to this country by this lot is minimal at best, in the negative most likely. Of course if they really want to contribute to Australian society they could leave it.

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