15 thoughts on “Australia really ISN’T racist, but…

  1. Sorry, but I don’t see Labor using asylum seekers or refugees in any jobs context. The moves in regards to 457 visas are as much about protecting the foreign workers themselves as it is about protecting Australian jobs. The Reinharts, Forrests & Palmers of this world are abusing the 457 process as a means of getting cheap, exploitable labor from developing nations-a situation that is harmful to the foreign workers & their domestic counterparts. Frankly, I think Labor has waited TOO LONG to close the loop-holes in the scheme.
    Also, as appalled as I am about Labor’s decision to kow-tow to the Coalition on the issue of off-shore detainment & processing, they still haven’t come anywhere near to stooping to the extremely low behaviour of the Coalition-past & present. No lies about them throwing their kids overboard, no claims that they might be “terrorist sleepers” (yes, Howard *actually* made that claim on radio), no return to the awful TPV system (which was followed by one of the most rapid surges in boat arrivals in Australian history-so much for so-called “pull factors 😉 ), & certainly no attempts to label all asylum seekers as potential rapists.

    • Agree that many 457 visa holders are exploited, particularly those working in blue-collar areas of the economy.

      However the interpretation of the message that is going out is one of old-style protectionism and the xenophobia which goes with it. Of course Labor is nowhere near as dreadful as the Coalition on the whole question of immigration, but there is still an undertone of Howardism and Hansonism in there (or that’s how it is going to be read) , particularly in the inexplicable decision in a time of unexpected drains on the Budget such as the Queensland floods to continue offshore processing.

      One cannot help thinking that the Government is too timid to stare down the bogots, something which that old conservative Malcolm Fraser was able to do. That’s all we’ve ever asked of a government which many of us support.

  2. The so called Liberals promote racial bigotry and Labor promote envy and laziness by coming out against ‘migrant labour’ although a lot of their blue collar supporters are no doubt pretty racist as well. After years of being tickled under the chin by government Australians are no doubt mortified at Asian and Middle Eastern discipline and work ethic. What’s that? People actually save money instead of splurging on flat screens, jet skis, alcohol and music festivals aided by a stream baby bonus style benefits? Good lord! This is all just a ploy by the canberra classes to exploit a slothful and narrow minded population. Wait for the inevitable cries about ‘Aussie families’, ‘hard working blue collar people’, ‘Aussie values’ and the all time favourite ‘future of our children’. A plague on the Laboral establishment.

    I welcome 457 holders to our shores and god speed to them and their families. I hope their honest labour is in no way taxed as that would constitute really vile exploitation.

  3. U don’t give a rats about refugees lives. How many have drowned since u clowns dismantled the pacific solution???!

    • Great, you don’t want asylum seekers to drown at sea. Brilliant. Then how is the pacific soltuoin going to solve this?

      After all, during the Howard regime, with the pacific solution we had boats breaking apart on the ocean because under Howard’s policie, they were to be towed back to Indoensia, no matter their suitability. We also had the Siev X disaster.

      And both Labor and liberals have in no way tried to increase significantly the number of asylum seekers we pick up from Indonesia or increase the number of staff processing claims. We do that, reduce the waiting time to a more manageable 1-2 years, rather than 17+, maybe we would actually stop people from getting on boats.

      Unlike now, where the option is, for an asylum seeker, wait in Indoensia where you cannot work, or live safely, or risk your life to come to Australia. So…no future, or a chance for the future.

      Incidentally, the whole “the pacific solution stopped boats” myth. It’s true that boat numbers dropped, just as they did all over the world. Why is that, Trent? Are you trying to tell us that the Howard government’s policies were so effective it reduced asylum seeker numbers in America, Europe and Canada as well?

    • I don’t know. Do you – can *you* tell us -preferably with cited sources – how many people have drowned at sea since the end of the Pacific (non)solution?

      Also why is that relevant here? Plus what solution do you prefer and why?

      Do you want refugees, fellow humans, jailed indefinitely merely for seeking to escape persecution? (Sometimes from nations we’ve very affected badly by going to wars)Want innocent men, women and children sewing their lips together, starving themselves and having their mental health ruined with many of them taking their own lives?

      Is that really a better way of doing things? Or can we come up with something more rational and humane.

      Interesting comparative piece of info – think I heard the other day that over a million people have now fled Syria mostly going to Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. Are we so much less generous and so much worse off than those troubled southwest Asian nations? That add any perspective for you versus the few thousand fleeing in dubiously seaworthy boats to here?

  4. The solution has always been extremely obvious to me-but you have to go beyond slogans & pandering to racism in order to find it. It’s a multi-pronged solution which involves the following:

    1) Send Australian Immigration officials to transit Countries (particularly Malaysia & Indonesia) to help the UNHCR process asylum seekers more quickly.

    2) Provide funding to transit Countries to help them build more suitable accommodation for asylum seekers.

    3) Significantly increase our yearly humanitarian intake (which, to their credit, this government has done)-& end the cherry picking of refugees on the basis of skills and/or finances (trust me, this *does* currently occur-though most Western nations are guilty of it).

    4) Work on a multilateral diplomatic framework to allow for better protection of asylum seekers-especially in transit Countries-&, where possible, even look at ways to provide limited work opportunities for asylum seekers in these transit nations.

    5) Work with transit Countries to provide better employment opportunities for boat owners that might otherwise be tempted to work for people smugglers.

    If we *really* cared about ending deaths at sea, rather than simply pandering to the rampant xenophobes within our own population, then either the government or the opposition (or, heaven forfend, both working in a bi-partisan fashion) would be putting forward the above solutions!

    • Marcus, you run for anything, I’m voting for you. Seriously-anything. You sneak yourself into a Mr Australia contest, or the Logies-this promise is good for anything!

  5. Actually, Trent, it would be a damned sight *less* expensive to go to where the asylum seekers currently are, than simply waiting for them to come here, only to fly them to a third Country & hold them in a detention center (which also costs us money btw). Still, wouldn’t expect an ignorant, Abbott adoring redneck like yourself to grasp such a simple concept.

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