Neo-Nazi “Jay” and his dummy spit

Online Opinion is in its own words “a not-for-profit e-journal that aims to provide a forum for public social and political debate about current Australian issues. We publish articles to stimulate a public discourse on a range of topics.”

A recent article by journalist Alan Austin discussed the proposed amendments to a range of Commonwealth anti-discrimination laws. These amendments are designed to consolidate several pieces of existing legislation and to simplify the process of making complaints under this legislation.

What the release of the draft legislation is designed to do is to enable discussion by members of the public, advocacy groups and the legal profession.

So it was not surprising to see that a range of bottom-feeders had manage to lurch and slither over from their usual haunts

Racists, bigots, white supremacists, Andrew Bolt fans…

Let’s take a look at one of them – a full-blown neo-Nazi, no doubt amazed at actually getting to post in a mainstream web forum read by real people.

Nice change from Scumfront.


His ethnic group? Neo-Nazi is not an ethnic group.

And what a procession of racist losers he cites. Every one of them deserves every expression of loathing which comes their way.

This is what “Jay” and his kind do not get. No-one who is either sane or normal would embrace the loathsomeness of race hatred and white supremacy.

And what “Jay” and his kind need to learn now is that he speaks only for himself and his daft friends. He does not and never will speak for us.


“Anti-racists who look like me”? Jeez we hope not…

Oh noooooes!!!


Oh look we upset “Jay” and got a mention! Nice to see we are doing the right thing.

Oh, and that vdare place? If you’ve seen Scumfront then vdare is that site’s mutant little brother.



2 thoughts on “Neo-Nazi “Jay” and his dummy spit

  1. ‘Jay of Melbourne’ places great emphasis on ethnic groups in Australian society and on an apparent competition between said groups. He refers to ‘danger to his ethnic group’ and of ‘people who look like us but have no loyalty to us.’ I think that the ‘us and them’ mentality may be a major cause of his angst. Nowhere in our laws does one ethnic group receive recognition or priority over another. This is not apartheid South Africa. We are all in this together and so far we’ve done a fair job of getting along and forging a nation, regardless of our origins. Unnecessary emphasis of difference just stokes the fires of envy, intolerance and competition. This does not help nation building. Perhaps if we accept that first and foremost we are all Australian and equal under the law, regardless of ethnic origin, then a major cause of concern may be alleviated for people like ‘Jay’.

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