Nenad Nele Arcaba Hates the Gays on Facebook

Just when we thought homophobia was receding back into the murky swamp of hate…


Could any of the ople (sic) i have on facebook , friends or not tht r gay please delete me now… before i start going on a gay hunting spree to massacre u lunatics like the naciz (sic) did to the Jews in ww2.! Gays, Lezboz, Rapists, pedofiles, cunts tht abuse children or woman etc…. if i had a present to give you it would b by doing u a faovur (sic) and in the worst way takind (sic) ur life away.

And here’s Nenad.


We were alerted to this individual by someone who sent us a link from this blog.

Blogger Bruce says:

What do you say to a guy on Facebook who says this…

What indeed?

…apart from showing him how to spell check? Best you could do is give him a bucket to vomit in. Others thought it was a good idea to give him some education.

It’s good to see this type of homophobic rant being met head on by others. Just look at some of the responses:

(Now this story has sort of a happy ending because not all Nenad’s friends are as homophobic and downright immature as he is. Here are some of the comments as collected by Bruce.)

Being gay isn’t a disease lol

I dont get why it matters so much to you, they’re living their life and you’re living yours, everybody’s happy.

Nennad but were not in Europe were in a free democratic country. I pray you get some humanity soon. xxx

Just wondering, if australia was to ban gays, where does it stop? What’s to stop the govt from saying “I dont like the way that asian guy looked at me, all asians are to be deported out of the country or face death”. Hatred begets more hatred, once it starts there is no stopping it.

Making comments like that (the guy above) is just inappropriate and completely unnecessary. I don’t even know how u can call yourself a christian and make such stupid statements

You posted hate about a group of people. You said gays are pedophiles which shows you are largely uneducated, misguided and mislead in any actual truths and facts about homosexuality. Homosexuality is not a choice, not a disease, and there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. If you care so much and are disgusted (or discusted as you posted) then you are the one that has the disease, the problem, intolerance and are contributing to the hatred in the world. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals etc are normal people like straight people who happen to like the same sex and/or both sexes if bisexual. Its not hard to become educated and informed on that. Homophobia is the only disease and unfortunately refusing to see nothing is wrong with gay and lesbians makes you the ass hole. I spit on your entire existance.

Bruce writes:

It wasn’t long before he took down the post, or perhaps enough reports were made to Facebook and they took it down. I’ve since heard reports that the Federal Police have been informed. And rightly so. As if it wasn’t bad enough to vilify a whole gaggle of gays, but then to threaten to go on a ‘gay hunting spree to massacre’ is really quite revolting and a serious threat from a young man who may well be capable of carrying out such threats.

For those who ask why do we need marriage equality in Australia. Here is why. Because some of those born in 1991 still think that there is something not normal about sections of our community.

Congratulations to all who had a chance to deliver this guy some feedback.

And congratulations to Bruce Llama and to Nenad’s friends who managed to shake some sense into him.

Here’s the page before it was removed: 20130226 Facebook hate

See this and  more at: Bruce Llama

9 thoughts on “Nenad Nele Arcaba Hates the Gays on Facebook

  1. The lost sheep following the poor me brigade, Homophobia is fear of humans, no word for the fear of homosexuals, as in past history, we all kept our sexuality to ourselves, we defined ourselves with relevant facts. Homosexuals, go back to the closet and you mind your business, and we hetros will mind ours, Give us a break, homosexuality is and always was recreational activity, not serious as hetro, nothing like bringing a girl home as a married couple, love it. Just because we like it, it doesn’t make it right, and certainly not enough to change laws for.

    Marriage, its a hetro thing.

    • “as in past history, we all kept our sexuality to ourselves, ”

      Oh, did we? So, naturally, you don’t introduce your partner to anyone, never display any affection to your partner, and definitely don’t have any big events celebrating your love. If you do any of these things, you are not keeping your sexuality to yourself.

      ” Give us a break, homosexuality is and always was recreational activity”

      So, loving another person is a recreational activity now? Love is something you do as a hobby, but not something that anyone should care about?

      “not serious as hetro”

      Whereas heterosexuality is always serious and never can be just for fun? Is that right? Which is naturally why heterosexual sex always results in children-every single time!

      “nothing like bringing a girl home as a married couple, love it. ”

      How exactly would allowing gay marriage stop you from bringing a girl home as a married couple? Please, be specific.
      The only way I can think of this happening is that if gay marriage is legal, you’d run off and marry a man as soon as you can, and the fact that it is not recognised is the only thing holding you back.

      “Just because we like it, it doesn’t make it right, and certainly not enough to change laws for.”

      But the majority of Australians do like it, do think it’s right and do want to change the law? Why should the law not change when the majority support such a move? Just because you don’t like it, with no specified reason apart from that?

      Marriage. It’s going to be a hetero and a homo thing. This will happen eventually. You can choose to join the George Wallace’s and Canute’s of the world, pushing back at the tide rolling in, or you can accept it, as Australia, largely, already has.

  2. Most of the pronouncements from the anti-gay faction seem to be about individuals who want to display or confirm their own sexuality by attacking someone else’s. Get a feather boa for goodness sake, learn a few bump and grind numbers and the girls will finally notice you!

  3. Naciz? That’s a fair enough phonetic spelling, (and one for the collection) especially considering the usual English pronunciation is “nartseez” and you wouldn’t naturally assume the “rts” was spelt with using a “z”.

    But, of course, it means he doesn’t read much.

  4. I think I’ll be making a direct telephone call to Nenad’s boss, Ivan himself to let him know what he has working for him…

  5. JM: While all of your rebuttal points are fair and just, I must make one correction. Popularity should have no determining factor on the law or the rights of others. Whether or not same-sex marriage is supported by the majority or the minority, it is WRONG to refuse legal or social rights to a group of people based on race, creed or sexuality. Public opinion shouldn’t shape the rights of the population, and the rights of the majority should never encrouch on the rights of the few.

    • True, Chris. I guess it would be a better point to say to the original poster that just because he doesn’t like gay marriage doesn’t mean it should be illegal, especially considering that the majority of people disagree. Moreover, I would add, his right to object to gay marriage would not be encroached upon by allowing gay marriage to occur, but refusing the right to marry for gay and lesbian couples does encroach upon their rights.

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