Nick Folkes flogs a dead stalking donkey


Fresh from his latest non-triumph as chief dumb majorette for the recent visit of the Netherlands’ own bland bumshell, Niqi “36 votes” Folkes, failed Prime Minister, also now known as “Geert-by-sea” in homage to his new peroxided hero, has swiftly positioned himself and his dead donkey onto the Laura Norder bandwagon. This  follows inflammatory remarks from some intemperate Opposition front-benchers about a recent sexual assault which took place in university accommodation.

Never one to allow facts, the judicial process or compassion for a victim of crime to stand in the way of a publicity stunt, Niqi and his handful of pathetic rag-tag followers aim to turn up at Macquarie University to yell and wave signs at the students and staff there, thus achieving….umm….


Now we are sure that most people are concerned and outraged by the alleged sexual assault. There is no doubt that violence against women is a serious problem in Australia, and such violence is massively unreported despite reforms to legal processes because victims often are apprehensive of the legal process itself, and for good reason.

Surprising though it may seem (or maybe not) there is also a culture of acceptance at universities of abominable behaviour towards women by some men, both students and staff, and a culture of sexual entitlement on the part of these men.

And despite our very own Niqab Niqi, self-appointed champion of abused women, flogging his own knackered mount, he really does not have a good track record towards women. Not at all.


Niqi and disciples act like ladies

So sisters, you know what to do. Put it out there Niqi style.

Victim forgotten in witch hunt against asylum seekers

17 thoughts on “Nick Folkes flogs a dead stalking donkey

  1. Little Nikki.
    Still embarrassing the residents of Rozelle, as well as himself.
    Charmless, stinking, grotty little man.

  2. After this sexual assault occurred this blog was desperate to try and Downplay any involvement by your asylum shoppers. As were the lefty crew at mac. Uni.

    I bet u ur proud of this achievement eh ?
    Shame on you

    • What has his asylum status got to do with his sexual assault?

      Did you know that asylum seekers and refugees in Australia are statistically 35 times LESS likely to commit crime?

    • Truth is that the majority of sexual assaults are committed by people who think as you do. Regarding women as objects comes easily to racists who regard people who do not look like them as objects.

    • Good to hear you want to protect women from rapes, right Craig? This is why you are doing…what, exactly? Are you trying to improve reporting pathways for women to report rapes? Are you challenging the belief that if a woman dresses in a certain way she is “asking for it”? Are you calling for the end of uni parties focusing on getting women so drunk they can’t say no? Are you even calling out your mates when they treat women like objects, or try and get a woman drunk?

      You’re not doing squat. You’re just happy you have a reason to hate brown people-and you’ll pretend to care about rape victims for as long as one accused sexual assaulter is brown, then, when this goes down, you’ll go back to not giving a crap.

      Unfortunately it’s not so easy for the women. A friend of mine has been raped. I know who did it, but she knows it’ll be her word against his, and ultimately she doesn’t have a chance in court. She finds it hard to trust people, hard to form new relationships, and worst of all, her other male friend are afraid of trying to form a deeper relationship with her, for the risk of bringing up the traumatic memories.

      He, on the other hand, is unaffected. He will get the job he wants, and will never need to worry about the effect his own acts have had on any future relationships.

      This is the guy I worry about. The type who gets away with a serious crime without any punishment, or any of society telling him he did an evil thing, or to give him any reason to not do this again. Even if he was caught, he’d stay in prison for a few years, before being released back into Australia.

      You’re complaining about an idiot who will be deported from the counry he fled from, never to be reallowed entry.

      I’m worried about all rape victims, especially women who are afraid to report rape because it wasn’t a stranger, because they may have had a drink, because they’re afraid to be judged, or seen to have caused the rape. The victim in the university case will not have to be accused of being responsible for the rape.

      You really are worried about rape victims? Then do something. Someone you know has been raped of sexually assaulted in their lifetime. You can challenge the beliefs that lead to it, you can treat them like people, not like objects, you can condemn any man who thinks drunk means he doesn’t need consent, or talks about women like he would a tool. This will do more to attack the real rapists out there who don’t even know what they’ve done is wrong, and are unlikely to ever be convicted.

      Or you can show you only pretend to care about rape victims when they can support your previously stated hatred of brown people, even though asylum seekers have a much lower crime rate than Australia born citizens, and this one particular alleged assaulter has been caught, and will be deported once he his guilt has been proven.

      You tell me what you want to do. Show the real sort of person you are.

        • As far as crime rates u lying dunce.

          The aust bureau of stats clearly shows 25 per cent of the prison pop. Is foreign born.

        • Source please trent. On the crime stats, no the stuff about your genitals please.

          Incidentally, evidence that australian born citiznes are more likely to commit sexual assault or rape than an asylum seeker:

          And aren’t you the same guy complaining that lenient policies are leading to asylum seekers drowning at sea? But now you’re saying they’re criminals.

          It seems again, you’re the guy who cares about asylum seekers only in as far as you can complain about compassionate policies. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The extreme right (And probably the extreme left too to be honest), are filled with examples of temporary compassion:

          We care about asylum seekers drowning at sea..,..but the asylum seekers in Australia are all criminals who should drown.
          We care about genital mutilation in Australia…so deport all Muslims to countries where mutilation is more common.
          We care about fathers killing children, if the father is not white…but no real opinion on white fathers doing the same (And actually support for other child murderers).
          We care about women experiencing sexual assault by non white people…but don’t want to do anything to stop sexual assault by white people.
          We care about child abuse victims…unless the child abuse victim is asian, in which case she should shut up.
          We care about women’s rights amongst Muslim women….who should be deported, with all other women learning to shut up and make us dinner.

          All these I have heard from far right groups, so please, do me a favour. If you care about a person, or the wellbeing of the group, actually do something to help them, rather than just decide to hate a group you already hated a bit more.

  3. “And aren’t you the same guy complaining that lenient policies are leading to asylum seekers drowning at sea? But now you’re saying they’re criminals.”

    No dunce you and your cohorts are the dunces, you are the criminals..
    No boats no drownings. Who caused the flood of boats?
    You did.
    Well done dunce.

    “Incidentally, evidence that australian born citiznes are more likely to commit sexual assault or rape than an asylum seeker:”

    More lies from Mr pathological.

    Heard of the middle eastern crime squad dunce?
    How about the asian crime squad dunce?
    Drive by shootings… who dunce?

    Do you now concede you facilitated rape at Macquarie uni?

    Foreigners ( or foreign born) are committing levels of crime above that of the Australian born pop. These trends would be mirrored with asylum seekers.

    • Two words, Siev X.
      As for drive-by shootings, the numbers were on the way down until O’Farrelliar moved police out of the South-Western suburbs.

    • All right, if we are using a single story in the news as evidence.

      Every single biker is a criminal.

      Heard of the anti-bikie task force fuckface?

      Every cop is corrupt

      Heard of Australia21 report fuckface?

      Please, for the love of your fake God, shut up fuckface.

    • So you’re mourning them drowning at sea, but still think they’re all criminals (Based on single news reports)? Again, you only care about asylum seekers drowning at sea to the point that you can blame someone. You’re quite happy for them to drown at sea, which is why you constantly think everyone is an evil criminal, despite any evidence stating that.

      “More lies from Mr pathological.”

      I asked a question. I asked for evidence that asylum seekers are more or lessl ikely to commit crimes than an Australian born citizen. Apparently questions can be lies now.

      “Drive by shootings… who dunce?”

      Well one of them was the AFP-wasn’t it?

      “Do you now concede you facilitated rape at Macquarie uni?”

      No. Do you concede you don’t actually care about rape at all when the perpertrator is white? If you do care, please tell me what you and your organisation will be doing to stop future rapes of all women in Australia.

      “Foreigners ( or foreign born) are committing levels of crime above that of the Australian born pop.”

      So you say. Yet no source is backing that up.

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