Christmas Carols are now ‘Anti-Aussie’ Complains Bogan

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Apparently Christmas Carols have been banned and now the only carols that can be sung are ‘anti aussie [sic]’.


Oh wait – here’s a photo of Sandy’s daughter enjoying singing Christmas Carols with her school friends.

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19 thoughts on “Christmas Carols are now ‘Anti-Aussie’ Complains Bogan

  1. So wait. If you want to ban Christmas, you should stick to a Christian school ? Did they really say that ? Brilliant logic. It’s funny, I had heard this story so often, I was surprised how much focus it got when my kids finally went to state primary schools.

  2. >not being able to sing songs about the birth of an Arab in Palestine.
    >still complains about the Islamification of Australia.

    Kids, don’t smoke meth.

    • Um, minor nitpick but Jesus was actually born as a Jew in the then Roman province / puppet Hasmonean kingdom of Judea actually.

      Also I don’t see the peoplw here complaining about Islamification specifically just implying a hostility to multiculturalism generally.

      • Well it’s Palestine now and in my mind it’s Palestine always, but I see what you mean. As for being born a Jew, I really think there wouldn’t have been much difference between Arabs and Jews in that area of the world at that time.

        I was kind of stretching things for irony’s sake.

        Actually, if anyone knows; was there a difference between Arabs and Jews in Jesus’ time? Talking as ethnic groups completely separate from religion. Were there even the words ‘Arab’ and ‘Jew’ or were they all just the same people back then? All I really know is that they’re both Semitic, as for when each ethnic group was defined I have no idea.

  3. A couple of things. Jesus was Jewish, not an Arab and neither ‘Christianity’ or ‘Islam’ existed, obviously, when Jesus was born. I find the fact that this moron either does not know whom Christians worship or that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, utterly mind boggling. Her head is so full of Santa Claus that she has totally missed the fact that it is a Christian celebration with its origin in religion. It is also celebrated around the world and is hardly exclusively Aussie. In attacking christians she is herself attacking the cultural root of Christmas, but I guess a life spent in malls and pubs doesn’t really inform the mind much. This woman believes that ‘Aussies’ are white and celebrate Santamass and those rotten Christian ‘others’ are out to ruin it with their talk of love and forgiveness. I think she has even confused Islam and Christianity, but they are all just about some ‘little praying thing’ and ‘hating on Christmas’. Perhaps someone should inform her that without Christians there would be no welfare state in Australia.

    • LOL. I don’t see them protesting against the “Americanisation” of Australia. Maybe it’s because they identify more with those they spend the most time with (ie the characters on TV).

    • I’d add and then going inside those stores in shorts and a T-shirtad finding their aircon set at Arctic freeze!

      There are a few Xmas carols I vaguely recall beings set in Australia too (Kia ora, six white boomers), but they don’t seem to get played that much.

  4. Are those like Sandy idiots or what? It is not “our christmas carols” as Sandy does not own Christmas Carols as the racists think (LOL).. And with people from different backgrounds living in Australia, what is “OUR CULTURE”? Is Sandy saying the racists owns “OUR CULTURE” as well? And I guess Jodie in talking about Australians Culture, she is talking about The Indigenous peoples of Australia Culture?

  5. In asking for Australian “real christmas carols” back is Sandy talking of a song about a rusty Holden Ute? Or in other words, if Sandy put the effort into thinking and research as she does into ranting, she would know Australia does not have “real christmas carols” of its own.

  6. So, what’s the real story underlying all of this fuss? Is it a hoax, a rumour, did someone misunderstand a politician’s comment somewhere? I must have missed this news story …

  7. And thank you Ronnie for showing the quality of the pro-racist debaters.

    Ronnie would like you all to know he’s an adult, despite the somewhat childish comments he’s making. He is able to dress himself, go to the toilet by himself, even make some food. And I for one congratulate him on these successes, I mean reaching these after age 30 is a bit late, but still, congratulations. Better late than never, after all!

  8. No, I don’t live in a capital city. I saw Tony Jones challenging a lot of his views on Lateline though.

    So, tell me more. What were the good points he brought forward?

  9. I’m guessing by ‘real Christmas carols’ being banned she means ‘Hey Santa Claus’ by Kevin Bloody Wilson.

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