Don’t Understand Asylum? Can’t be Bothered Researching? Must be a Conspiracy.

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The results of a 2 minute Google search:

“In some cases, a person may not be a refugee, but may nevertheless face significant human rights abuses, such as torture, if returned to his or her country of origin. If an asylum seeker is found not to be a refugee, DIAC will assess whether he or she meets complementary protection criteria – that is, whether he or she is owed protection under the ICCPR, CAT or CRC. If a person is found to be owed complementary protection, and satisfies health, identity and security requirements, he or she will be granted a protection visa.”

“The majority of the world’s refugees live in countries bordering their own. Some refugee camps can hold hundreds of thousands of people, in conditions that are, at best, very difficult. For the six million refugees in what UNHCR classifies as “protracted situations”, the average length of time spent in a refugee camp is 17 years. Food and water supplies are unpredictable and refugees are often not allowed to leave or work outside the camp. Violence, especially rape, is common.

A growing number of refugees are unable to reach refugee camps or seek asylum in areas where there are no camps. UNHCR estimates that more than half of the world’s refugees live in urban areas, while around a quarter live in camps.”

“During mass movements of refugees (usually as a result of conflicts or generalized violence as opposed to individual persecution), there is not – and never will be – a capacity to conduct individual asylum interviews for everyone who has crossed the border. Nor is it usually necessary, since in such circumstances it is generally evident why they have fled. As a result, such groups are often declared “prima facie” refugees.”

“When you “seek asylum” you are asking the Australian government to give you asylum so that you do not have to return home. If you are in danger in your home country you can seek asylum to stay here in Australia by applying for a Protection visa. You are an asylum seeker in Australia if:

  • You are in Australia
  • You believe you are a refugee
  • You are applying for protection to the Australian government so that you can stay here

If you are in Australia and you think that you are a refugee then you can seek asylum by applying for a Protection visa to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). If you are not a refugee then you will not be able to get a Protection visa. There may be other visa options which are better for you or it may be better for you to return home. You should get help from a registered migration agent to decide whether you are a refugee and whether to apply for a Protection visa. A registered migration agent can also help you to prepare your Protection visa application.”

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“Refugees from Iraq have increased in number since the US-led invasion into Iraq in March 2003. An estimated 1.6-2.0 million people have fled the country. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimated in a report released in November 2006 that more than 1.6 million Iraqis had left Iraq since March 2003, nearly 7 percent of the total population.”

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  • Between 152,280 – 192,550 civilians have died and more will die in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan as a result of the fighting at the hands of all parties to the conflict.
  • The armed conflict in Pakistan, which the US helps the Pakistani military fight by funding, equipping and training them, has taken even more lives than the conflict in neighboring Afghanistan.  The conflict in Pakistan nonetheless receives less coverage in the US news.
  • The United States is at war in Yemen.  During 2012, the Obama administration has quickened its pace of drone strikes in the country with more than 20 US airstrikes over a span of five months.   An increasing number of drone strikes target individuals whom the administration suspects have links to terrorist groups but whom policymakers view as leaders of factions striving to gain territory in Yemen’s internal conflict. [1] According to one very conservative estimate, one fifth of those killed in drone strikes are civilians.
  • Putting together all of the war’s dead, our moderate estimate is that 313,890 have died.  These totals include US and allied uniformed troops, US contractors, national military and police in the war zones, civilians, opposition forces, journalists, and humanitarian and NGO workers.
  • Indirect deaths from the wars, including those related to malnutrition, damaged health infrastructure, and environmental degradation, may far outnumber deaths from combat. While these deaths are difficult to count, a 2008 survey estimates a ratio of four indirect deaths to one direct death in contemporary conflicts. This would put the mortality figure at five times the civilian direct death toll (193,000), meaning that  approximately 965,000 civilians have perished on account of the war.
  • Millions of people have been displaced indefinitely and are living in grossly inadequate conditions.  As of January 2012, the number of war refugees and displaced persons —7,394,248– is equivalent to all of the people of Connecticut and Oregon fleeing their homes.
  • The wars have been accompanied by erosions in civil liberties at home and human rights violations abroad.

Seriously bogans… A 2 minute Google search. How about you continue the search?

69 thoughts on “Don’t Understand Asylum? Can’t be Bothered Researching? Must be a Conspiracy.

  1. My favourite is ‘they paid a people smuggler so they are rich, and they mysteriously ‘lose’ their id on the way over’. Seriously, because you wouldn’t spend your last money trying to buy a future for your kids, and if you were at risk of persecution and fleeing for your life, you’d be careful to make sure your passport was valid and in a safe place before you go.

  2. Re: “mysteriously” losing their id, I have personal experience with this. Please humour me if you have heard this before – it’s for the benefit of people like James McPherson et al who seem to be incapable of seeing things from another person’s point of view.

    My family arrived in Australia as refugees from Gaza, Palestine, in 1970. We were fleeing persecution which persists there to this day. We left in such a hurry that my father lost his papers, including his birth certificate. My father’s name was Mohammad. When we arrived an immigration officer with a misplaced sense of humour decided to arbitrarily set my father’s birth date to be 25th December 1939. This was despite my dad’s insistence that his birthday was, in fact, 14th March 1942. If you can’t see the intended joke, don’t read on.

    My father decided not to fight that battle as he had a young family to feed and just got on with life, working in a foundry, even though he was a qualified draftsman. Needless to say, it left a sour taste in my parents mouths and when my mother told me about it when I was old enough, I was upset too.

    We finally managed to set the record straight on my father’s gravestone when he died in 2010 (RIP). We still had to have his official birth date on the plaque but I added a note below it saying:
    “To his family he was born in Gaza on the 14th of March, 1942.”

    Too bad he never lived to see it.

    Note that we came by plane, not a crowded, rickety old boat. Circumstances under which it’s much easier to lose stuff.

    MMU I appreciate what you’re doing here and I’ve stuck with you from almost the beginning of TAB but I sometimes wonder if we are wasting our breath on people who simply lack the mental capacity to empathise with people who are not like them.

  3. There are many refugees and their kids from Indochina who were not able to bring their ID with them for either themselves or their children. Their kids, who were babies when they arrived in the 70s, became Australian citizens, went to school and university, obtained Australian passports, got married and obtained drivers’ licences – all of which require proof of identity.

    Now according to James and his gormless mates these children of refugees and asylum seekers must have somehow got together and plotted to game the system so he and his mates 40 years later can cast them as part of some giant conspiracy to flee to Australia and claim asylum so they can get…wait for it…Centrelink benefits.

    I am sure the doctors, lawyers, accountants and academics etc among them will be gasping in disbelief – or guffawing with laughter. Not to mention the thousands of European post-WWII refugees and their children and grandchildren.

  4. I would love to respond in a couple of ways.
    1. I am a liberal voter. I need to put that out as I think the antibogan message is that ALL conservatives are bogans!

    2. Kabdoo I would dearly love to hear your story. I am fascinated and intrigued and please do share. I love your Country. I will call it that because in my eyes, like yours it is already a Country. In time we will see that come to be an internationally recognised fact.

    3. I am undertaking 2 masters degrees one in Politics and Policy (Australian based Masters) and a Masters of Law with intended majors in Human Rights. My personal aim is to work on the middle east issue which is a festering wound that in almost its entirety is a making of very very poor western world policies start from at least 1919 but certainly exacerbated post WW2.

    4. The asylum seekers (and that is the legally correct term, a refugee seeks the immediate refugee and as such people from Middle East are not by legal definition a refugee) are not criminals. They are our friends. Without law we have morals and that dictates that we should treat our brothers and sisters from another land with compassion and kindness. That we as a member of the British Commonwealth that itself has done so much damage to these countries initially financially by raping its assets during the Empire phase and later politically should see us wish to help others we have harmed! Why turn away. Think of what we gained from these cultures? Our older asylum seekers gave us Pizza, Kebabs, sweet and sour pork, Vietnamese bakeries, Yum Cha, Moussaka olives, feta……. point made.

    5. The criminals are the parasitic people smugglers that have created a false hope.

    6. The media is to blame for the narrow nature of its news bulletins. Yes some of the asylum seekers commit what we see as crimes when in Detention centres, but perhaps if we did not treat them like criminals when they got here they would not attempt to act like them.

    Please feel free to warmly respond. And again KABDOO, I would dearly love to hear your story. Hearing your story would fill me again with the determination to fight the system to ensure that the never ending series of UN resolutions on the issue of Palestine are treated with the urgency needed to bring about a country for your brethren.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Jeff. I appreciate the support but I didn’t want to start a debate about the Middle East – especially Palestine/Israel as that is not the issue here. Besides, the story above is my father’s, not mine. Being raised in the lucky country since I arrived as an infant, I can’t really lay claim to any suffering or oppression in my life. Re: the Palestine question, I know there are two sides to every story and there have been abuses of power on both sides. Either way, it’s the people that suffer and when it all becomes too much, who are we to blame them for wanting a better life for themselves and their children?

      Re: you being a “Capital L” Liberal. I fund it fascinating how the word liberal changes meaning depending on time and place. Having just watched “Lincoln”, I must say I was shocked to learn that it was the Republican party that abolished slavery, not the Democrats. It seems they have switched places, ideologically, over the last century.

  5. All I can say is if these were white Christians coming from Northern Ireland there would be crowds of sobbing well wishers waiting to take them straight from the boat home for a cuppa.

  6. Kabdoo. I learnt by definition I am a liberal republican, but those terms have certainly be usurped!! I think what it shows is that we are humans and we should act like that. Fellow man has the same DNA even without the same colour, creed, race or religion. It is not the external that makes us man but the internal. WE seek to find difference so we can disagree but why shouldn’t we look for commonality? Some of my dearest friends have ideologies vastly different from mine. Their political stance is very left wing, but they are dear friends. I may not be the norm for a conservative, but I am not the exception.

    John Lennon told us to Imagine? Please do.
    RFK said “Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not?” Robert F. Kennedy – Arlington National Cemetery

    • A ‘liberal republican’ varies in meaning depending on where you live I think!

      Malcolm Turnbull is a liberal (party member and politician) and also an Aussie Republican ie. favouring a republic. Liberal in Australia means almost the reverse of what I gather its come to mean in the United States of America where it apparently has, unfairly, become almost a perjorative term of abuse by many right-wingers and means very left wing even socialist~ish policies.

      But here in Oz ‘liberal’ has come to mean almost the exact opposite due to the badly misnamed party which is rightwing and conservative in outlook and ideology.

      Left wing in the US is the political centre of most democracies I gather due to the lingering affect of McCarthyism.

      So really it all depends on the context.

      Myself? I’m a left of centre~ish human being who tries to consider other people, tries to understand the cosmos and thinks we should – where possible – generally err on the side of compassion.not cruelty.

    • Guess you didn’t read the article to the end:
      “It is not known yet whether one of the 80 Sri Lankan asylum seekers is responsible for an indecent assault on a female student, but the attacker has been described as a “dark skinned male”.

      I bet you’re proud of this eh? You racists always like a bit of accusation without proof.

        • Great, we waited to get a result. This person has been charged, and is likely to be convicted, and eventualyl deported.

          Meanwhile many many rapists in the community go unpunished. What are you doing to stop them? Or do you only care about rapes when it’s a dark skinned person who does it? Otherwise, you’re totally okay with a white person raping someone.

        • Whereas you are always accepting guilt in any rape you caused, right Craig? You admit it when you’ve treated a woman like an object, admit it when you’ve allowed a friend to do the same? You’ve admitted it when you have gotten a woman drunk or allowed a friend to do it?

          Let’s not pretend you actually care about any rape victims. This poor woman is just another kick ball to you. You disgust me.

          You want to help rape victims? Start pretending there’s more than one vicitm in Australia, and realise that there are more perpetrators that aren’t asylum seekers.

  7. David Barnes

    February 22, 2013 at 10:15 am • Reply

    All I can say is if these were white Christians coming from Northern Ireland there would be crowds of sobbing well wishers waiting to take them straight from the boat home for a cuppa.

    That right Davy boy because they are one of us.

    We doný kiss Muslim arse like you kumbaya bastards.

    • Hi Alice,
      I’ll post quick because with your spamming you’ll no doubt be abnned soon.

      Which groups from across the world count us “one of us” and which don’t? Please, give a specific measure, so we know for future.

        • Hi Craig. Not a communist by the way, just as I’m sure you’re not a mysoginist racist.

          Anyway, let’s be more specific. After all, if we’re basing an immigration policy on this, we need to be specific.

          Specifically, what are “Our values”? Specifically which groups have these values, and which do not? Please, be very specific, after all, we don’t want to allow the people who have the wrong values in, right?

  8. See people like don’t give rats arse about murders and persecution of Christians, particul;arly white christians .

    You only wantr to kiss muslim arse like out at the Wilders events.

    • You like to describe, annilingus, don’t you? Is this something you’ve been wanting to do to your white power mates? Otherwise why bring it up?

      Incidentally, we do condemn murders and persecutions of Christians. Please tell me specifically how Christians are being persecuted in Australia?

        • But you’re so fascinated by it Craig. That’s what I think is amazing about you guys. You don’t just call someone an “Arse kisser” or a “cock sucker” you go to great details to describe the specific sexual acts, sometimes in graphic detail. So, why use a sexual act, instead of a plain, simple, insult?

          Firstly, that shows you’ve got some knowledge about the sexual acts (Annilingus is not a word you find in the average newspaper read). Secondly, it means you’re thinking about it. You can’t describe a sexual act without at least in part visualising it.

          So Craig…why keep thinking about it? I repeat, is it something that arouses you and Alice? Why describe and think about sexual acts if you’re not interested in them?

          These are really questions you need to ask yourself, Craig.

  9. “Myself? I’m a left of centre~ish human being who tries to consider other people, tries to understand the cosmos and thinks we should – where possible – generally err on the side of compassion.not cruelty”

    Is that right?

    Does that include souftening up the border protection regime & creating a flood of boat people? Shit loads of whom have drowned at sea?

    It is the kumbaya brigade that is responsible for these deaths.

    • This is what I don’t get about you guys. You condemn border policies that result in people drowning at seas, but you also hate anyone who gets on a boat.

      It seems you really really care about boat people, only when they’re drowning. Rest of the time you’re usually wishing more of them drowned. Hell, I can give you a link right now to an APP member who is calling for a Muslim woman to have her motuh covered and thrown into the sea to drown.

      So let’s not pretend your gusy really care about anyone drowning at sea.

      • We don’t care.?
        You and your ilk are now responsible for hundreds of drownings. Please explain about your superior morality. Your lefty compassion lol.

        • Craig, why do you care when people you’ve described as mysoginist rapists drown? Either:
          1-You care about rapists drowning, or
          2- You don’t care about them drowning, you just want to use the deaths to attack lefties (Which also makes me doubt how much you care about rape victims-another football for you to kick about?).

          I mean, after all, if right wing people were in power, there would be no drownings at sea (Except SIEV X, of course, and the many more who would drown if Abbot forced them back to Indonesia, which has stated they wouldn’t accept them).

  10. Think of what we gained from these cultures? Our older asylum seekers gave us Pizza, Kebabs, sweet and sour pork, Vietnamese bakeries, Yum Cha, Moussaka olives, feta……. point made.

    Yeah good on ya Jeff.

    Lets sing kumbaya. Its all about their %^$%^^^food is it?

    Interestingly enough no mention of all the crime they bring. The drive by shootings, middle eastern crime squad, asian crime squad…….. point made.

    Muslim riots. 25% of prison population foreign born…..

    kumbaya my Lord kumbaya, …….

    • “. The drive by shootings, middle eastern crime squad, asian crime squad…….”

      Crime that happens everywhere where multiculturalism happens, right? No…wait, that’s a NSW problem. Not an Australian problem. Why is that, Alice? Do you think migrants are just hiding their criminal nature in other states, or is it in fact that other states have better integration than NSW-therefore making it a state problem?

      Or you don’t care, because you just want to kill all the non-whites, right?

      Incidentally, Alice, what have you brought to Australia? I mean, if you’re condemning entire cultures as only bringing bad things, you must have done somethin pretty amazing to Australia in comparison, right?

      “25% of prison population foreign born…..”

      Source for this, or you’re making up shit.
      Incidentally, even if this is true…wouldn’t it mean that the vast majority of the prison population are Australian born? Shouldn’t we have more migrants to keep the Australian born criminals under control?

  11. and as far as you 2 minute search is concerned.

    I’m sick the fuck of lefties who think it is Australia’;s job to solve the problems of the Muslim world.
    The majority of the lnks you provided are leftist outfits or….. the Muslim infested UN.

    Fuck off.

    • I’m so glad you are in the minority, Alice. The rest of us are happily getting on with our lives while you are consumed by hate and fear that, no doubt, paralyses you and hurts those close to you. I hope one day you wake up from your nightmare and join us in the real world.

    • “The majority of the lnks you provided are leftist outfits or….. the Muslim infested UN.”

      Fair enough. Well this report goes into precise detail on how a person claims asylum and refugee status legally in this country, how they go about being confirmed, etc. You have said it’s all lies, so naturally you have evidence. I can’t wait to see your contrary evidence that disproves this article.

      “I’m sick the fuck of lefties who think it is Australia’;s job to solve the problems of the Muslim world.”

      I’m sick of righties who pretend that they’re saving Australia from the Muslims while also hating every other group in society who isn’t them (So far it’s all Asians, middle easterners, and lefties-that’s a good 50+% of the population there Alice! Not counting the feminists, gays, and other groups you’d like to kick out too, no doubt).

      It’s not Muslims you worry about-it’s everyone. And thankfully you are of an increasingly decreasing minority (Hence why even anti migrant politicial parties have to quiet members who have issues about Jewish or Asian migrants-you’re white’s only platform is becoming increasingly irrelevant, and political suicide).

      “Fuck off.”

      You’re a funny troll. So you turn up on an anti-racism page, post racist material, and then tell the people on the page to fuck off. How did you think that was going to go?

      Did you think everyone would be won over by your eloquence and turn of phrase and never go on this website again? That the admins would go: “He’s told me to fuck off, and so I shall” and turn this site into an Anti-everyone site?

      I’m guessing you didn’t actually think that far ahead. I’m also guessing you never do. Which is why you support parties, from your lounge room, not in person (That would require effort) that will never actually get anywhere, because you never have any planning to make them succeed. It’s also why your friends and family have increasingly left you alone, because you do and say things without thinking, and after a while, what’s the point. You think that it’ll all come your way without working for it, that you’ll get everything without trying, and then blame everyone else when you find yourself, alone, hopeless and unfulfilled, at the end of another week.

      When you realise that your life is getting pointless, give lifeline a call before it gets worse, okay?

  12. We do not need to soften boarder security. It’s not about left and right it’s about making it near impossible for the boats to come here, the big picture. This left and right is bullshit, just focus on the issue.

    • Ah Ronnie you’ve had a sex change I see. Amazing what the bogots can do when they turn their dim brains to something.


      Pwned solidly


      PS: It’s “border” not “boarder”. Any way you spell it “border security” is a nonsense term invented by the media to sell its eponyomous TV show. We have always had quarantine, disease prevention, Customs and passport controls and we always will.

    • How’s that work? We already have a very dangerous sea between us and any other country-yet people are still willing to risk their lives, because the alternative is no life at all. So how would you make it more impossible for someone to come here?

      I know Abbot is going to personally tow all boats back to Indonesia, which I also know he won’t do because Indonesia won’t accept the boats (Which is why when Abbot talks to Indonesia, he doesn’t talk about this at all). So let’s hear your idea.

      This site actualyl presented an article that pointed out that if we actually picked more asylum seekers from Indonesia, and had more than one person processing them, the number of people getting on boats in Indonesia would be significantly reduced (With wait time in Indonesia being reduced to 1-2 years, instead of 17+). It’s a good idea-instead of just saying “We need to set up a proper pathway” we actually create one where previously there was none.

        • So how do you feel. Now there’s been sexual assaults at Macquarie uni tab?
          How do you feel? Proud of yourself? Proud of your achievements? I bet you are .a lefty and his bastard love multicultual child. Lol. A fine mess you’ve made eh? I bet you your proud lol

        • Sexual assault should never be a political football you fucking derelict.

          As I said – asylum seekers and refugees are 35 times LESS likely to commit crime including sexual assault. That girl had more chance of being sexually assaulted by a bloke who was born in Australia.

          EDIT – 45 times less likely

        • 35 times less likely mate? Now that sounds like a load of lefty bullshit .
          These imports come from backward mysogynist cultures and r much more likely to rape.

        • The article u cite comes out of a corrupt leftist outfit called Fair fucking fax. do u think I place announce of credibility on that?

          The bulk of these leeches sponge off the taxpayers for years on end.

          Who is doing all the drive by shootings in Sydney lately? Who? What? George pells parishioners ?

        • SMH has been pro-Coalition for the past 6 months. Get your facts right.

          Besides, facts are facts. Are you arguing with crime statistics? Or are you merely voicing your opinion about ‘leftist rags’?

        • Perhaps I’d like to explain if u think it’s appropriate to dump asylum shoppers in amongst female uni students?

          I hope those uni turd get theirs arses sued off

        • Well whether it is politically leaning is irrelevant.

          Crime statistics state that asylum seekers are 45 times less likely to commit crime. The NSW Bureau of Statistics surely can’t be a ‘leftist rag’, can it?

        • U have no moral high ground at all, how many have now drowned at sea?

          Will u now admit u have facilitated sexual assaults at Macquarie ?

        • Is this all you’ve got? Hysterical accusations towards people you haven’t met to support a completely unsubstantiated point of view based in hatred and racism followed by repetition of previously-responded-to ‘questions’ and ‘comments’ while simultaneously ignoring the unavoidable facts already provided to you that debunk your aforementioned unsubstantiated point of view?

        • For you the whole asylum debate is about your superior moral position is it?

          No, for you this is just a
          Nice little political game.

        • Craig, do you know what the word “hypocrite” means? Let me demonstrate:

          You complain about lefties having no moral high ground, and only playing a political game. Which is odd, considering the left wing group are trying to support people, unconditionally, whereas you:

          Support rape victims…..if their rapist is an asylum seeker. Otherwise you do nothing (Even though rapes are far more common amongst Australian born citizens).

          You condemn policies leading to asylum seekers drowning at sea, but also hate all aslyum seekers who come here as mysoginists rapists. So you hate them, but also are sad when they drown at sea, right? It soudns like either you’re playing a game yourself, whereas you hate lefties and asylum seekers, and will support anything that supports your hate, but nothing more.

          Either that, or you are sad when people you have said are rapists drown. I think the first is more likely.

          Think of this, Craig. Suppose all aslyum seekers, all non white people left the country tomorrow. Please tell me how that would have saved Jill Meagher. Please tell me how that would have stopped many, many, date rapes happening at University O-week camps and events? I’d love to know how getting rid of particular people who are less likely to commit crimes will stop the majority of rapes?

          You don’t care. I bet you didn’t even blink when you heard of Jill’s dissapearance. I bet you don’t even care that the attacker had offended before. Because he’s white, and you don’t care about rapes when the perpetrator is white.

          So let’s not pretend you are doing anything but using the brutal rape of an innocent woman to support your own prior beliefs about an entire group of people you know nothing about, and are determined to learn nothing about (Because it’s all a conspiracy to try and trick you no doubt). Okay? You are playing a game, using one poor women as a football, and to hell with any other rape victim out there.

          Incidentally, you condemn any source as being a vast conspiracy, because apparently two majoy newspapers are conspiring to prove you wrong online. You’ve presented this as fact instead:

          “These imports come from backward mysogynist cultures and r much more likely to rape.”

          So where’s your alternative source? Where’s your source that says actually most crimes are being done by asylum seekers? Please present it, or admit you don’t care about what is right and wrong, you only care about hating one group of people.

          Incidentally, the source you’re probably basing your “They leech of the taxpayer” argument on incidentally only details refugees who arrived during Howard’s government, nothing more recent. And what did the Howard Government have? That’s write-TPVs-no English language classes, no support, no guaranteed permanent residency. And funnily enough, if you can’t learn english, and you can’t promise to be in the country for many many years, you’re not very attractive to employers.

          Thankfully we got rid of those visas…..except Abbot wants to bring them back. But I’m sure this time it won’t lead to a generation of the unemployed?

          Incidentally, I’d like to hear what you want to do about the long term unemployed? Come on, you’re complaining about refugees who don’t have access to language clases not working, why aren’t you complaining about people who do have the language not working?

          “Will u now admit u have facilitated sexual assaults at Macquarie ?”

          Will you admit that you have facilitated rapes all across Australia? You have facilitated it by not condemning your mates who wanted to get a girl drunk to take her home. You have facilitated it by not challenging a view that a woman in particular dress is “asking for it” You have facilitated it by seeing a woman as an obejct you are entitled to, not a human being.

          And most of all, you have facilitated it by showing that you only care about rape victims when they are raped by a strange brown person you already hate.

          There’s a blog by a guy called Gladstone, who wrote one of the most dissapointing things in his life was when he realised how many of his friends had experienced a date rape, without any prosecution. The response to his blog post was many many people posting in, stating the women he knew had lied, that they were trying to trick or tease the man, and they really wanted it anyway. People rushed onto a message board to defend a person only defined by the word “rapist”

          There is a rape culture all over the world, Craig. We all are to blame. Let’s not try and downplay it into something you can just blame on the brown people. To do that you’re not helping any victim, only supporting the many rapists out there who don’t even think they’ve done anything wrong.

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