Does My Flag Offend You? Call 1800 LEAVE OZ

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22 thoughts on “Does My Flag Offend You? Call 1800 LEAVE OZ

  1. “Dey is comin nd changin ar contry!!!1”
    “For example?

    I especially like how they always fail to account for people who were born here converting to new religions as a source for the growth of some religions.

  2. Who are all these people trying to change the flag and say no to xmas and push for citizens day? Oh that’s right….they don’t exist!! Educate yourselves you mindless twats.

  3. Too true Camille. Mindless fear will look for something to be afraid of, even if it does not exist. Of course, the atrocious use of the language they apparently feel the need to protect by putting the ‘We’re Full’ sign just makes the whole thing even sadder.

  4. Ah yes, our flag. Great Britain at night. Actually, it offends me as an Australian that the flag that is supposed to represent all of us has a Union Jack in the top-left quadrant. And it also offends me that I’m apparently not allowed to have an opinion about the presence of another nation’s flag on our national flag. Also, do Aborigines scare you? 1800-Leave-Oz. How about that?

    • Well, technically speaking, its not “England at night” because the Southern Cross cannot be seen from England. “England at night” lies below many constellations such as Ursa Major aka “the Big Dipper / Plough” but not the Southern Cross! Plus England has a lot worse light-pollution and clouds than here!

      Due its southerly location in the night sky Crux (the constellation’s proper name) is circumpolar to most of the southern hemisphere, visible ocassionally only up to a certain latitude (Florida? Morocco? Most of India?) north of beyond the equator.

      Which is why *many* nations in the southern hemisphere include Crux Australis on their flags – Aotearoa / New Zealand, Papua new Guinea, Samoa, Brazil & yes, Oz too.

      Thing is, as an unashamed astronomical pedant I always notice they’ve all got the constellation wrong given that one star (Gamma Crucis) is a red giant visibly different in colour to the four bright blue giant stars and another member – the faintest – Epsilon is a variable orange giant star. They could also add the Jewel box cluster, dark Coalsack nebula & more to their depictions as well but I know they never will. (Sigh.) 😉

  5. Brendan Brown uses a Japanese cartoon character for his avatar. And his writing has the coherence of some Japanese put through an online translator.

    I’m suspicious…

  6. Even the seal they use on each side of the picture of the flag is wrong, the Royal coat of arms is totally different, this coat of arms/seal is the seal of the Commonwealth of Australia Company registered on the US stock exchange, they are placing themselves under corporate law using that coat of arms hahaha

  7. The current flag represents one aspect of Australian history and leaves out the rest. It also ties Australia to a period only bogots could be proud of, a colonial weaknes that any strong future Australia needs to be dissociated from. The rest of this low browe gibberish is just that.

    • Yes indeed – it is a fair bet that many of the migrants they loathe so much can speak it much better; more grammatically accurately, more correctly spelt and with a far more extensive vocabulary than they can!

    • Plus those migrants who don’;t speak english that well usually know at least one other language and generally its a very different one with a whole other alphabet or two. Often multiple languages and given their circumstances and likely childhood backgrounds filled with wars, poverty, cultural tabboos against educating women, etc.. , reasons for their difficulties in speaking aren’t hard to find. Wonder how many other languages – if any – most of the bogots can’t speak!

  8. Oh Linda Elliot, you delightfully ironic illiterate, you should probably learn the rudiments of the language yourself before slagging-off the immigrants.

  9. Brian Dimmock. Seriously ignorant. I wonder if he raised children with those ideologies? Bradlee Philp. Possible acceptance issues, seeing as he is young… it’s a sad time when we have people like this on both ends of the age scale

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