Monday is Punch an Indian Day!

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This page administrated by Kieran O’Rourke of Port Lincoln is supposed to be about selling and swapping Holden auto parts. Instead it is often a hotbed of racism.

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Australian Defence Force eh? Sigh.

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16 thoughts on “Monday is Punch an Indian Day!

  1. Every Australia Day young Bogans circulate on social media – Govt is going to call the Day “citizen day” Lies, lies, lies and shit stirring. Only other bogans & gullable people believe it. They use it as a justification to hate on all immigrants.

  2. It’s my view that all of this is not even worth giving the time of day. You’ll never create a world without people like this, the best you can do, is hope they go away.

    • I disagree. It’s changing the shape of our culture and conversation. Without action and conversation, racism would still be like the old United Slavery of America. Being a white male with privilege enables men like this to bleat what they want, spreading vitriol without consequence. Gawd only knows, their take on women also. This is their consequence. Public naming and shaming. Let them have it.

    • While there are people on the receiving end of the violence, lies, abuse, hatred and bigotry it most certainly is worth giving it the time of day and more; both barrels at least. If no one says or does anything then yes, people like this pair will always exist, and they will prosper. “How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see?”

  3. Violence is never good. Some of these blokes are alright, more Australian than some of the drop kicks getting around. I’m in two minds, I don’t believe in opening the countries gates to all the world, but I’m equally against violence and those that promote it, and are suggestive of it. I say Matt, you are a dick head.

  4. Take that slouch hat off you piece of shit, you have no right or worthiness to wear that piece of kit. It is for real men who are honourable and have integrity. You look like a fucking officers batman or clerk, certainly not front line material, still sleep with your night light on do you? Any digger worth his salt would up end you in a shit pit under a thunder box in the field.

  5. Nice, Dave. I do wish people making twats of themselves on the internet would not show their ADF affiliations so prominently. There’s a reason very young diggers aren’t official spokespeople 🙂 BTW, I never had a batman, but I only wanted intelligent clerks, because what they did mattered to everyone else. This guy…no…

  6. If the noodleheads such as those that are featured on this website were threatened with a terminal disease and their only option was treatment by an Indian doctor then I’d bet London to a brick that they wouldn’t refuse such treatment – in fact they’d beg for it.

  7. This all started actually due to a middle eastern male living in Queensland writing a status and tagging all his friends in it who then abused him and then screen shot the page and shared it to the rest of facebook. The actual status by the middle eastern boy was quite offensive and racist in itself. Then another middle eastern man from another state decided it was a good idea to post another ridiculous racist status, which of course got shared around, racism attracts racism and that’s basically what has happened here. You need to show all of the story and not just the parts you yourself are shaking your head at. I do agree that some people take it too far and act foolishly and appear rather slapper like but hate attracts hate. Whether or not that guy is in the ADF is irreverent, everyone is entitled to their opinion, however outlandish and offensive. Take comfort in knowing that it is not the opinion of the ADF itself.

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