Racism demands action from all of us

Castan Centre for Human Rights Law

Guest Blogger: Associate Professor Lucas Walsh, Monash University (Berwick)

Lucas WalshLast week we saw another high-profile incident of racism, this time involving ABC journalist Jeremy Fernandez, who allegedly received a tirade of defamatory and racist abuse from a Caucasian woman after commenting that her daughter was poking him from the seat behind.

One particularly abhorrent aspect of the incident was that children were present – both his daughter and a daughter of the perpetrator. Appalling as the incident was, we shouldn’t be surprised – particularly when we look at some of the evidence about the prevalence and impact of racism on young people in Australia.

In 2009 the Foundation for Young Australians and Deakin University published a study of more than 800 young people in Australia in which they found that more than 70 per cent had experienced some form of racism.

Those from migrant backgrounds who had been in Australia…

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