New party seeks to curb Muslim immigration

11 Feb 2013, 6:06 pm

Source: Shalailah Medhora, SBS

A Sri Lankan migrant has launched a political party that runs on an anti-multiculturalism platform. Rise Up Australia already boasts about 1,500 members and plans to run 65 candidates in the upcoming federal election.

A Sri Lankan migrant has launched a political party that runs on an anti-multiculturalism platform.

Rise Up Australia already boasts about 1,500 members and plans to run 65 candidates in the upcoming federal election.

“Rise Up Australia Party, which is committed to keeping Australia for Australians, is utterly and completely opposed to multiculturalism, says Rise Up Australia’s founder Daniel Nalliah.

The Sri Lankan-born pastor draws on his own migrant past in defence of assimilation.

That message has the backing of international figures.

“If you come here, then follow Pastor Danny’s example and enjoy it and celebrate it and do not seek to destroy it,” said Christopher Monckton from the UK Independence Party.

The leader of the new party has come under fire in the past for anti-Islamic comments, but he wasn’t backing away from making controversial statements again today.

“True Muslims are radicals, unfortunately. If they practice the Koran, they’re radicals,” he said.

If elected, Rise Up wants to restrict the number of Muslims calling Australia ‘home’.

The party has 1,500 supporters across the country, and is putting forward 52 candidates in the Lower House and a dozen in the Senate in the upcoming federal election.

Many of the supporters are concerned about what they claim is the “Islamification of Australia”.

“If we’re not careful, we’re going to lose this country,” said a supporter. “I don’t want to see Sharia Law in Australia,” said another.

But Iqbal Patel from Muslims Australia says that’s far from happening.

“Nobody wants to impose Sharia law in Australia, I mean, far from it. That’s the last thing that anybody wants to do”.

The Vice-President of the Muslim association insists it’s a free country, and supporters of Rise Up can vote as they chose.

“If they want to try and get any mileage on the backs of Muslims, and blame Muslims for all the ills of Australia, then I think that itself is very short-sighted of them,” he said.

But he says it’s sad that someone would exploit Islam for political gain.


27 thoughts on “New party seeks to curb Muslim immigration

  1. Oh noes teh moozlims ar takin ovar!!!!11!

    Except that they’re not. What is it with these fuckwits and their ridiculous conspiracy theories.

  2. I just can’t even begin to describe the stupidity of the “Shari’ah Law in Australia” business. Do people REALLY think that ‘Islamification’ is a real thing? Do people REALLY think that the Australian Government is going to establish Islam as a national religious entity? As far as I’m aware, the more diverse Islamic communities become geographically, the more moderate and accepting they become (especially over time in the Western world). Also yet again, we see someone calling for a ‘fortification of Australian values and lifestyle’, but don’t see any fucking explanation of what such values entail.

    Another group of idiots who seem to equate immigration with invasion. At least I’ll get to laugh at their final vote tally come September.

  3. If those behind ‘Rise up from the gutter’ are not careful, they are going to lose more brain cells from further brain farts.

    Like other similar groups and supporters who clearly based their farts on having paranoid and not facts.

  4. Yeah, so the guy who blamed Victorians for the Black Saturday bushfires, seeing those bushfires as God’s punishment for abortion, is now thinking he can get elected by those same Victorians? Good luck with that.

    On other notes-here’s an idea for Nicky Folkes. I mean, APP took years to get barely enough members to be registered-maybe he should have started a Cult first.

  5. In seeing the so called Pastor Danny rants, I guess he was educated by NSW Fred Nile, who has a similar hatred feeling towards Muslims and Islam, that is also based on paranoia and not facts?

  6. Is Danny and other idiots like him stupid or what? By pushing your rants you are in fact, doing what you claim others are and you are of course opposed to reality.

  7. One of the great things bigots come out with is that ‘Migrants don’t respect the locals and don’t respect our laws’. The Irony is that certain migrants they admire such as Danny Naliah and Andrew Bolt fit both those stereotypes.

  8. Its not about immigration its about islamisation. It is happening to varying degrees in every western country in the world and where they have obtained a foothold through invasion and breeding like rabbits, there is nothing but violence, death, oppression, loss and misery. Wasn’t it Patell that submitted a request for an Islamic state and sharia law recently? But then taquiia is allowed in the name of Islam. It is so ingrained in their belief system that true islam is a threat to the whole world and those so called moderates who never speak against the atrocities are merely fence sitters

    • More nonsense from you Bonnie V M Down-Redburn. Give it up old lady, there’s no Muslims under your bed.

      Readers can have a giggle at Bonnie here.

      Be careful, the old girl likes to write e mails saying things to people in authority like:

      They are Nothing but Cyber Bullies and we know well what effect that bullying can have on peoples lives

      and other things, some of a defamatory nature. We have not forgotten.

      Now go and see a doctor old lady. You have big problems.

    • bonnie, have you ever actually met a Muslim in real life? Did you actually talk to one in person, or is this based on just something you heard from someone else.

      “there is nothing but violence, death, oppression, loss and misery. ”

      How exactly have Muslims caused you violence, death, oppression, loss or misery? Please be specific.

      “Wasn’t it Patell that submitted a request for an Islamic state and sharia law recently?”

      Probably, the guy’s an idiot. Thankfully Islam is a diverse religion of many followers-and virutally none of them follow him. What’s next? You’re going to call all Christians followers of Fred Phelps?

      “”But then taquiia is allowed in the name of Islam.”

      I think you mean taqqiya-tequila is a bit of a no-no in Islam. And taqqiya actually means that a Muslim is allowed to deny their religion if their life is threatened. Not “Lie about whatever you want” as you guys seem to think, to justify the fact you hate a group you have never actually met. Judaism has a similar rule-that lying is okay if your life is threatened (It’s in the book of Maccabees). So presumably if you’re worried about Muslims lying about being Muslims to save their lives, you would be presumably worried about Jews as well?

      ” It is so ingrained in their belief system that true islam is a threat to the whole world and those so called moderates who never speak against the atrocities are merely fence sitters”

      Moderates who don’t denounce Muslim atrocities? You mean these ones:

      All Muslim groups condemning terrorism. Compare, ofr instance, to a party I know you have links to, the Australian Protectionist Party, which not only failed to condemn the Ander Behring Breivik terorrist attack (Though he was at least an enjoyer of their website) which has still failed to condemn the attack.

      Compare-a religion of a billion people, many many groups condemn the attacks of a few, and a political party, of a few hundred, which fails to condemn the attack of one.

      So, what exactly would the moderate Muslims have to do to be accepted by you? They’ve condemned terrorism-and that’s clearly not enough. So what else would have to occur for you to accept a Moderate Muslim?

    • Monckton has appeared on Bolt’s cruddy little show too if memory serves. There are some excellent take downs of Monckton’s rubbish here :

      from last time he was here – and the older clips there and by potholer54 and on Skeptical Science are well worth watching too.

      • Link here :

        to Debunking Monckton Part 2 (updated) by Greenman3610 aka Peter Sinclair & here :

        for the latest installment where brave lord Monckton runs away from an argument he’s been losing against Potholer54 with the older clips all linked there and all very well worth viewing too.

        Finally, see :

        for the Skeptical science takedown of this notorious so-called “Skeptic” Global Overheating Denier.

        PS. Hope this isn’t too many links and folks find it interesting, Bit off topic I know but still useful / helpful / entertaining I think esp. if folks haven’t seen them yet, Apologies and please let me know if not.

  9. This racist Rise Up party has 1,500 members and plans to run 65 candidates next election?

    Those figures seem a little high to me. Do they really have that much support? (Did even One Nation have so many?) If so, scary and sad – I don’t think they’ll come to anything tho’ (Really hope those aren’t famous last words! Surely not, I mean, just look at the pathetic fool!)

    This (naturalised dual citizen) Aussie thinks Danny Nalliah is a really nasty fruitcake – and about as un-Australian as they come. I’m pretty durn sure most Aussies would also share that view of him.

  10. How is Sharia law going to affect a non religious person? If you don’t believe in it you just say “ok, no thanks mate”. Oh yes past life that sounds good, really? Wow, that sounds pretty good.

    I don’t mean to offend some of these people, but just leave the nutters to do their preaching. The only law in Australia is the one imposed by the police, I can not see the police taking some religion seriously and making it the countries law. The laws are already based around the stand out points from most religions, don’t steal, don’t harm others maybe a few more. It’s not that complicated.

  11. Danny thinks he can raise people from the dead, maybe that will help him get more votes also. Oh and let’s not forget what he said about the Queensland floods

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