The Master(bating) Race

My iCrusade Against Rightist Extremists

Wank Stains

Ummmmm… you decide…

[All those pictured have made extremely derogatory, sexist remarks towards Muslim and non-Muslim women]
[Click image for larger version]

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8 thoughts on “The Master(bating) Race

  1. wow just coz they might be from punchbowl or bankstown n an arab it dont mean tht theyre muslim y’grommits!!! n once again… only 10% of the muslim population is arab…. the rest of us aint arabs… n most definitely would not touch u with a barge pole let alone any part of our bodies…

    the bible goes on about sex before marriage is a sin… tht sex is only for procreation… so why is it tht non-muslim guys go after muslim girls??? are we meant to be the forbidden fruit??? coz we also have premarital sex too…

    the so-called “virgin” u banged grommit wasnt a virgin… just shows how fucken dumb u are if u believed her when she said she was one…. LMAO…

  2. I havent really noticed that muslim women like aussie guys more. They often look like they have just shat their burqua, depressed and miserable, lol. But i can understand if they think that we will treat them better. Many muslim men think rape is OK. It’s part of their culture unfortunately. Not all are like that, but thats what they learn in their mosques.

  3. Oh, I dunno, Benjamin, you old bean. There’s something special about you, and I wonder what it is.

    As an Arab woman, I do tend to go berserk over blokes who are rubbish at formulating sentences in their own native language. The xenophobia is a great turn on, and the objectification gets me all hot in the loins. The general disrespect for my culture and religion is absolutely dreeeeeamy and drunken bragging about past sexual exploits? Ooh La La!

    Am I that transparent, Benjamin? I want you, I need you, please have sex with me baby, your dopey Internet bollocks is soooo hot.

    Little dipshit.

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