Excuse Me Nathan, but Australia Fought AGAINST the Nazis…

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Mmm the master race indeed…

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It’s a shame you weren’t able to take your own advice, Nathan Eetswaa.

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16 thoughts on “Excuse Me Nathan, but Australia Fought AGAINST the Nazis…

  1. Dutch Nazis aside, this little fool has no idea what he is on about. I wonder what his opinion of the nazi’s Japanese ally is? He also undoubtedly hates Muslims, many of whom donned the SS uniform and served with Hitler, as did many other nationalities including Finns, Danes, French, Russians and British to name but a few. Australians did not. Unfortunately ignorance, stupidity and a death wish are prime elements of candidacy in neo-nazism, this fat, unfit, spoiled western child is not Krupp material and is no more than an attention seeker who does not understand he is taking poison. He will associate with like-minded morons and drink lots of beer, he will achieve little in life and die of liver disease. He seems to have some minor form of Down’s Syndrome and would have been a prime candidate of the T4 program. This poor bastard would go up the chimney and yet thanks to his betters who fought fascism he can waffle on about murderous politics and no one will shoot him. He is just a poor unfortunate fool, a silly symptom of a spoiled mind.

  2. Judging by the rest of the stuff he posts, perhaps he’s just trying to be popular and funny? He’s consistently self-deprecating, the photos he posts of himself are invariably unflattering. It seems he used the Hitler pic as a profile photo for a while, winkingly claiming that it was a pic of his dad. He also used Bill Cosby. Then there’s a profile pic of Golum that he and a bunch of his friends are heil-Hitler-ing at as well, as it seems to be a running joke between them.

    If I had to guess, I’d say this was less a case of serious racist ideology and more a case of a really inappropriate sense of humour.

    • To that age group WWII is as far away as the American Civil War was for the WWII generation – something you saw through the filter of Hollywood.

      That’s the problem. They often don’t get how Fascism is a real and present danger and that there have been dreadful Fascist regimes since 1945 such as those in Argentina and Chile.

      • Well I’m 23 and I’m a total history nerd and wrote a thesis on the Japanese in World War II, so not all of us gen Y kiddies are dumbshits believing Hollywood.

      • Except that my little sis is in early twenties, and all through state school still had a rat and a trail vet come every ANZAC day at high school, along with vets from the Indonesian-Malaysian confrontation, 1st gulf war vets, Korean vets ect ect. All these people fought against various fascist/evil governments, and keep the true spirit of ANZAC, that of doing the right thing even if it means travailing to the other side of the world to fight in a war that doesn’t involve you, and passing these stories along. This is up in your so called “bogan state”, QLD, so perhaps that is why people stay up here.

    • I’m pretty sure it is him, a real person, as he has conversations with other FB friends about going out to gigs and stuff. I don’t think it’s a fake profile, but I do think he’s being unserious about the Nazi stuff. I’m just not getting the usual bogan fuckwit vibe off him. The posts about Hitler are completely over the top and they’re isolated. There’s just nothing else on there that suggests that he is particularly racist, no political comments or ‘ban the burqa’ type groups or anything.

  3. weirdo…what a jerk! I hope everyone calls him that and ignores him and he goes away. Strange, strange people in this world…

    On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 3:52 AM, you said it…

  4. How about all of you bunch of sooky fuckwits stfu and have a cry somewhere else yous don’t know shit about me so shut the fuck up and grow up yu bunch of dumb cunts !!

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