Jessica Young Will Provide You With Dental Work and Bigotry

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Drunken yobbos, bigots and bogans frequently get around with the Australian flag draped over their shoulders, dragging in the dirt. Sometimes they wear the flag as boxer shorts that rub up against their sweaty genitals. Often, they fly it from their cars allowing it to become dirty, tatty and ripped. And on occasion, they force non-whites to kiss it at music festivals to pledge some form of allegiance to our country.

The entire time our home-growns have been treating a piece of material made in China the flag this way, they have been simultaneously demanding that foreigners assimilate, ironically ignoring the overwhelming evidence that they are already.

We come to the photo of the Australian Muslims wearing the flag proudly as a hijab. Enter Jessica Young, dental nurse at DC Dental:

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 5.34.23 AM

14 thoughts on “Jessica Young Will Provide You With Dental Work and Bigotry

  1. From the “About” section on her FB page.

    About Jessica: treat people the way u want to be treated…. sounds easy but too many find it impossible….


  2. We’re seeing a lot of the same. These young women are plagued with a lack of education on multi-culture and blatent lack of self-esteem. It must be horrible excluding yourself from multi-culture or including yourself with white bogots only. Something tells me multi-culture respect the flag more than Jessica Young and her potty-mouthed, racist bogots. Personally, I’d be embarrassed. The flag photo of mixed culture is beautiful. One of my favourites.

  3. “Fit in or fuk off” – really!?!?!! That doesn’t even nearly make sense. They’re wearing the flag of the country they live in and showing their love of, and pride in, this country. Isn’t this exactly what the bogan elite are always demanding of people who at first glance look ‘not born here’, “love it, or leave”?

    They look pretty well assimilated to me.

    I love this photo.

  4. I spot the word Queensland again.
    Perhaps you can categorise the website into two sections. 1. Queensland. 2. Bogots outside of Queensland.

    • Considering a lot of Net traffic from there has been knocked out by the floods, the bogots seem to have found ways around it.

      We do support decent Queenslanders like you. We wish you’d move south before the bogotry overwhelms.

  5. Hey Hus,

    I live in Queesland! Plenty of idiots bigots in other parts of the country too, mate. We don’t all eat pumpkin scones and vote LNP up here!



    • I know Ryan and I hate to generalise. It’s just kind of like there is some democrat voters in Texas. Just seems worlds apart at times.
      If somewhere like Vic or NSW had an idiot like B.Katter run for local parliament, he’d gain no traction whatsoever. Only in the backwaters of bumfuck ignorantcuntville in the far reaches of QLD does one allow a birth defect with a redneck agenda get so much pointless attention.

  6. The blame can never rest solely on the shoulders of Queensland, although they did turn out Bob Katter, Joh Bjielke and many others. Anyone who thinks the South is any better should spend a while in Sutherland Shire or Glenelg S.A.

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