Racial Hatred + Access to Firearms. Problem, Australia?

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32 thoughts on “Racial Hatred + Access to Firearms. Problem, Australia?

  1. I wonder what the FTP tattooed on his chin stands for? I’m guessing it’s not ‘file transfer protocol’ (but wouldn’t it be awesome if it was?)

    I guess there’s no specific threat being made there so it can’t be forwarded to the police. Which is a shame, because dim people with guns scare me :-/

  2. Lol… I can’t see ‘TCP/IP’ under ‘FTP’ so I’m guessing it’s something more boganesque like ‘Fuck the police’. Speaking of which, I think the nearest acronym he’s familiar with is ‘AFP’.

    As for the gun, it seems way too easy to get a QLD weapons license: http://www.police.qld.gov.au/programs/weaponsLicensing/licenceApplication/applicant/default.htm

    Surely he would fail the public interest test unless he intends to cull himself?

      • I’m starting to think he just uses his body for memos to self: ‘Tracey Lee’ in case he forgets her name while he’s wasted, ‘FTP’ when he needs to do a file transfer via command line and his home address so the taxi driver knows where to drop him off after a big night.

        • Hahaha. I got curious so I found his FB page. Apparently his jawline says “Brother-hood”, and his brother has a matching one too! Isn’t that sweet?

  3. Tyler White.
    Went to: Gaol.
    Many times.
    Look at the fool and those stupid tatts.
    Nothing says “unemployable criminal fucknuckle” more than a crude face tatt.

  4. Aww cute! The White brothers having matching, hyphenated, “Brother-hood” tattoos on their faces..! That’s some seriously amazing (and symmetrical) work on the FTP tattoo there too lol 😀

  5. “Live by the gun, die by the gun,” Tyler? Don’t let any of us stop you from proving the second half of that to be correct. Just make sure it’s by your own gun, I hate to think someone else could find themselves in trouble for doing society a favour.

  6. I’m sure Queensland has many nice sensible people. So maybe they could keep the others like this far far far away from everybody else?

  7. Nice work on leaving all display pics and names just in case some one wants to take the law into their own hands. Very responsible

  8. Good point, Journalistc Integrity. After all it is the people that frequent this site who are likely to take the law into their own hands rather than the upstanding citizens highlighted above.

  9. By what Cynical? Contacting the relevent authorities? If these “upstanding” citizens didnt want their idiocy displayed to the world then maybe this particular pack of the bogan brains trust could just set there accounts to unviewable and not engage in racial and religious hatred on the interwebz… And why must every other wanna be gangsta pose with replicate weapons in their facepalm profile? The bandanna doesn`t exactly help diguise you all that much when you’ve put the evidence on your profile and tagged yourself in the picture…

    • Freeman I was being sarcastic. The guy was saying by showing the bogans faces the AB were endangering them. I was pointing out that the bogans were much more likely to be inflicting the violence. I’m all for the naming and shaming.

  10. You guys sure can pick the low hanging fruit…what about the bloke from Mandurah?
    Couldn’t find anything comical in his appearance so just ignore him, or does the fact he fishes for his family Christmas lunch make him a mysterious tool as well?

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