Dimitie Smith’s Anti-Australian Rant

If you’re someone who thinks we are biased in our publishing, pass on screenshots on Twitter via #theantibogan or @theantibogan and if it’s discriminatory, public, legitimate (no fake profiles) and Australian in origin, we will get to it.

We have never denied that racism is a two-way street and here is some evidence to confirm it:

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 9.58.13 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 10.02.09 PM


Fuck you Dimitie Smith. There is no excuse for your scummy attitude.

19 thoughts on “Dimitie Smith’s Anti-Australian Rant

  1. This kind of thing is so common as to beggar belief. I recently played a game called Far Cry 3, one of the characters was described; ‘it is obvious what is wrong with him having grown up in a British prison, Australia’. The character was a white man and so obviously part of everyone else’s problems and fair game for such comments. Congratulations on posting this, I just hope you don’t find yourself swamped with similar cases, they are just that common.

  2. I think we should be honest here guys, 1) there is no systemic bias against Australians anywhere that deserves the name of “racism”, and 2) Australians really are descended from murderous criminals, if not because of being convicted and transported, then because of the fact your ancestors invaded someone else’s land.

    • The earliest that my family came over was just before 1900, and then they lived in inner Sydney and Brisbane. Great grandpappy wasn’t a murder, instead fled from Ireland where they were being murdered, nor did he steal any land from Aboriginals, but I am Australian.

    • vast majority of convicts were sent here for commiting petty crimes such as the theft of loafs of bread, it was in a time when the English were trying to sort out the problems in Ireland so alot of Irish ended up being sent here as convicts.

  3. So would she have to have the cross half hanging out her arse to then fuck the dog or do you fuck the dog after you have inserted and removed the cross?
    Insults from neanderthals are so confusing.

  4. Quite wrong Luther, there does exist a “systemic bias” against white Australians in this country: For example, the Aboriginal Australians who call us of Anglo Celtic descent “racist white c___ts” who should “pay the rent”. Secondly, there are very few Australians who can claim true convict ancestry. The fact is that no convicts who were brought here were transported for the crime of murder. Murders were always hanged for their crime and not subjected to transportation. The vast majority of those who were transported were involved in petty or victimless crime (prostitution) or political prisioners (Irish and Scottish). However, considering that these convicts were brought here against their will, it is hardly correct to say that they “invaded someone else’s land”, as you put it. In any case, that was from a different time and involved people now long dead.

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