22 thoughts on “Rachel Kelleher and her plans to cull all Muslims

  1. Classic example of person who perceives those unlike her as a threat but also feels so powerless over her own life that her only response can be to make threats that are so far beyond her power as to be ludicrous. Its a shame because she reads as articulate, expresses herself clearly. She probably has a lot of potential if only she could move away from obsessing about what she thinks is wrong with others and focus on what she would like to achieve herself.

    • Nicely put. I agree. Remove her insecurity and there could be potential as there is in all of us. Sometimes you have to see over the hate. It requires some level of being at peace.

      • Beautifully put, along with taking the time to educate yourself on the things you “fear” or are ignorant of. I did it, I have an outlook now that takes me back to when i was a young person under the guidance of my parents to be tolerant, respectful and inclusive. I took my fears and destroyed them with knowledge and am a better person for it.

        • I have done this very thing you talk of but going against the hatred my parents tried to instil. There were consequences much of which resulted in escalating depression for me. They accept my reasoning now, they had to or they would have lost a daughter. It does require education and all those things you mention and I think it’s our purpose to educate others. Cheers Dave 🙂

        • Being informed as opposed to ignorance! I just feel that my point of view having experienced both sides of the spectrum is worth at least the effort to inform people, what they do with that is their business. I don’t preach like a Mormon just say to people, hey I used to be a lot like you but took the time to see for myself just what it is I was afraid of, or ignorant of. Like I say they can take it on board or not, I am a better person for returning to the mindset my folks raised me to have, the detour to the dark places was not good and lessons learnt were, peace yeah!

        • I can vouch for Dave. He featured here at the blog and then came here and berated us all.

          He has turned a corner and is a wonderful person with a good heart.

        • Thank you for that, I am almost lost for words, I would like to continue to try and at least educate or mitigate against the bias and hatred etc…small steps but they are worth while and if I can make the effort then anybody can, I hope.

  2. We are the superior race because men don’t kill women and children in Australia do they….? Ask Jill Meagher and Sarah Cafferkey, oh that’s right, you can’t, they are dead, murdered and raped by Australian men (the superior race).

  3. I notice she answered all her own questions? Hopefully it is a sign her friends and family on the page don’t subscribe to that tripe or are decent people who have messaged her and said pull your head in. One can hope, for it is a shame that an attractive, articulate young lady with a lot of potential is wandering the halls of hate and in such an ill informed and fear laden way! I believe this one if approached the right way can be made to see her errors, she looks and sounds unconvinced of her views and hopefully will lose them quick smart once she sees herself on this page at some time in the near future.

  4. Just curious. All I read was bile, ignorance and hatred. She is claiming Muslims are animals that don’t deserve to live (lower than domestic cats, dogs and rats.) Would people be so forgiving and willing to see “potential’ (please, she hasn’t said one thing that suggests intelligence) if she was a beer gutted male or had a face like a badger’s arse?

    • I meant that she was apparently literate and still young enough to learn.Not her appearance. i had some opinions when I was young and uninformed that i would never hold now having had the benefit of an education and exposure to a diverse range of people. Her impotent anger is sad in my opinion. If she, like may of the bogans featured here, had any feeling of really being in control of her own destiny she MIGHT not be such a fool. The more mature people we see here on the other hand will never change.

  5. Sorry David, I saw her page and did change my mind, I gave a small amount of benefit of the doubt but after looking through her shit and the boyfriends I can see that apart from no one answering her own questions (where I had hoped she was alone with her thinking, it is clear no she is just another moron, one with a pretty face but still a moron.

  6. “near Narallen” is the neighbourhood of Camden, Sydney, as in “we don’t want no bloody Muslamic school in” Camden. She’s home.

  7. My “potential” comment was based on the fact that she has reasonable written communications skills and so is not completely stupid. Not based on her appearance. She is clearly a racist but one can hope that a person of reasonable intelligence might grow and learn. Probably not, but it’s possible.

  8. “Other types”? You realise that there is no real different between ‘races’ other than purely superficial ones? Another dog whistling ‘teh whitez are chin’ out!1!’

    Lets assume, for the sake of an argument, that that’s true. What does it matter?

  9. Literate and articulate? Ignoring for the moment that there are plenty of literate and articulate bigots, she is, at best, only moderately so. Let’s face it anyone with a 10th grade education would read like Chaucer when compared to the usual Neanderthal featured on these pages. She is as ignorant, hate-filled and ugly as the rest of them. And no less a lost cause.

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