Andrew Laming’s Dogwhistle Brings Out Scummy Racists

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Just below this post on Andrew Laming’s Facebook page we found this – a racist post about ‘coons’ coupled with welfare connotations. Andrew Laming has refused to remove this comment from his page and it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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‘Dutch Meister’

2 thoughts on “Andrew Laming’s Dogwhistle Brings Out Scummy Racists

  1. Surprise surprise. Lamings lemmings are crawling out from under their rocks. A suggestion to all you white supremacists out there: if you love this country as much as you say you do, do something to make it a better place: jump off a cliff.

  2. David – this isn’t white supremacist shit, it is just plain old racist bullshit disguised in their eyes as “humour”.if dutchy is an immigrant from Holland then I suggest the immigration department phone Holland and ask if they want their village idiot back! Stereotypes and misinformed opinions abound and politicians and the media do nothing to point it out. Seems Dutchy needs to answer his own posts with inane comments due to a lack of response to the hilarious post he took all of 9 hours to think up and submit. Maybe when he next finds himself in need of assistance from Centrelink he will cast his mind back and see just how fucking stupid his comment is, then again maybe not becuase he is not a “coon” and therefore it isn’t free money just tax he has paid and is getting back for his unemployment benefit. Dumb ass!!!

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