Dazza Stenborg: “Anti Bogan is full of geek’s that work at maccers”

Remember our story on the vile misogyny at the Support Tony Abbott page?

Coincidentally (or not) just after we contacted the office of the Leader of the Opposition it looks like a little bit of a magical took place – well sort of.

So while the page is still peddling misinformation and still pointless and whiny some of the worst abuses seem to have been hidden for now.

But the stupid is still heavy at STA.

Lately they’ve been attacking pages like this one below which quite clearly is a satirical page.

It even kindly says so in its intro so that the brainless dullards will not join thinking it is genuine then look even dumber than they are. But this doesn’t deter stupidity.


So Kim is obviously appalled at the “awful” people who run the page. How dare they send up the awful people who run the STA page!!

Now if we ran all the pages we are accused of running we’d have to employ more staff and quite frankly ASIO   Mossad  the CIA   Maccers (sic)  does not pay us enough we don’t get paid for this.

So we cannot say that we are glad that Kim didn’t join the page. But we would be.


Jezza is quite adamant that the satirical site is clearly “baiting bogans” to get some sort of material for our blog.

As if we needed it. Our inbox is full of e mails complaining about disgusting pages full of racism, bigotry, misogyny and homophobia.

Just like STA is was.

Kim Vuga now enters and announces that the admin of the satirical site is (shock/horror) a female Liberal supporter.

No doubt Kimmy cannot see the irony of a female Liberal supporter who might just find the STA site somewhat misogynist, racist, full of bullies and heavily Christian exceptionalist. Maybe the female admin dislikes Tony Abbott and would prefer another leader. After all Abbott only won the leadership by one vote.

Warming to the task Kimmy has been doing some snooping and has exposed “all the likers on the page”

So what is going to happen to them Kimmy? Assassination?  Gulags at The Coming of the Budgie?  Abu Ghraib in the Melbourne Club? Hours of forced listening to George Pell’s sermons?

We are always amused when the far right threaten to “expose” us. As if anti-racism and tolerance were heinous crimes.

So what happens to someone who joins an anti-Abbott satirical page we ask?

In the words of the Man himself – “Shit happens”.

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